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March 1, 2002
Designed to meet the Bellcore and Uniform Building Code (UBC) for Zone 4, DAMAC's Seismic Shelter cabinet has a 16-gauge tubular steel, fully welded frame construction

Compiled by Ryan Cliche

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Seismic cabinet
Designed to meet the Bellcore and Uniform Building Code (UBC) for Zone 4, DAMAC's Seismic Shelter cabinet has a 16-gauge tubular steel, fully welded frame construction. Durable uni-struts and extra corner gussets are designed to provide resistance to the forces produced by severe earthquakes. Its standard model supports 900 pounds, according to company claims, and offers seismic bracing. Also, the cabinet is available in five standard colors.

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Labeling software
Tyco Electronics' AMP NETCONNECT labeling software is designed to help you identify the company's patch panels, crossconnect systems, faceplates, workstation outlets, and 4- and 25-pair cable types. The Windows-based labeling software, which is compatible with PCs and laser and inkjet printers, is pre-loaded with templates for labeling. Port and cable spacings are pre-positioned, letting you enter sequences and print. Labels generated are available in 81/2x11-inch sheets. In addition to offering pre-cut and perforated sheets, the labels feature adhesive capabilities and abrasion and fade resistance.

Labeling system
IDEX's Labeling for Cabling is a free software system that helps you make legible labels consistent with ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A. Once you have entered your information, a "Label Wizard" will place your information in the appropriate parts of the labels. The finished product is a set of perforated labels with fingerprint icons. This fingerprint icon illustrates where you should handle the label so that the writing can remain untainted. Once the label is in place, tear away the perforated section.

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F connectors
Leviton Voice & Data's Quick F connectors and Universal F connectors feature a push-on cap for 75-W coaxial cable terminations. Creating video connections, these connectors are tool-less (no crimping required); have a typical insertion loss of 0.08 dB, according to company claims; accommodate RG-59, RG-6, and RG-6 Quad coaxial diameters; and include a strip tool. The connectors may be combined with video adapters and other connectors to create a customized multimedia system. Also, they may be used in the company's Structured Media enclosures to help distribute video signals throughout the home or office.

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Server cabinet
Ortronics' Mighty Mo server cabinet offers cable access on the top and bottom and has perforated top, front, and rear doors for ventilation. Master keys and push-button combination locks are supplied for the front and rear doors to allow for a multi-user environment. A divider panel provides security and side panels are available to finish off a row of cabinets or dress up a single cabinet. Also, the cabinet is supplied with four equipment-mounting rails with a square-hole EIA pattern and 50 cage nuts and screws. This 600x2.2x900-mm cabinet weighs 300 pounds and has a mounting space of 44 units.

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Small office/home office enclosure
Unity's 18-gauge galvanized SOHO enclosure has a full plywood back that lets you configure components to your needs. It mounts horizontally or vertically and the door can swing left or right. With a special cover, the enclosures can be ganged together to accommodate special needs. A security version offers key-lock and tamper-proof screws.

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Self-laminating labels
Ziptape's ID System self-laminating labels are designed to comply with changes in the TIA/EIA-606A labeling standards. Printed by laser, thermal transfer, or dot matrix, the labels are durable and can be generated with software packages such as LabelView and Bartender (Microsoft Word may also be used). Standard materials available include vinyl, polyvinyl fluoride, and polyester. These are available in different sizes.

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Cable tie, patch cables
Shaxon Industries' Zip-Clip snaps onto duplex zip cable to secure and protect the breakout area. In addition, the wire management product can be marked with channel designations or other information. These may be ordered in a package of ten.

Shaxon's mold-injected Category 5e 350-MHz Spectrum patch cable features 24-AWG, stranded 4-pair cable terminated with 50U, RJ-45-style plugs. Molded boots are designed to maintain the quality of the plug/cable termination and support bend-radius requirements. A low-profile "flush" mold design lets the cable be placed side-by-side in high-density jack fields.

Crossconnect cable assemblies
Westek Electronics' custom DS3 crossconnect cable assemblies come in 3-, 6-, 8-, and 12-pack configurations that accommodate central office transport equipment. The assemblies provide crossconnects from switch-to-switch to provide voice and data within the central office.

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Wall box locator
Designed for both commercial and residential applications, The Siemon Company's Mount-it wall box locator helps you align electrical boxes in new construction or collocate telephone/data boxes next to electrical boxes. Attach it to a piece of standard 1/2-inch electrical metallic (EMT) conduit and adjust the thumbscrews to set the desired depth and height. Next, attach an electrical box to the locator, align it with the stud, and secure it in-place on the stud. This wall box locator is compatible with either plastic or metal, single- or double-gang electrical boxes.

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2-post racks
Chatsworth Products' 2-post racks are designed to eliminate the need to replace racks with cabinets by providing a mounting solution that saves floor space. Seven models are available to support six different Dell server models. The company offers: fixed-center mount, fixed-flush mount, and slide mount. Brackets provide front and rear support for server mounting rail kits. Additional brackets are included to support cable-management arm and front attach points where required.

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