Opengear Improves Remote Access With Its New Technology

Feb. 19, 2024
Opeangear’s Smart Management Fabric makes a unified network to manage for a variety of people in an IT organization.

Recently Opengear announced the launch of Smart Management Fabric, which the company says furthers “the value and functionality of Opengear’s Network Resilience platform with dynamic routing-based IP access”.

Opengear’s appliance software and Lighthouse Automation Edition (AE) received upgrades to include dynamic routing, which makes the way for a total management network overlay. With these updates users or machines can, through automation or configuration tools, connect to the resources they need to manage or access. They support various technologies including the secure shell (SSH), hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), graphic user interface (GUI), service processors (SPs), baseboard management controller (BMC), remote desktop protocol (RDP), network automation tools, and server management software for virtualized environments.

Smart Management Fabric makes a unified management framework which will prove to be useful for everyone in an IT organization, from network engineers and system admins to support staff who require access to IP-based resources. “These teams can now quickly provision and access their server-management tools as well as manage any IP-based physical or virtual resources. Additionally, network engineers can use their favorite automation tools to provision, monitor, and manage their IP endpoints at scale.”

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