Industrial IoT enclosures offer RJ45, USB, D-Sub, antenna interfaces

Aug. 6, 2020
Phoenix Contact offers free thermal simulations for its expanded ICS product family.
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Ics

Phoenix Contact announced that its Industrial Case System (ICS) family now includes 50-millimeter enclosures with passive heatsinks, geared for thermally demanding applications.

The new ICS 50 can accommodate up to four PCBs, making it suitable for I/O groups and other advanced automation applications. The enclosure's aluminum design improves the removal of thermal power dissipation from inside the device. It is available in 100 mm and 122 mm heights.

The ICS enclosure family offers standard interfaces such as RJ45, USB, D-SUB, and antennas for easy integration. Users can select PCB terminal blocks and connectors with either screw or push-in connection technology to meet the specific needs of their applications. The ICS has numerous design, color, and printing options so that companies can customize the housing to fit their unique brand design.

The manufacturer notes that the trend towards smaller and more densely packed electronics results in higher operating temperatures, which can cause devices to fail. Phoenix Contact is now providing a way to identify potential, long-term failures at an early stage so that engineers can take appropriate steps to prevent them.

With the new hardware, the company is also offering free, online thermal simulations to help engineers optimize their printed circuit board (PCB) layouts for proper heat dissipation. If more complicated simulations are needed for more than a few hotspots, Phoenix Contact can provide additional consulting services.

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