Product Focus

Aug. 26, 2020

AFL’s Fujikura CT50 fiber cleaver

AFL’s Fujikura CT50 fiber cleaver incorporates innovative features such as Bluetooth technology, a push-button motorized blade rotation and a rugged exterior. The Bluetooth feature supports communication between the cleaver and Bluetooth-enabled Fujikura splicer models, such as the 90S core-alignment fusion splicer. This capability allows the splicing equipment to determine when the cleaver blade needs to be rotated and signals the cleaver to advance the blade. If manual blade rotation is desired, blade rotation can be accomplished at the press of a button via a small battery-operated motor, with no tools or disassembly needed. The CT50 is ruggedized and can withstand much greater impact and shock levels than traditional fiber-optic cleaving tools, claims the company.


Panduit's Precision Cleave tool

The compact, rugged Panduit Precision Cleave tool enables quick and accurate cleaving of field fiber cable for terminating the company's OptiCam and Fusion splice connectors. Convenient for use in a variety of workspaces, the tool's rotary blade enables precision cleaves for up to 60,000 fibers; an integral counter keeps track of the number of cleaves. The tool enables the precise 7-mm cleave necessary for the Panduit OptiCam connectors, as well as a 10-mm cleave for Panduit's Fusion splice connectors, without the learning curve typical of other cleave tools. An internal waste bin ensures that fiber offcuts are stored properly, keeping workstations clean and organized. The manufacturer contends the tool's superior design equals longer-lasting components and convenience, making the cleave process a step easier and safer for technicians.


Jonard Tools FC-500 precision fiber cleaver

The Jonard Tools FC-500 precision fiber cleaver is designed to provide a precise cleave and prepare a fiber to be fusion spliced for 250-µm and 900-µm coated optical fiber. This fiber cleaver provides a cleave with a cutting angle of less than 0.5° for optimal fiber preparation for fusion splicing. Designed for a life of 48,000 cuts with 16 position blades, the cleaver's lightweight and rugged design enables long-term durability, Jonard says. Ideal for fiber technicians, fiber splicers, and anyone who needs to cleave a fiber-optic cable prior to performing a fusion splice, the tool holds 250-µm and 900-µm fiber and comes with built-in fiber trash can. Its scaled holder enables accurate cleave lengths from 5 to 20 mm (0.20 to 0.79 inches).

Jonard Tools,

FIS Active Clad Termination Kit

Since its introduction last summer, the Fiber Instrument Sales (FIS) Active Clad Termination Kit (AC5) has been a staple in contractor toolkits all over the world, claims the manufacturer. The FIS AC5 kit is fully optimized to perform traditional fiber-to-fiber splicing, and provides all accessories needed to install the FIS 900-µm Cheetah and 2.0/3.0-mm Armordillo splice-on connectors. The FIS Cheetah and Armordillo splice-on connectors are a precleaved, prepolished pigtail solution with the splice sleeve concealed inside the boot. With the patented FIS SOC holders, users simply prep and cleave the field fiber, load the FIS SOC into the splicer, and splice. With the AC5 Active Clad splice machine, some additional accessories included are the FIS external SOC oven, 250-µm and 900-µm removable fiber holders, Cheetah and Armordillo connector holders, and the CT-08 precision fiber cleaver.


Panduit's Fusion Splice-On fiber-optic connectors

Panduit's single-fiber splice-on connectors enable rapid deployment of high-performance field terminations for today’s enterprise and data center applications. Field termination allows for deployment of custom fiber links without added time and planning typically required for preterminated assemblies, while using the real-time splice loss calculations of typical fusion splice machines to enable confidence in component performance. These splice-on connectors can be used for initial installation of fiber links; moves, adds, and changes work; or repairs to existing links to minimize downtime. The Fusion Splice-On connectors also allow for higher-performance links through lower insertion loss and higher return loss characteristics, notes Panduit. The company adds that splice-on connectors require less space for management in splice sleeves and trays, as well as reducing the amount of fiber needing management typical of pigtail splicing.


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