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Multi-fiber optical connector for 400G1602cimproductfocus Photo 5

Designed to support next-generation parallel transmission protocols, US Conec says its MTP-16 connector offers the highest density physical contact multi-fiber connector format on the market today. The MTP-16 connector is billed as ideal for high-density structured cabling applications that support aggregation of multiple parallel or duplex links requiring low insertion loss. In addition, the MTP-16 connectors couple directly into emerging 16x25G active devices. Utilizing the same external footprint as the existing traditional 12-fiber MT ferrule, the MTP-16 consists of a US Conec MT Elite ferrule with one or two rows of 16 fibers, leveraging all the proven MT Elite ferrule technology in a higher-density format. A unique offset keying feature is designed into the connector to ensure proper mating without inadvertently connecting 16-fiber hardware with standard MPO-compliant hardware. The new keying hardware specifications were recently published in TIA 604-18 (FOCIS 18).

US Conec, Ltd.,

16- and 32-fiber ferrules1602cimproductfocus Photo 6

Senko’s new MPO Plus MT 16- and 32-fiber ferrules are designed to meet the new TIA604-18 standard, which addresses 16-fiber hole width MPO requirements. The ferrules are available in single row 16-fiber and 32-fiber 2x16 configurations. A multimode version is available for 100G and 400G parallel optics applications.

Senko Advanced Components,

Fiber-optic connector cleaner1602cimproductfocus Photo 1

Sticklers’ MPO CleanClicker 600 fiber-optic connector cleaner cleans both male MPO/MTP connectors in bulkhead adapters and female unmated connectors on trunk assemblies. The cleaner uses a push engagement to advance the cleaning ribbon for effective cleaning of flat polished multimode and angled singlemode MPO/MTP connectors; the cleaning ribbon gently lifts away dust and residues on MT fiber arrays. This cleaner is ideal for 12-, 24- and 48-fiber MPO cassettes and trunk assemblies and MPO interface transceivers. Each cleaner provides 600+ cleaned MPO/MTP connector endfaces. Sticklers also offers field cleaning kits featuring the MPO CleanClicker 600, as well as the company’s CleanClicker 750 cleaners, Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner precision cleaning fluid, CleanStixx cleaning sticks (including one for MT ferrules), and CleanWipes optical grade wipes.

Sticklers MicroCare Corp.,

High-density copper and fiber cassettes1602cimproductfocus Photo 2

Tripp Lite’s N484 series of high-density copper and fiber cassette solutions allows for the connection and interconnection of 10-, 40- and 100/120-Gbit/sec equipment. The N484 Series works with both copper and fiber cables; the interchangeable cassettes allow for the connection of different generations of equipment. In a 1U chassis, users can populate LC, MTP, SFP and Cat 6 cables all at the same time.

One solution in the N484 series is the N484-12M24, a high-density passthrough cassette with (x12) 24-fiber MTP/MPO connections. The company explains that working with the cassette is simple, as it is easily installed or removed using screw tabs to lock or unlock it from the panel. No tools are required.

Tripp Lite,

Flexible MPO connector1602cimproductfocus Photo 4

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has introduced a new MPO connector with features optimized to better accommodate changing network designs. With the ability to change gender from male-to-female and female-to-male in the field and a boot up to 36 percent shorter than other connectors in the industry, this flexible MPO connector also includes the ability to change polarity in the field, and supports single-handed push/pull operation for installation and removal.

Sumitomo also offers MPO connectors as part of its Lynx2 CustomFit Splice-On connector product line. The Lynx2-MPO is a fusion splice-on field-installable connector for customized, on-site terminations. It can be used in a variety of applications including data centers, enterprises, outside plant, central offices and others.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave,

Multi-ribbon fiber breakout kits1602cimproductfocus Photo 3

The Opticonx UBR Series ribbon breakout kits for multi-ribbon cable management of 12- to 144-fiber ribbon cables are an ideal means to breakout, manage and directly terminate high-fiber-count ribbon cables with MTP connectors. Each 12-fiber ribbon in the unitube cable is routed through individual, color-coded tubes, allowing for protection and ease of management. These protected ribbons can then be directly terminated with MTP connectors. The UBR series ribbon breakout kits require no special tooling, install in minutes and fit any manufacturer’s unitube ribbon cable.

The company points out that if single-fiber termination is desired, UBR Series kits can be combined with Opticonx SPKR Series splitter kits to allow ST/SC/LC connectors to be directly terminated.


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