BICSI Product Showcase

Jan. 1, 2002
xhibitors unleash cabling products at BICSI Winter Conference

Compiled by Ryan Cliche

Exhibitors unleash cabling products at BICSI Winter Conference

This month's BICSI Winter Conference, January 21-24 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL is typically the telecommunications association's largest gathering of the year, and also the official launching pad for new products and services for the upcoming year in the cabling industry.

The following is a representative sampling of what will be new and notable at this year's conference:

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End-to-end cabling system
Ortronics' Commercial Division and Berk-Tek's NetClearGT3 is a Category 6-compliant cabling solution that integrates Berk-Tek's LANmark-2000 cable and cordage with Ortronics' Clarity Cat egory 6 component-compliant connectivity. The system offers a mated connector and cable balance to minimize the impact of media change on the transmitted signal; higher signal-to-noise ratio; connector elements that are designed to be tuned to the center of the TIA target de-embedded values; and backward compatibility and interoperability.
BOOTH #83 (Ortronics),
BOOTH #110 (Berk-Tek)

Reusable cable ties
Velcro USA's One-Wrap Qwik Ties are self-gripping, adjustable, and reusable fasteners designed for commercial bundling and cable management applications. This fastener attaches to itself by using hook-and-loop technology to create a restraining device that fastens without twisting, tying, or adhesive. According to company claims, it is designed to not over-cinch cables. Also, the low-profile strap fits behind patch panels and cinches in a tight radius.

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Mini-busway system
Universal Electric's Starline Mini-Busway adds 40, 50, and smaller 60-A sizes to the product line. In data centers and telecommunications rooms, the mini-busway is designed for AC and DC power distribution to electrical loads such as servers or phone switches. The system may also run as a feeder for the company's larger busway.
BOOTH #190

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Intumescent pillow
3M Fire Protection Products' Fire Barrier intumescent pillows require no restraining wire to hold the pillows in place when tested to American Society of Test and Measurement ( E 814 fire test criteria. This pillow has Underwriters Laboratories Inc.-listed systems up to 3 hours and opening sizes up to 540 sq in. It contains no graphite, which makes it designed for areas where conductivity and air-born graphite is an issue. Also, the pillows have been designed to meet the intent of the National Electrical Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association (, SBCCI, BOCA, and ICBO building codes.
BOOTH #158

Category 6 cable
General Cable's GenSPEED 6000 Category 6 cable claims to meet the TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 standard. It is small in diameter compared to other Category 6 designs, which translates to increased conduit and tray fill cable capacities. Also, the cable is available with the company's Tru-Mark footage marking system.

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Switching media converter
Signamax Connectivity Systems' switching media converter offers a built-in 10/100 switch that lets the optical-fiber cable connection operate at 100 Mbits/sec connected to either a 10BASE-T or a 100BASE-TX network, while remaining 100BASE-FX standard-compliant. The media converter can be used standalone, or it can be installed in the company's rack-mount chassis with redundant power supplies and fan cooling for multiple installations. It is available in multimode models with SC, ST, MT-RJ, or VF-45 connectors, as well as singlemode models with SC connectors spanning 15, 40, or 75 km.
BOOTH #107

End-to-end cabling systems
Leviton Voice & Data Div. and Superior Essex's NextLAN Category 5e, Category 6, and fiber performance cabling systems combine Leviton connectors, patch cords, patch panels, and workstation components with Superior Essex copper and optical-fiber cables. Designed for multiple levels of electrical and optical performance, the systems are compatible with networks running 100BASE-TX Ethernet to 10-Gbit Ethernet. These systems meet TIA/EIA specifications and are backed by a lifetime warranty on certified installations.
BOOTH #106 (Leviton),

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Cutting tool
GS Metals' Cleanshear AirCutter has a cutting head that uses a "shearing" technology, similar to a pair of scissors. This pneumatic tool is designed to give a clean, flush edge with no sharp points, according to company claims. It is designed for use with the Flextray cable management system.

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Double-shielded coaxial cables
Quabbin Wire & Cable's DS-3 bundles contain up to 24 individual Type 735 coaxial components, each designed to transmit 672 channels with a bandwidth of 44.7 MHz. The cables may be used as a system with the company's DS-1 paired cable and DS-3 signaling coaxial cables, providing an integrated copper cabling solution designed to handle time-division multiplexed (TDM) digital signals. A double shield consisting of 100% coverage aluminum/polyester tape and 90% coverage braid provides both signal return path and EMI isolation. Also, the cables comply with Bellcore GR-139-CORE requirements for central office and coaxial cable.

