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The newest additions to the Mighty Mo wall-mount cabinet series are designed with cable management to help secure, support, and organize ...

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Wall-mount cabinets
Pennwell web 200 127

The newest additions to the Mighty Mo wall-mount cabinet series are designed with cable management to help secure, support, and organize networking equipment where floor space is limited or in open-office environments. They provide capacity for active and passive equipment, and feature finger-style vertical managers and a pair of fully adjustable 12-24 EIA mounting rails to provide the same level of support as a full-size cabinet. These cabinets are built with 14 GA steel construction to minimize sagging under heavy loads. They are available in depths of 20 and 26 inches, and heights of 23.5, 35.75, and 48 inches providing 12, 19, and 26 rack units of equipment room.

Small-form-factor cable assemblies

The High Density SFQ QuickNet Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies are intended for storage area networking applications. They MTP SFQ cassettes achieve up to 72 fiber connections in a single cassette, allowing for as many as 576 fiber connections in a 1RU space. The assemblies work with the manufacturer’s QuickNet Copper System to enable convenient access and management capabilities in data centers’ main, horizontal, and equipment distribution areas. Each cable is tested and supplied with test data to ensure its performance.

Stiff-spine conduit cleaners
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Heavy Duty Stiff Spine Conduit Cleaners can be used to remove obstructions such as dirt, ash, sand, oxides, and debris from utility conduits. Each cleaner is made with hundreds of oil-tempered spring steel bristles that can clean a conduit without damaging its surface. They are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 6 inches in diameter and 4 to 5.25 inches in length. Providing a workload capacity of up to 1,250 pounds, the Conduit Cleaners come with pulling eyes located on either end. They can be used on most types of utility conduit, including lead, iron, and other metals. The manufacturer says its Stiff Spine Conduit Brushes are better suited for fiberglass or plastic utility conduit applications.

Voice/data switch

The Model 9450 DB25 allows users to switch equipment between voice and data ports with a single turn of a knob on the device’s front panel. It is a manual, single-channel A/B switch in a rack-mount enclosure; its switching mechanism is a sealed precious-metal contact switch with all 25 pins supported. The all-aluminum enclosure provides shielding from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference.

Fiber-cleaning product set

The Sticklers family of fiber-optic connector cleaning tools works together as a system. The fiber splice and connector cleaner is a non-flammable pump spray that, because it is free of hazardous materials, can be shipped by air on commercial aircraft without hazmat fees. The CleanStixx tool cleans the entire endface inside connector-alignment sleeves; Benchtop Wipes are packaged for indoor installations; and Outdoor Wipes are engineered for harsh environments. According to the manufacturer, the Sticklers family of cleaning tools replaces alcohol, acetone, swabs, and other technologies that leave residue and dirt.

Tool-less fiber connector

Brilliance is a tool-less connector that can be terminated in approximately five seconds. Its patent-pending design eliminates the need for special tools and simplifies the installation steps typically associated with fiber terminations, its manufacturer says. A sliding switch crimps the fiber and the buffer with the use of just the technician’s index finger. It also can be re-terminated up to five times. Users can verify proper connectorization on-site using an external laser light source such as a visual fault locator. The light from such a source can be seen through the connector’s window, which is made of a plastic that reflects light so it appears bright and is easy to identify. Available initially as an LC connector, Brilliance will also be available in ST-compatible, SC, and APC versions later in 2010.

Compact UPS system

The Liebert GXT3 is an online uninterruptible power supply that protects equipment from power disturbances caused by blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges, or noise interference. Configurable as a tower or rack-mount model, the GXT3 delivers continuous alternating-current power to connected equipment with no break when transferring to battery. It is available in 120V and 230V systems and in models from 500 VA to 3,000 VA of capacity and battery backup in 2U of rack space. Matching external battery cabinets in 2U height are also offered to achieve additional backup time. The GXT3 is designed to automatically detect input frequency of 60 or 50 Hz and features hot-swappable, user-replacement internal batteries that provide four to eight minutes of battery backup time at full load.

Rugged fiber cable
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This newly redesigned fiber cable was developed and constructed to military mechanical standards in order to stand up to harsh field abuse. The re-deployable cable is appropriate for use in broadcast applications, military communications, mining, and industrial applications. Called a tactical fiber cable by its manufacturer, it is resistant to abrasion, cut-through, and crushing. The cable is available in factory-terminated assemblies; SC/ST/LC/FC fanouts or SMPTE 358 hermaphroditic connectors are available in custom lengths.

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