Legrand’s Infinium acclAIM fiber solution now available

April 13, 2022
acclAIM replaced preterminated cassettes with direct mating breakout connections.

Legrand announced in early April that its Infinium acclAIM Fiber Solution is available and shipping. Infinium acclAIM replaces preterminated cassette-based solutions with direct mating breakout connections, which Legrand explains eliminates extra components and costs.

“The Infinium acclAIM represents a breakthrough in fiber connectivity that delivers the lowest insertion loss available on the market by leveraging unique innovations,” the company said.

“Simply put, acclAIM is a revolutionary game-changer,” said Kristen Poulos, vice president and general manager of Legrand Data Infrastructure. “We are excited to bring to market the next generation of fiber connectivity that will prove to be the new standard for cost and performance.”

Innovations built into the Infinium acclAIM solution include the following.

Longer lifecycle via a single installation. Continual bandwidth increases force optical loss budgets to decrease. Infinium acclAIM offers the industry’s lowest optical loss by a significant margin, Legrand stated. That low loss maximizes lifecycle with a single installation of a sustainable building asset for decades.

Connectivity simplification. There are no gender considerations and no pins; only direct connections. Infinium acclAIM connectors mate directly to an array of 2-fiber MDC duplex patch cords. Polarity can be adapted to nearly any link configuration, preplanned, on-site, or on the fly, with no options to determine when ordering or designing. Accessibility is improved, because with the increased density of each connector and a smaller footprint, acclAIM provides plenty of room to work on each panel.

Lower costs, including labor. Infinium acclAIM installs 40% faster than other fiber solutions, and can be removed 60% faster. It requires single-link testing after mating, and enables quicker relocations, additions, and changes.

acclAIM was honored recently in the 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. One of the judges in that program commented, “The Infinium acclAIM Trunk Cable Assembly certainly gets rid of a lot of unnecessary business—that can break—inside the enclosure and streamlines the connections.”

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