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Surge-suppressing patch cord
The Cylix CAT6-PPC is a patch cord with a built-in surge suppressor. Its surge suppressor is designed to meet the applicable Category 6 standards. This device is supplied with a 10-foot total length B-pin modular terminated patch cord, designed for networking interconnect solutions. According to company claims, the device response time is less than 5 nanoseconds and can handle 1,500 W of energy.

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Industrial plug and outlet
The Siemon Company's IMAX industrial outlet has a Category 5e MAX module housed in a protective shell, made of chemical-resistant, industrial-grade plastic and featuring a bayonet-style mating design. You cannot under- or over-tighten the connection, according to company claims, so the outlet and plug stay in-place for Category 5e performance. The IMAX plug features a Category 5e modular plug and has the same style of housing as the outlet. This plug can be terminated in the field, letting you assemble custom lengths onsite in the event a cable is cut or damaged. Both the plug and outlet are available in unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) and screened twisted-pair (ScTP) versions.

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Cable management solution
Erico's Fastening Business Group's Plenum Pier is designed for underfloor and clean room applications, since it keeps services off the floor and provides support independent of raised floor pedestals. The unit consists of a block of white, closed-cell Ethafoam polyethylene foam, which absorbs vibrations and shock, as well as accommodates expansion and contracting of piping. It has been tested and meets the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ( 2043 requirements for air handling spaces. Yellow chromate channel is bonded into the block of foam, permitting the use of standard strut clamps and accessories.
BOOTH #128

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Workstation module
Available in 2- through 5-gang sizes, AMP Netconnect's access floor workstation module supports five gangs (two power and three communications) and fits installations with a minimum floor height of 5.25 inches (from the top of the raised floor to the top of the main floor). A large cable opening lets you remove and re-install communications connectors without re-termination when the module is moved. It meets Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and CSA load-bearing requirements. The 5-gang module meets Na tional Electrical Code (NEC) 300-22c requirements for use in environmental air spaces, and has been tested to UL 2043.
BOOTH #191

Ground bar kits
Harger's ground bar kits are designed for cabling installation contractors. These ground bar kits include a ground bar manufactured from tin-plated electrolytic tough pitch copper bar and hardware consisting of compression lugs, stainless steel screws, washers, and nuts. Stainless steel wall brackets and insulators are also provided.
BOOTH #117

Real-time monitoring system
Molex Premise Networks' Real Time Patching System lets IT managers manage and monitor the physical network layer and associated IT hardware. The system includes patch panels, patch cords, cable, and physical-layer management hardware and software. It monitors moves, adds, and changes, and allows automated network mapping and work orders.
BOOTH #145

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Wire wrapping tool
OK Industries' G100/R3278INS wire wrapping tool is used in conjunction with insulated wire wrapping sleeves. The housing and internal drive mechanism are constructed from metal components designed to provide durability and impact resistance. It is coated with a non-conductive material that provides 1,000-V dielectric strength and, when used with the sleeves, helps to protect the worker while minimizing pin-to-pin shortening. A chuck-style collet lets you install and remove industry-standard bits and sleeves.
BOOTH #200

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Category 6 active network tester
Agilent Technologies' FrameScope 350 features a color touch screen and is designed to let users in switched Fast Ethernet and TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol) environments isolate and resolve protocol, configuration, performance, and cabling problems. An AutoTest performance suite uses objective performance metrics to measure the response times of network services such as Web, file, e-mail, print, and DNS servers. It performs Category 6 and optical fiber cable testing; lets you survey the network; and generate a list of workstations, switches, routers, servers, and other network devices. Also, the tester troubleshoots problems such as utilization, broadcasts, or collisions. You can save additional test results with expandable storage on removable compact flash memory cards, and print graphical test reports via a Web interface.

Cable tray upgrade
Cable Management Solutions offers the Wall Snake cable tray in a 25 sq in size. Designed for wall applications, the tray has built-in mounting rings so no brackets are required to install the cable tray to the wall. It requires two wall anchors per 8-foot section. The cable tray is designed to accommodate up to 400 Category 5 cables and bends to let you install over and around obstacles.

