Panduit’s Uniboot Push-Pull Fiber Patch Cord enables tool-less polarity change

Sept. 4, 2019
The connector’s push-pull design makes MACs easier in data center and enterprise networks, Panduit says.

Panduit recently introduced the Uniboot Push-Pull Fiber Patch Cord, which the company says “provides remarkable insertion loss performance, easy field moves/adds/changes, and a low profile to reduce cable-volume density.” Panduit further states the cord’s compact dimensions can save up to 40% of termination space compared to conventional connectors.

The patch cords are available in singlemode and multimode versions.

“Fast, easy, and tool-less polarity change allows from straight-through (A-B) to pair-flipped (A-A) and vice versa,” the company adds.

A user can remove a Uniboot Push-Pull Fiber Patch Cord using one of several methods, which are demonstrated in the video that appears lower on this page. The methods include: push the top, pull the sides, or use an optional push-pull tab.

The video also demonstrates the method for tool-less, in-the-field polarity change.

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