R&M debuts FTTH products and services in North America

March 2, 2022
R&M this week announced it launched FTTH products and services in North America, providing end-to-end connectivity from the central office to the premises.

R&M this week announced the launch of its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) products and services in North America.

The  global developer and provider of cabling systems for network infrastructures contends its overall platform provides end-to-end connectivity from the central office to the premises.

Founded in 1964, active in North America since 2016, and with many successful FTTH implementations across Europe, South America, and Asia to its credit, R&M announced it is now offering its FTTH products and consulting services in North America.

Some of the key products in R&M's FTTH portfolio include its PRIME ODF, ODF-SCM, R&M Raceway System, SYNO dome closure, ZOONA closure, its Polaris-box family and its Precon Networks platform. 

Product descriptions per R&M are as follows:

  • PRIME ODF is a highly dense cabling platform for optical distribution frames (ODFs). At maximum capacity, PRIME ODF modules can connect 5,376 optical fibers in an optical distribution frame (ODF), which R&M contends is a new standard for the FTTH market. Above-ground street cabinets and basements, main distributor frames, central offices, and POP (point of presence) sites are some of the most important locations for PRIME ODF racks.
  • ODF-SCM: The Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) combined with the company's Single Circuit Management System (SCM) distribution solution allows network operators to set up their next-generation central office. The modular system includes SCM cassettes and ODF patch, splitter and CWDM inserts.
  • The R&M Raceway System makes it possible to route and integrate an ever-growing number of fiber-optic cables, contends the company. Raceway systems pick up the fiber optics at the building entry point and direct them reliably into the distributor halls and operative zones. The basic guiding material for the optical fibers is indestructible PC/ABS plastic. The system's environmentally friendly, halogen-free material is shatter-proof, light-resistant and flame-retardant. The fast and inexpensive installation takes place directly using snap-in connections, without the need for any extra special tools.
  • The SYNO Dome Closure is available in three models – 288F, 576F and 1,152F accommodating single or rollable fiber cables. The SYNO dome closure features a modular system for cable entries that eliminates the laborious task of threading fiber optic cables through the closure base. It also eliminates time-consuming sealing using shrink tubes. Instead, integrated blocks made from R&M's SYNO gel seal the splice closure. The gel blocks integrated into the cable entry kits are easy to open and replace, are resealable and offer long-term stability.
  • The ZOONA Closure expands R&M's extensive portfolio for FTTH outside plant solutions. "With this new generation of compact fiber-optic exterior distributors, network providers make faster progress in broadband expansion, require less space, and can significantly save costs," contends the company. In addition to traditional underground installation in inspection shafts, the ZOONA closure is also "primarily intended" for above-ground applications, stated the company.
  • The Polaris-box family provides flexible fiber-optic terminations for indoor or outdoor applications. The Polaris-box family extends R&M FTTH platforms to the customer connection segment; its area of application ranges from single-family homes to building complexes. The series supports patch, splice, and splitter configurations as well as flexible and individual assembly.
  • The Precon Networks platform, based on MPO/SC or SN harsh connectors, provides carriers and internet service providers with a fully pre-connectorized network, "from the output of the OLT port to the customer's home, without a single splice. R&M's Precon Networks provide, from the design stage, the modularity and scalability to satisfy the requirements of each operator or internet provider," the company added.

"R&M is proud to offer its high-end fiber-optic portfolio and international expertise in FTTH projects to North America, to help telecommunications customers meet demand for virtually unlimited bandwidth in the digital era," commented Paulo Campos, executive VP Americas and president of R&M USA Inc. "In addition to products that provide end-to-end connectivity between the central office and the premises, R&M offers professional services with international success helping customers design and implement FTTH solutions."

Learn more at www.rdm.com.

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