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Patch panel for tight quarters

Th 105450
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Designed for easier access and termination where space is a premium, ICC's front access 24-port rack-mount Category 5e patch panel is engineered for both 8-pin modular jack and 110 block connectors. The patch panels, which come with a protective plastic cover, are intended as an interconnection between horizontal cables that extend from pathways to the work area.

Nothing dull about this cutter

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Promising to remain sharp while cutting through optical-fiber cable, the Model 45-344 serrated cutter from IDEAL Industries features a patent-pending rugged breaker notch designed for "doing the dirty work" of cleanly shearing the jacket and breaking the glass fiber. The precision-ground, finely-serrated blades are designed specifically for cutting and trimming the protective Kevlar strength member, which the manufacturer says greatly reduces the likelihood of dulling. The cutters also feature a textured, cushioned grip handle designed to provide a more comfortable hold and less stress on the wrist and hand.

Fiber with proprietary connections

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Tyco Electronics has introduced to the North American market a line of optical-fiber cable, previously available only overseas. The fiber is designed specifically to support the AMP Netconnect end-to-end cabling systems, and are interoperable with all company cabling components. The cable will be backed by a 25-year system performance that will be applied to all of the manufacturer's fiber-based systems, and 25-year component warranty to all manufacturer fiber products installed by a Tyco-authorized contractor. The cable, available through authorized distributors, is being offered as part of the end-to-end cabling system, and as a separate media element.

Non-RJ style Category 7 connector

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The TERA connector from The Siemon Company has won committee draft approval from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as the non-RJ style connector for use with pending Category 7 applications. The TERA connector is designed for international voice/data/video applications over four-pair 100-W balanced cabling systems. International standards approval of the TERA connector, says John Siemon, vice-president of engineering for The Siemon Company, sets the stage for global market acceptance of Catergory 7 in commercial premises and home cabling. The company says independently-certified reliability and transmission performance to 1.2 GHz now permits broadband delivery over balanced cabling, including applications like broadband video over a single twisted-pair. TERA is designed to allow up to four 1.2 GHz connections in the same space as a single keystone jack, letting users integrate video, voice and data services over a single cable. An independent assessment panel chartered by IEC ranked the TERA connector as best overall in 41 criteria for delivering the bandwidth specified in the proposed Category 7 standard.

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