RJ45 data isolators provide surge protection for networked medical equipment

April 30, 2020
Transtector' s new isolation transformers are designed to protect electronic equipment in hospitals, medical labs and industrial facilities.

Transtector Systems, an Infinite Electronics company providing end-to-end power and signal integrity devices, has launched a new series of data isolators optimized for medical applications, designed to provide a highly effective layer of surge protection that is simple to install.

Also known as isolation transformers, these components are fully self-contained devices that protect valuable network equipment and personnel in healthcare and medical facilities from damaging surges and power anomalies that commonly occur across network cabling.

Per the manufacturer, "Installation and operation is quick, easy and efficient—simply plug this device inline between two 10/100/1000 Ethernet cables and equipment on each end is effectively protected. Each unit is fully RoHS compliant and certified to meet the EN60601-1 European Medical Device Directive, making them ideal for hospital and medical laboratory environments."

"These are mission-critical applications that require uninterrupted flow of data," adds Dan Rebeck, Product Line Manager for Transtector. "The new data isolators are a simple, effective way to build in a reliable layer of surge protection."

Providing voltage isolation up to 4kV, the unit's two RJ45 connectors provide simple, standard connections; plug-and-play installation saves contractors time and money.

Visit www.transtector.com for more information.

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