Belden’s Opti-Tuff Mini fiber cables now field-terminable

Aug. 25, 2023
The rugged, small fiber-optic cables are now compatible with Belden’s FX Fusion Splice-On Connectors and FX EXC Patch Panel Systems.

Belden recently introduced field-termination connectivity for its OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cables. The company says the new capability to field-terminate Opti Tuff Mini cables “continues the revolutionary breakthrough that OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cables provide for fiber installations, enabling installers to use space-saving OptiTuff systems in more types of fiber applications.”

The company further explained that installers and integrators of the cable type expressed the desire for an end-to-end system that would support more connectivity options and improve cable management in field-terminated applications.

“Through the creation of new systems and improvements to the transition points, connectors and patch panels in Belden’s existing FiberExpress line, fiber installers now benefit from the fast, easy installation that OptiTuff provides, plus compatibility with Belden’s popular FX Fusion Splice-On Connector and FX ECX Patch Panel System,” the company continued. “This added compatibility enables more combinations between cable and connectivity.”

OptiTuff Mini cables use a ruggedized thermoplastic material, as opposed to traditional metal armor. Belden emphasizes that compared to non-armored fiber cables, the all-dielectric armor provides durability and crush resistance. “The cable maintains excellent mechanical properties while being more flexible and easier to handle and install than metal armored cable, with no grounding or conduit required,” the company explains. The cable offers a cost-effective, ruggedized option to replace traditional metal armored and non-armored fiber products in FTTx, passive optical networks, and raised-floor applications.

“This innovation in connectivity supports new installation possibilities for field-terminated applications,” said Kikie Kunplin, product line manager for Belden fiber systems. “OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cables can now support even faster, easier installation, thanks to their compatibility with our FX Fusion and FX ECX connectivity.”

Belden built an OptiTuff Systems Guide to help contractors select the right connectivity systems, based on a project’s fiber count and termination method.

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