ADVA debuts pluggable 10G edge demarcation device

Oct. 13, 2022
The ADVA NIDPlug+ provides 10G demarcation with no footprint increase; new SFP+ module consumes less than 2.5W and needs no separate power unit. Network operators can now deliver assured high-speed Carrier Ethernet services in space-restrictive locations.

ADVA (FSE: ADV) recently launched what it bills as the industry’s first pluggable 10Gbit/s demarcation SFP+ device specifically designed for space-constrained environments.

The ADVA NIDPlug+ module enables high-speed demarcation in the field where it’s not possible to use a traditional device.

Consuming less than 2.5 Watts of power and requiring no additional floor space to deploy, the device provides enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs) with the comprehensive management capabilities required to deliver strict SLA-based Carrier Ethernet.

With standards-compliant performance assurance and service activation testing, the new SFP+ module integrates seamlessly into existing networks and enables MEF 3.0-compliant mobile and business services.

Eli Angel, VP of product line management at ADVA, contends:

“Today’s launch answers the urgent need of network operators to deliver high-speed Carrier Ethernet in environments where standalone demarcation solutions can’t be deployed. With its low-power consumption, our NIDPlug+ offers a highly cost-effective route to getting more from existing infrastructure. CSPs throughout the world trust our demarcation products to provide assured bandwidth services. Now, they can easily plug this technology into an existing switch, router or other customer premises device that requires network connectivity. We’re empowering operators to scale up their network capabilities while ensuring lower cost per bit and reducing the expense of ongoing operations.”

Value proposition

The ADVA NIDPlug+ is billed as an ideal means of creating demarcation points in space-restricted locations – a key requirement for the rollout of 5G connectivity and IoT technologies.

Needing no additional real estate on-site, the SFP+ device uses less than 2.5 watts and is powered directly from customer premises equipment. ADVA says the module offers sophisticated OAM capabilities and meets stringent synchronization demands.

What’s more, the ADVA NIDPlug+ is managed by ADVA’s Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Packet Director. This gives operations teams intuitive and comprehensive network control, ensuring the highest levels of service quality and first-class customer experience, according to the company.

Mike Heffner, GM of Edge Cloud, ADVA, concluded:

“Our NIDPlug+ is the 10Gbit/s device that delivers demarcation wherever it’s needed. For CSPs, wholesalers and enterprises across a wide range of industries, it will be the key to managing rapidly rising bandwidth demands and seizing new revenue opportunities. At a time when demarcation is becoming essential in more locations than ever before, this easy-to-use plug bridges a crucial gap. It provides the key capabilities of our most advanced edge solutions in a simple, low-power plug while supporting seamless end-to-end performance management.”

View slides presenting further details on the ADVA NIDPlug+

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