Taoglas enhances IoT connectivity with new magnetics line

Nov. 9, 2022
The addition of LAN transformers, RJ45 ICMs, and BMS transformers to Taoglas’ RF and wireless product offering unlocks new opportunities for advanced component integration in IoT designs.

Electronic components firm Taoglas has introduced 40 new magnetics products that the company says deliver improved EMI performance, PoE++ capability up to 100W, and superior reliability and repeatability to network switches, routers, gateways, and other smart IoT products.

Available in integrated and discrete configurations, the company's new Atmos RJ45s, Exos LAN transformers, and Stratos BMS transformers have industry-compatible footprints for fast and reliable time-to-market integration into WLAN, VoIP, and high speed Ethernet designs up to 10 GbE.

The addition of LAN transformers, RJ45 ICMs, and BMS transformers to Taoglas’ RF and wireless product offering unlocks new opportunities for advanced component integration in IoT designs, the company said.

Taoglas’ magnetics series meet the requirements of all the major network IC PHY manufacturers and come in a variety of package types, form factors, and surface mount (SMT) and through-hold (THT) options.

Designed for IoT and industrial applications, the Atmos RJ45 series and Exos LAN series support 10/100 Base-T to 10G Base-T speeds, industrial grade temperatures and PoE++ up to 100 W. The Stratos BMS series was designed for energy-efficient automotive applications and supports operating voltages from 1000 VDC to 1600 VDC.

Magnetics solutions detailed

Taoglas’ 14 LAN transformers (Exos100, Exos1G, Exos10G) and 24 RJ45 ICMs (Atmos100, Atmos1G) support 10/100 Base-T, 1G Base-T and 10G Base-T speeds for standard and Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE+, and PoE++) applications.

The maximum reflow of 245 °C for LAN transformers and 250 °C at 5 sec peak wave for ICMs support consumer and industrial grade devices. The IEEE 802.3 compliant devices deliver up to 100 W to power standalone devices for security and IoT applications.

The 2 BMS transformers (Stratos1000, Stratos1600) support operating voltages from 1000 VDC to 1600 VDC for use in battery point-to-point and daisy chained connections in automotive applications.

“We’re not simply adding magnetics products, we’re adding connectivity expertise that drives innovation,” said Taylor Kimmerle, Global VP of Sales for Taoglas. “We may be known as antenna and wireless experts, but wired connectivity is still used by many customers and an important investment area for Taoglas.”

IoT design expertise

The company emphasizes that real estate in today’s IoT products is scarce and antennas and connectors demand a significant portion of any PCB.

With broad technical expertise and an extensive portfolio of antennas, RF components and magnetics, Taoglas adds that the company can work with customers upfront to develop the best plan for device layouts to achieve maximum performance. Applying space saving techniques to high demand areas of real estate simplifies the design as well as manufacturing, test, and supply chain requirements.

“We’re committed to operational excellence and providing best-in-class customer service across all our product lines which now includes magnetics,” concluded Olivier Robin, COO at Taoglas. “While many suppliers continue to face delivery challenges, we have reduced lead times, accelerated response times, and maintained the highest levels of quality to provide a seamless experience from start to finish.”

For more information, visit www.taoglas.com.

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