TE Connectivity developing sensor-based connectors for smart industrial applications

June 23, 2023
TE is partnering with tacterion, a tactile sensing company, to develop smart connectors for machines, robots, and servo motors.

TE Connectivity is partnering with tacterion, a tactile-sensing company, to produce smart touch and force sensor technology to support applications including industrial processes. “In collaboration, TE  and tacterion will develop connector and component solutions that combine both the reliable TE Connectors and tacterion’s outstanding sensor technology,” the companies said in a joint statement announcing their collaboration. “These new products will help enable remote digital monitoring of equipment, making them critical tools for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and safety applications in Industry 4.0 environments.” They said they plan to launch the first of a series of products this year.

tacterion’s patented plyon technology “turns virtually any surface into a smart surface,” the company said. “plyon sensors have an overall thickness of 0.5 to 0.7 mm and can achieve a bending radius as small as 1.0 cm while maintaining their full measurement range. The sensors are extremely durable and resistant to static load … they provide a nearly drift-free readout over time, allowing them to be used in demanding industrial environments.”

TE will use the plyon sensor technology to add intelligence to its connector products, including TE Intercontec connectors, which are used in robots, servo motors, and machines. “The sensor monitors the condition of the connector and can report malfunctions such as deviations or an open connector to the higher-level monitoring system,” the companies further explained. “This will help customers reduce costs and minimize machine downtime through predictive maintenance.”

“Together, we will develop smart connector solutions that help customers drive the digitalization of their facilities and bring the plyon technology to applications across different industries,” said TE Industrial’s chief technology officer Alex Megej.

“New types of sensors are essential for a truly digitized Industry 4.0 and together with TE we can bring more intelligence and cost-saving potential to the production floor,” concluded tacterion chief executive officer Daniel Strohmayr.

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