Antaira Industrial Switches and Smart City Network Connectivity

Dec. 9, 2023
Antaira’s industrial switches are a solution to Smart City dilemmas.

Antaira offers a wide range of industrial switches to be deployed in Smart Cities. Antaira’s switches can be managed or unmanaged, come with SFP ports for fiber connections, and have speeds up to 10G as well as advanced features for copper and fiber installations.

The company’s Ethernet switches are made with harsh, outdoor environments in mind, and are protected from “wide temperature fluctuations, dust, water, vibration, and EMI, helping to minimize switch maintenance and data loss”. In cases where equipment has to withstand shock and vibration, like transportation, the company offers M12 gigabit Ethernet swiyches in IP67-rated metal case designs.

Many of Antaira’s switches feature Power of Ethernet (PoE, PoE+, PoE++). These include the Safe PoE Disconnect feature which “ensures the protection of a high-power PoE++ network when operating high-power sourcing devices”. The company also has Persistent PoE technology which allows the switch to reboot while simultaneously delivering PoE power to a connected PoE powered device.

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