Self-cleaning, self-protecting multifiber connector

Oct. 25, 2019
The SWK Connector is available with up to 192 fibers in a design that includes a protective shroud and built-in cleaning pads.

Swick Designs introduced the SWK Connector at the BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition in late September. It is a self-cleaning and self-protecting connector that accommodates polarity change with a single flip and boasts low-loss performance.

A unique characteristic is the SWK’s rotating, covered Shield Shroud that cleans the ferrule endfaces and protects them from contaminants. Swick Designs says the Shield Shroud reduces debris and contaminants up to 98.99%.

The connector is available in two sizes. The SWK L connector supports 32 to 192 fibers; the SWK S connector supports duplex (2-fiber) or QSFP (8- to 12-fiber) configurations. The connector is part of the SWK product line, which also includes a patch panel, bulkhead flex adapter, patch cords, and a latching system. The company says each product in the SWK line is designed to provide high density, low loss, ease of installation and manageability, low-cost deployment, and flexibility for growth and scale.

The connector’s designer, Steve Cheng, has a 20-year history architecting, building, and operating network infrastructure systems in Silicon Valley. “It is exciting to see my dream of this line of next-generation connectivity products come to fruition,” he said. “I have the honor of collaborating with global leader Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., and its phenomenal team of experts. Every SWK product has been meticulously evaluated and tested to ensure that it meets our exacting standards.”

The SWK Connector was on display within Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s booth at the Fall BICSI Exhibition.

“Our team is on a mission to revolutionize the industry by creating advanced technology specifically designed to fit the fast-changing needs of the industry’s next-generation connected network infrastructure,” Steve Swick continued. Also at the Fall BICSI event, he presented the technical session titled “Hyperscale and Cloud Growth: Conquering the Extraordinary Challenges of Building Connected Infrastructure.”

You can find detailed product information on the SWK Connector here.

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