ATX Networks Upgrades Its Visium Set-Back Box

Nov. 9, 2023
The device features a new feature that makes television control easier for many hospitality sites.

API addition to ATX Networks’ tech

ATX Networks has recently improved upon its pocket-sized security adapter, the Visium Set-Back Box (SBB). The company added a generic Application Programming Interface (API) that allows the device to be controlled by third-party enterprise-grade management systems. The interface enables businesses with screens in public areas to control audio/visual solutions and electronic equipment from a central hub.

This API allows for” any third-party centralized management system for digital signage, security systems and other electronically managed equipment to access functions on the Visium SBB that are normally activated through the product’s remote control, such as on/off and channel selection, through IP-based commands.”

What places can benefit from ATX Networks newest API upgrade?

Linas Underys, VP of Products and Business Development for Gateways at ATX, notes that it is not simple or practical for airports, casinos, and other public venues to control televisions with a remote-control device when the televisions could be distributed far apart from each other or are not easily accessible.

He goes on to state, “Our new IP-based API gives these businesses the flexibility to integrate control of the Visium SBBs into the overarching management system they currently use to control televisions, digital signage, access to conference rooms, security systems and dozens of other functions.”

ATX Networks’ generic API uses a standard JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) programming code, and is available through a firmware upgrade for Visium SBBs that have already been sent out.

Background on the Visium Set-back Box

The Visium SBB is a Pro:Idiom-compatible security adapter that provides encryption and an Interactive Program Guide (IPG) to hospital venues that do not have commercial televisions. The device enables these sites to improve guests’ video experiences without having these places needing to buy new and possibly expensive televisions that have encryption and data compression already built-in.

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