R&M Increase the Scope of How Its Products Can Be Used

Sept. 7, 2023
R&M demonstrates how its products can be used in all sorts of different industries.

R&M recently stated that its products can be applied to many more industries than the usual, including oil and gas, energy and wind power (think hydroelectric and wind power plants), and mining. When companies within these industries utilize stable IP data networks for their assets they have the ability to monitor their operations and control more processes remotely through the internet and the cloud. As an example R&M says that companies can coordinate maintenance work and send out vehicles and technicians in a more efficient manner.

From traffic carriers needing cabling and connection technology to the construction industry utilizing digital solutions like Building Information Modeling (BIM), R&M sees applications for its products. Even auto factories will find that they require Ethernet/IP networks for integrating their production into standard digital systems and even network and DIN rail installations.

When it comes to construction many sites will need LAN and WLAN infrastructures that are protected from harsh environmental factors such as water and dust. However, other areas that could use these as well including IP-based outdoor video surveillance, ports, agriculture, and transport.

The company has a variety of copper-based connectivity solutions for many different industrial applications which includes outlets with IP67 protection. With this cable plugged connections can withstand wind, humidity, or ice loads. Protection against electromagnetic fields is provided with field-mountable RJ45 connectors that have die-cast zinc housing. Products that have IP67 protection can deal with indoor and outdoor conditions from extreme weather to dust and moisture and are resistant to various liquids such as oil, alkaline solutions, and more.

R&M also sees insulation displacement contact as “crucial” and that this wiring is made to be simply executed without errors. The company also says that “it guarantees permanently stable, gas-tight and corrosion-free contact of the copper wires in LAN adapters and RJ45 connectors”.

R&M is showing that its products can be used in a multitude of industries as technology improves and changes.

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