Moxa Brings Serial Port Expansion to Industrial Networks

Nov. 14, 2023
The Moxa UPort 1400-G2 series is compatible with and convert data from legacy serial devices.

What the converter series does

Moxa’s UPort 1400-G2 Series of 4-port USB-to-Serial Converters will help industrial networks. For computers that don’t have a serial port, this product proves useful. The converters feature a USB port compatible with the USB 3.2 SuperSpeed standard (5Gbs) and is backward compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. Each model in the Moxa UPort 1400-G2 Series converts the USB host connection to RS-232/422/485 serial protocol signals.

With four serial DB9 ports, the converters ensure high-performance connectivity at 921.6 kbps maximum baudrate for fast data transmission. The products also have flow control and a 512 -byte on-chip FIFO cache to further enhance performance.

Additional features of the Moxa UPort 1400-G2 Series

All five models of the series match with legacy serial devices including sensors, bar code scanners, PLCs, industrial instrumentation, and point-of-sale (POS) applications.

The Moxa UPort 1400-G2 series is engineered for harsh environments such as high temperatures, electrical interference, moisture, and vibration. The converters are protected from these factors by an IP20-rated metal housing.

The Moxa UPort 1400-G2 converter series, “feature a wide temperature range (0° to 60° C or -40° C to 75° C), integrated protection against shock and vibration, double-sided LEDs displaying power, TX, and RX statuses, and 2 kV isolation protection on its serial ports ( "I" models).” The converters also have a latch-and-screw USB lock to provide a secure connection between them and the computer.

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