Fiber-cleaning tool has tweezer design

Aug. 1, 2023
QuickCleans can be used for wet or dry cleaning, and can be used 100 times before disposal.
Quick Cleans 2

Optix America offers Fiber Optic Wet/Dry QuickCleans, a cleaning tool with a tweezer design that “includes lint-free pads for superior cleaning and a loop tie-down on one end to prevent from getting lost,” the company explains. “They can be used wet or dry and are made of non-woven, high-density, hydro-entangled, 45/5 cellulose/polyester blend for optimum purity.”

Optix adds the tools have been tested to more than 100 uses for each before disposal.

Additionally, the tweezer design avoids exposing the user’s skin to the cleaning agent, which in many cases is isopropyl alcohol.

A package includes 10 QuickCleans and a 1-ounce bottle for fluid.

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