Category 6A connector supports PoE Type 4

Aug. 28, 2023
Platinum Tools’ new Category 6A connector has a two-piece design and accommodates 26- to 23-AWG conductors.
Platinum Tools
Cat 6 A Po E Type 4 Connector

Platinum Tools recently introduced a new Cat6A PoE Type 4 Connector. The connector is certified to Category 6A performance specifications, Platinum said when announcing it. It accommodates unshielded twisted-pair copper conductors between 26 and 23 AWG in size. Its phosphor-bronze contacts have a 60u” nickel coating and 50u” gold plating. The housing is UL 94V0 rated.

“With the increasing need for higher performance and more power, Platinum Tools has come out with a tool-less connector that will satisfy both the Category 6A specification and meet the hefty requirements for PoE Type 4,” commented Sean Rothermel, Platinum Tools product manager. “Our new Cat6A PoE Type 4 Connector is rated up to 90W of power and running PoE across all four pairs.

“Whether it is for PoE lighting installations or for powering equipment on a production floor, this connector has it covered,” Rothermel continued. “This connector also features a simple two-piece design and only requires basic wiring tools to terminate, and is compatible with cables ranging from 6.0mm to 8.5mm.”

Concerning PoE Types, as the Ethernet Alliance’s Chad Jones and David Tremblay explained several years ago when they were being introduced as part of the IEEE 802.3bt standard, “Type is a term used to bound the set of PoE features and power Class of a device. IEEE 802.3af, published in 2003, provided 15.4 watts and 13 watts for Type 1 PSE and PDs, respectively; IEEE 802.3at arrived in 2009, providing 30 watts and 25.5 watts for Type 2 PSE and PDs. The IEEE 802.3bt standard introduces two new Types of devise and increased power support: 60 watts and 51 watts for Type 3 PSE and PDs, and 90 watts and 71.3 watts for Type 4 PSE and PDs. PD power is less than PSE power because of the power loss through cable of up to 100-meter reach from PSE to PD.”

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