Optical transport expert Padtec announces new CEO

April 27, 2021
Carlos Raimar Schoeninger, an independent member of Padtec's board of directors, takes over the company.
Carlos Raimar Schoeninger, CEO of Padtec
Carlos Raimar Schoeninger, CEO of Padtec

Padtec (Brazil), a manufacturer of optical transport systems, recently announced its new CEO, the executive Carlos Raimar Schoeninger, who is an independent member of the company’s board of directors.

The CEO’s position had been temporarily occupied by the company's chief business officer, Argemiro Sousa, who took over the position in July of last year. At the same time, Manuel Andrade, who was the Padtec’s CEO at the time, started to lead the company’s international operations.

On the Padtec board of directors of Padtec since 2016, Raimar Schoeninger says that one of the most important missions that lies ahead is to continue conducting the company’s business with a focus on growth, profitability and technological innovation, increasing its competitiveness to even higher levels.

“We will continue to exercise our purpose of offering increasingly advanced telecommunications solutions and services to the market in order to make the company even more competitive and accelerate its business in Brazil and abroad,” says Raimar Schoeninger.

He adds, “In addition, the goal is to join forces with customers, suppliers, shareholders and the capital market at this time that we find an unprecedented demand for quality connectivity in optical fibers, 4G and the first 5G networks. This is what we intend for the evolution of Padtec.”

With a Master in Business Administration from Brazil's Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Raimar has more than 20 years of experience in executive positions in telecommunications, electro-mechanics, oil products and food sectors.

In the telecom sector, he held relevant positions in large companies such as Telefônica Vivo, where he served as director of strategic and financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations and business development. Before assuming the presidency of Padtec, he held the position of managing director at Globenet Submarine Cables.

Padtec’s management also includes the executives Argemiro Sousa, chief business officer; Renato Jordão, CFO and investor relations officer; Roberto Nakamura, chief technology officer; and Manuel Andrade, Padtec North America’s CEO.

Learn more at https://www.padtec.com.br/en/.

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