Senko acquires optics-component manufacturer CudoForm

July 15, 2022
CudoForm’s CEO says the combined organization will ‘provide novel solutions that meet the demanding requirements of this tight-spaced packaging and difficult-to-integrate photonics ecosystem.’

Senko Advanced Components has acquired CudoForm, a company that designs and manufactures high-precision micro-optic components with applications in data communications, consumer photonics, and biosafety. “The acquisition will bring together two global industry leaders in their respective fields, whose aligned and combined product capabilities will drive adoption of advanced and innovative optical interconnect solutions,” Senko said when announcing the acquisition on July 15.

“In today’s fast-paced world, providing solutions to integrate optics with electronics circuits, also known as co-packaged optics [CPO], thus raising optical performance, increasing bandwidth, and reducing power consumption are in high demand,” the company continued.

CudoForm’s CEO Dr. Ryan Vallance commented, “The employees and management of CudoForm are excited to join Senko. We recognize the importance of high-precision and reliable connectivity for CPO, and with the combination of CudoForm and Senko, we bring together complementary technology platforms to provide novel solutions that meet the demanding requirements of this tight-spaced packaging and difficult-to-integrate photonics ecosystem.”

CudoForm brings expertise in high-accuracy stamping of metallic components, including optical connectors. Senko Advanced Components says the acquisition will place the company “at the heart of the emerging and fast-growing optical communications market, especially in the field of photonic integrated circuit [PIC] interconnect. Furthermore, expertise in accurate beam shaping and directionality will generate new opportunities in high-growth areas beyond the primary focus of data center switch interconnect—such as 3D/VR imaging, LIDAR, digital health and sensing, and solid-state lighting and UVC LED pathogen reduction.”

Kazu Takano, president of Senko Advanced Components, concluded, “We are very happy about this acquisition, especially because CudoForm is a world leader when it comes to optical interconnectivity. By merging their research and innovative solutions with our expertise, we will be able to improve our product development and further strengthen our position in the market. Both organizations share a common mission to deliver the highest performance and innovations to our customers. We look forward to delivering the combined synergies of two industry-leading companies to our customers.”

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