Calix launches temperature-hardened 100G linecards to boost 10G PON deployments

Nov. 3, 2020
Calix builds on its market leadership in 10G PON deployments by delivering the next generation of its AXOS line cards and ONTs.

At its recent "ConneXions 2020" virtual event, Calix announced a line-up of new XGS-PON capabilities for its Intelligent Access EDGE platform that enable communications service providers (CSPs) to build future-proof networks. Leveraging the power of the Calix AXOS platform, the newly introduced 10G services and 100G transport technologies can be quickly and easily implemented in any AXOS network.

Two new line cards for the temperature-hardened Calix AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System and the 10G GigaPoint ONT support advanced business and residential broadband services while simplifying network design and increasing operational efficiency.

With more than 120 customers worldwide deploying 10G PON, Calix notes it has established itself as the leader in solutions for next-generation CSP access networks. The company observes that many new and existing service providers are building AXOS-powered access networks with XGS-PON to deliver symmetrical services that support extremely high-bandwidth upstream services that subscribers need as they work and learn from anywhere.

A company announcement contends:

Leading service providers understand that the access network is a long-term investment and are choosing AXOS to future-proof their network as they embrace these new technologies. The two new AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System line cards and the GigaPoint ONT provide the high-capacity service and the high-density aggregation and transport that these leading CSPs need today. As a result, CSPs can deliver 10G business and residential services, simplify network design, and consolidate facilities and resources.

Per Calix, key features of the new products include the following:

  • E7-2 XG801 XGS-PON/GPON Line Card: "The evolutionary E7-2 system enables 100G deployments in temperature-hardened environments with the new XGS-PON/GPON high-cap city line card with two 100G transport uplinks over IP/Ethernet based networks. It provides eight XGS-PON/GPON OLT ports and four additional 10GE SFP+ sockets for point-to-point Ethernet connections or 10G transport."
  • E7-2 CE201 Line Card:  "The CE201 joins the XG801 as part of the industry-leading solution to deliver 100G transport in temperature-hardened environments aggregating access network traffic over multiple network topologies, including rings and point-to-point. It provides two 100G uplinks, two QSFP-DD ports, and twelve 10G-capable SFP+ ports for additional transport capacity."
  • GP1100X 10G PON ONT:  "The latest Calix GigaPoint system is a high-performance, indoor, XGS-PON ONT with a 2.5G Ethernet (GE) interface to enable CSPs to cost effectively deliver greater than 1G for residential IPTV and data services, along with one voice line that supports carrier-grade VoIP."

Calix notes that Kentucky-based Thacker-Grigsby Communications is upgrading its network to 10G PON with the company's Intelligent Access EDGE platform—an upgrade the operator sees as critical to serving its bandwidth-hungry subscriber base and reducing operational costs.

“As we transition from EXA GPON to XGS-PON with AXOS and the new 10G-capable ONT, we anticipate a significant decrease in our operating costs,” said David Thacker, technical operations manager for Thacker-Grigsby. “We are combining this 10G launch with a transition to IPTV for our video product, which virtually eliminates in-home wiring and allows us to complete installs faster and ensure wireless coverage extends throughout the home—a must-have for customers today. We are excited to partner with Calix for the end-to-end solution set that will enable us to transform our access network and deliver the ultimate experience to our residential subscribers. Not only will this deliver an unparalleled subscriber experience, but it will also improve our own operational efficiency by cutting down costs and reducing maintenance.”

In addition to the AXOS platform, Calix notes that its Professional Services ensure CSPs can simplify the transition of subscribers from GPON to the next-generation PON of their choice without adopting costly optical distribution network architectures that inhibit future PON technology upgrades.

Meanwhile, innovative CSPs like southern Minnesota-based Acentek are already leveraging the Intelligent Access EDGE to take advantage of simplified network architectures and gain significant operational efficiency. At the virtual event, Acentek received the Calix “Innovations in the Intelligent Access EDGE” award, in the category of Network Engineering, for its outstanding work in building a fiber network that future-proofs its broadband business.

Acentek recently upgraded its network with the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System and the Aggregation Services Manager (ASM3001) to aggregate and simplify its network while ensuring enough bandwidth to support 10G PON. This change allowed it to manage the entire access network with common operational procedures and significantly reduce network elements.

“Consistently increasing subscriber demand has driven significant growth in 10G PON. We recognized that the market was heading this way long before the pandemic accelerated the transition,” concludes Michel Langlois, chief development officer, Intelligent Access EDGE products for Calix. “We are delivering the industry’s next-generation 10G PON solutions that ensure customers like Thacker-Grigsby and Acentek can deliver the same future-proof services, whether they are deploying in a central office or in a remote cabinet. Our temperature-hardened solutions will help them address migrations to 10G services, and account for future upgrades to 100G, as their subscriber demand grows.”

To learn more, log in to ConneXions 2020 on-demand and attend the company's “Guidebook to Deploying 10G PON in Your Access Network” session, Thursday, October 29 at 9am Pacific Time.

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