D-Link debuts 2.5G Ethernet adapter and unmanaged switch

Jan. 25, 2021
As noted by D-Link, "2.5GbE is one of the fastest-growing and highly-discussed technology trends of today."
This month at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (Jan. 11-14), D-Link announced its new DUB-E250 USB-C to 2.5G Ethernet Adapter and DMS-106XT Multi Gigabit Unmanaged Switch products.  

D-Link's DUB-E250 is billed as "the smallest USB-C 2.5G Ethernet adapter on the market" that breaks network bottlenecks by enabling 2.5 times the bandwidth of a Gigabit Ethernet connection, making feasible many more high-performance online activities. Answering the high-bandwidth requirements of Wi-Fi 6 along with the increased data traffic straining wired systems, the manufacturer says its DUB-E250 adapter provides an affordable, worry-free transition to high-performance networking.   

Per the company: 

With many of today's PCs only offering USB-C connectivity, the DUB-E250 allows customers to connect their PC to multi-gigabit switches such as D-Link's DMS-106XT. This provides the power and speeds needed by content creators who need wider data pipelines for file storage and uploads or gamers who want to improve low latency performance. With ultra-fast 2.5Gbps data transfer rates, the mini DUB-E250 measures smaller in size than a pack of gum, making it easily portable with simple connectivity to an existing PC or laptop. The adapter is backward compatible with existing network equipment eliminating costly, time-consuming equipment updates or replacement costs.  

The DUB-E250 was recognized as one of this year's CES Innovation Award Honorees. 

For its part, the DMS-106XT is D-Link's new unmanaged switch that accelerates network efficiency and delivers uninterrupted online experiences.  

As explained by D-Link: 

The innovative DMS-106XT unmanaged switch offers five 2.5G Ethernet ports that accelerate network efficiency and provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi 6 online experiences to 2.5GbE PC notebooks, 4K/HD streaming services, and gaming consoles. In addition, a 10GB Ethernet port allows users to connect a NAS storage device for quick data restoring and backup. With its exclusive Smart Turbo Mode feature, the switch activates extremely low latency for high-quality performance with just the push of a button. Each port is backward-compatible for seamless network integration, and a front-facing LED display provides users simple performance alerts. 

"2.5GbE is one of the fastest-growing and highly-discussed technology trends of today. Current digital activities and productivity outpace the capabilities of existing Gigabit Ethernet connectivity," said Raman Bridwell, vice president, products and services at D-Link Systems. "Our new multi-gig unmanaged switch and adapter are helping today's consumer and business users upgrade their systems ushering in more reliable, stable, and improved network performance." 

Availability and Pricing

USB-C to 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (DUB-E250), Q1 2021, $49.99

Multi-Gigabit Unmanaged Switch (DMS-106XT), Q2 2021, $299.99

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