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Rugged test set
Fiber Instrument Sales' water-tight Ru ggedized Test Set is designed to withstand outdoor field environments where traditional handheld units are not appropriate. The power meter has an LCD display and a germanium detector that incorporates three wavelengths (850 nm, 1,310 nm, and 1,550 nm) measurement capability. The light source is a dual-wavelength source with a continuous wave or 2-KHz modulation. Available for multimode and singlemode applications, the unit runs on re-chargeable batteries.
BOOTH #121

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Loopback attenuators
Offered in MT-RJ and LC connector styles, AI's small-form-factor loopback attenuators allow multiple fibers in a smaller footprint to provide space savings. Loopback attenuators operate at 850 nm and 1,310 nm for multimode and 1,310 nm and 1,550 nm for singlemode cables. The RJ-style latch can drop into existing copper network cutouts for fiber system upgrades. The LC loopbacks provide duplex capacity in the space of current single connections. A ruggedized back shell and molded dust caps are designed for durability.
BOOTH #176
BOOTH #56 (Superior Essex)

Flexible cable management solution
Arlington's Loop, a non-metallic hanger for communications cable, holds a 2- to 5-inch-diameter bundle of Category 5 or optical fiber cable without damaging the cable. These can be used individually or stacked to carry multiple cable bundles. Also, the unit rotates to any angle.
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.-and CSA-listed, it is available in 2-, 21/2-, and 5-inch sizes, with or without listing for air handling spaces.
BOOTH #161

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Ganging rack
Measuring 19x36 inches, Lowell's L279 series racks in 35, 40, and 44 RU panel space sizes feature precision-formed steel construction with beveled edges, a vented rear door, adjustable mounting rails, top closure panels for the rack's 10 RU top opening, removable rear knockout panels, panel mounting hardware, and a wrinkle powder epoxy finish. The top of each rack is equipped with six knockouts for BNC wireless antennas, three knockouts for conduit, and room to field punch. One-piece side-frame construction is designed to provide torsional rigidity and includes 2-inch diameter cable passage holes positioned top-to-bottom along the rear sides and 4x1.5-inch openings front-to-rear along the bottom sides for cable passage between racks.
BOOTH #147

Media converters
Transition Networks' T1/E1 and DS3 media converters both come as a standalone unit or as a chassis card designed for the company's PointSystem chassis. A loopback feature on both media converters is designed to improve installation and network debug procedures, making bit-error rate testing more convenient. An LED provides an Alarm Indication Signal (AIS) for troubleshooting. The T1/E1 converters offer twisted-pair interfaces, designed to let you test T1 equipment on the network segment and ensure the network link. The DS3's coaxial can reach up to 1,000 feet and its fiber can extend the distance to 80 km.
BOOTH #103

Wall-mount swing rack
Measuring 48.763x20.562x18 inches, Great Lakes Case & Cabinet's GL48SR wall-mount swing rack offers 26U rack space and a 100-pound weight capacity. This rack swings open left or right. Other features include "stay-open" hinge pins, provisions for optional cable management cinch straps, and EIA spacing with 12-24 threaded holes per EIA/TIA 310-D.

Estimating software upgrade
Accubid's Version 5 Beta upgrade for the company's Pro V5, BidWinner Plus V5, and BidWinner V5 software lets the software keep a database of 51,200 components. Connectivity and non-connectivity manufacturers have been added. With this upgrade, there are 52,800 pre-built assemblies for performance installations of horizontal cabling, as well as copper and fiber backbones and telecommunications room applications.
BOOTH #170

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Fast Ethernet switch
Unicom's Dyna-Switch/2401 24-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet switch offers an optical-fiber slot for an interchangeable fiber module port that can be used as a fiber uplink in a WAN setting or as a direct link in a LAN. The switch's 10- and 100-Mbit/sec 8-pin modular style ports have an Auto MDI/MDIX crossover function, which detects the task required automatically when using a port for either a normal port or an uplink port, while using a pin-to-pin or crossover cable. A full-duplex operation mode doubles the bandwidth for each 8-pin modular style port.
BOOTH #101

Redesigned raceway
Mono-Systems' SnapWay SWP5200 PVC multi-compartment raceway systems line offers a version with a reinforced base and covers. This redesigned model retains features of the original, including optical-fiber radius bends and adequate fill capacity. It is designed for industrial, commercial, data communications, and residential cable and wire management applications.
BOOTH #126

