PLP unveils new ADSS fiber-optic dome closures, splice boxes

June 15, 2022
At at Fiber Connect 2022, Preformed Line Products (PLP) launched a host of new products designed to support the rapid growth of fiber networks.

Preformed Line Products (PLP) has announced an expansion of its Coyote fiber-optic product line and Fiberlign ADSS hardware products offering. The company displayed the new fiber network products at the Fiber Connect 2022 (July 12-15) tradeshow in Nashville, Tennessee.

"While PLP has recently invested in significant manufacturing capacity improvements to meet the growing demand for our current products, we have also been developing new product solutions that target today's fiber network deployments," explained John Hofstetter, EVP, U.S. operations at PLP. "These new products will further solidify PLP as a leading supplier of fiber connectivity and ADSS hardware solutions to the U.S. market."

Per the manufacturer, PLP's new fiber connectivity and ADSS cable lines are described as follows.

Fiber connectivity products

  • The Coyote PedBox is an outdoor-rated distribution splice box specifically designed for pedestal applications. Its hinged splice platform can be removed to allow access to slack storage or to work in a location away from the pedestal.
  • The Coyote Universal Organizers for the Coyote ONE and 6.5" Dome closures reduce complexity for distributors and end users, offering a more flexible design that accepts a wider variety of cable types and splice trays. This will also allow for greater production throughput.
  • The Coyote MPC3 and MPC6 are extensions of PLP's current Coyote MPC offering, now accommodating express applications with some identical and near-identical features of the well-known Coyote Dome closures: identical splice trays and cable restraint hardware and similar silicone grommets.
  • The Coyote DEN is an indoor/outdoor-rated splice box for MDU applications. It is available in three sizes, accommodating up to 144-count splice applications or up to 48 SC / 96 LC splice and patch applications. The Coyote DEN-144 also incorporates PLP's first design for a fiber cassette.

ADSS cable system hardware products

  • The Fiberlign Multi-Drop Brackets (side- and direct-mount) allow for expanded architecture configurations by providing one innovative multi-drop attachment point for connecting multiple drop cables across a variety of turning angles. Each bracket effectively minimizes pole space, reducing attachment costs at the pole.
  • The Fiberlign Flat Multi-Drop Solutions product line includes both the Fiberlign Multi-Drop Downlead Cushion and the Fiberlign Lite Support with Multi-Drop Insert products, creating a streamlined solution for managing up to six flat drop cables while expanding flat drop deployment capabilities and minimizing hardware at downlead and tangent support locations.
  • The Slackloop Compact Vertical Cable Storage unit is billed as a more cost-effective solution when a large vertical bracket is not required due to smaller counts or fewer overall cables. It maintains a 30" diameter slack loop, and its universal mount accommodates the Coyote ONE, DTC 6/8, and 6.5" Coyote Domes.
  • The Fiberlign Aluminum Support (new design) now uses color-coded inserts for easier product identification, and the additional mounting hole provides an easy-to-use attachment location for stringing blocks at turning angles that exceed the stringing limit of the support housing.
  • The Slackloop 18" Plastic Cable Storage System is a product offering enhancement to PLP's already expansive line of Slackloop cable storage systems. The 18" Slackloop stores cables up to 0.9" in diameter, allowing it to accommodate today's larger dual-jacketed cable sizes and is a more cost-effective solution than aluminum cable storage brackets.

"These new products and product enhancements are innovations that will help advance the industry," said Matt Becker, Market Manager of U.S. Communications at PLP. "The expansion of our Coyote fiber connectivity portfolio to include new OSP splice boxes and MDU wall boxes, as well as expansions to our industry-leading Fiberlign ADSS hardware solutions, which include unique multi-drop and flat drop solutions, will help push the boundaries of traditional network designs."

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