Minnesota's Arvig counts 10,000 MDU fiber program installations

Feb. 22, 2021
Via modern fiber-optic infrastructure now installed in more than 10,000 apartments, condos, and townhomes, the Minnesota telecommunications provider Arvig ensures superior wireless connectivity.

Telecommunications provider Arvig (Perham, MN) recently announced it has installed broadband fiber-optic connections into more than 10,000 town home, condo and apartment units within the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, and Rochester areas of Minnesota.

Arvig notes it continues to grow its high-speed internet connectivity offerings, a service that has become increasingly important with many now working and learning from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Founded in 2015, Arvig says its efforts to install a premium high-speed internet service using fiber-optic infrastructure into multi-family dwelling units has proven to be a selling point for property managers and landlords.

“People want to know their broadband options when going into a new home,” said Chase Rydberg, general manager for Arvig’s Multiwav internet service in the Twin Cities region.

The Arvig product, known as Multiwav internet, provides instant internet and data-streaming capabilities to new residents. Arvig contends its efforts to install high-speed internet connectivity into new multi-family homes, as well as in apartments, condominium, and townhome complexes built in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, have improved properties by creating a capital improvement to hundreds of apartment communities and homeowners’ associations in the form of significantly improved technological infrastructure -- all at no cost to the homeowners or property owners/managers.

“Arvig’s broadband Multiwav service is prepaid, and rates are locked in with no additional fees, offering customers maximum flexibility for their data needs. Right now, it is important to keep everyone online with people working from home and distance learning,” added Arvig's Rydberg.

To receive connectivity, all customers must do is contact Arvig to start a pre-paid monthly internet service. The base Multiwav plan costs $40 per month and offers symmetrical 100 megabits per second download/upload speeds -- faster data-streaming capabilities than the 20th-century copper or coaxial cable systems offered by other telecommunications providers, notes Arvig.

Arvig does not have data caps. The company currently provides broadband service to more than 51,000 customers in 52 different counties and nearly 200 different communities across the state of Minnesota. Approximately 6,500 of those customers are businesses, including more than 700 medical facilities and 300 school systems. 

Because Arvig’s technology has previously been installed, no on-site visit from a telecommunications technician to install a DSL modem or other technology is required to activate service. Arvig’s Multiwav product for townhomes, condominiums and apartments is all automated. Customers simply visit multiwav.arvig.com or dial (612) 900-1900 to start service.

For more information, visit www.arvig.com, arvigbusiness.com or call (888) 992-7844.

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