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ECategory 6 patch panel
Leviton Voice & Data's Category 6 Extreme Universal patch panel design accommodates T568A and T568B wiring configurations. It is available in U89, 12-, 24-, and 48-port configurations. Mounting standoffs are provided for each row of 24 ports for the cable management bar. The patch panel is equipped with both front and rear labeling features for identification of elements per the TIA/EIA 606 administration standard. A termination feature for data ground is also offered.
BOOTH #106

Multi-fiber, air-blown cable
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave's FutureFLEX Air-blown fiber cabling system uses tube cables, fiber bundles in 2-, 4-, 6-, 12-, and 18-fiber arrangements for a maximum capacity of 342 fibers, a nitrogen source, payoff stand, motor controls, and blowing head. It eliminates the need for dark fiber and future-proofs your network by "blowing" only the fiber that is needed when it is needed. Also, direct point-to-point pathways eliminate fiber splices.

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Collocation cabinet system
CableTalk's collocation cabinet system manages multi-customer environments in one shared cabinet solution. I.S.P. communal services provide security and protection for your cable and power management hardware. A keyless-entry Trac-Access system feature is designed to provide access control by letting you track, audit, and record authorized entries by location, date, and time.

Fiber-in-the-horizontal system
Corning Cable Systems' LANscape Solution for fiber-in-the-horizontal is designed to move fiber closer to the work area and includes the line's Media Zone, Media Station, and Media Wireless. The Media Zone uses a zone cabling concept and features the Active Zone Box, which allows media conversion to happen closer to the workspace. Its Media Station is designed to bring fiber to the workstation and features the DeskLink outlet, developed to work with the 2-fiber UniCam QuickPress connector.

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Adjustable dual rack
Homaco's self-squaring M6 adjustable dual rack features depth expansion to 32 inches to mount servers and equipment. L-shaped uprights allow installation to a 5/8x5/8x1/2-inch square hole pattern. The open-rack design enables crossconnects, improves cable management, allows ventilation without fans, and supports multiple rack line-ups. Cage nuts, shelves, and equipment support brackets are available separately to customize installations.

Category 6 cabling system
ICC's HiPerlink 6 family includes modular connectors, patch cords, and patch panels. Test results show a worst-case near-end crosstalk (NEXT) margin averaging 6.4 dB at 250 MHz for each of the company's eight domestic certified cable partners, according to company claims. Also, the company offers a 30-year system warranty.

Hands-on training program
Cablofil's hands-on Certified Training Program teaches the basics in cutting techniques, as well as advanced planning and layout procedures. A video presentation is designed to help demonstrate how to install the company's wire cable tray, and a system-planning workshop is designed to help you improve your estimating and layout skills. You will receive BICSI credits, a catalog, line card, pocket guides, and helmet stickers upon completion of the course.
BOOTH #183

Handheld Gigabit tester
Red Hawk/CDT's Realtime Model RT-1000BT Gigabit network tester checks if the NIC or hub/switch port will run at 1,000 Mbits/sec. When you plug a patch cord into the tester and into any open RJ-45-style jack in an office, cubicle, or conference room, you can see if the jack is a live network node capable of 1,000 Mbits/sec. Also, the tester is designed to verify link and speed from the patch panel or wiring closet via an uplink to a hub or switch port.

10-Gbit Ethernet multimode fiber
Draka Comteq's MaxCap 10-Gbit Ethernet multimode fiber is laser-optimized at 850 nm and is designed for LAN, SAN, and in central offices more than 300 meters. It is available in all jacket constructions and can be installed in interbuilding, intrabuilding via duct, direct buried, tray, riser shafts, wiring closets, and in the ceiling. Also, the fiber has an effective modal bandwidth (EMB) of minimum 2,000 MHz/km, according to company claims, and meets the proposed draft of the TIA 492AAAC standard for 10-Gbit Ethernet.

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Surface-mount enclosure
Ortronics' Residential Division's multi-dwelling unit (MDU) Surface-Mount Unit provides voice and video distribution in apartments and condominiums. This enclosure distributes up to four incoming phone lines to as many as nine locations, while providing video distribution to four locations. Features of the enclosure include a 16-gauge steel white base measuring 8.86x6.9x3.5 inches and a 16-gauge steel white cover. Also included are a 9-port 110 IDC printed circuit board voice bridge, a 4-way video splitter, four mounting holes, one cable tie lance, and one screw for latching the cover.

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