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Nov. 1, 2003
VDV toolkit; Low-profile surface-mount boxes; Fiber jumpers and pigtails; MORE...

VDV toolkit

The MicroScanner Pro VDV Kit is an all-in-one toolkit for verification of voice, data and video cabling. It includes a MicroScanner Pro cable verification tester, MicroProbe toner probe, remote wiremap adapter, office/room ID set, and adapters for testing coaxial cabling and two-conductor wire. Also included is the "Business in a Box" CD-ROM that focuses on the basics of residential VDV applications, and explains cable types, cabling preparation, termination, installation standards and practices, and proper testing methods. Through December 31, VDV Kit purchasers will also receive a free installation tool kit that includes a UTP/STP cable jacket stripper, punchdown tool with swappable tip for 66- and 110-blocks, and a RJ-45 connector crimping tool.

Low-profile surface-mount boxes

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The field-configurable ISM Series surface-mount boxes are designed especially for open office/MUTOA cabling, compact surface-mount environments, and retrofits. Boxes are available in five sizes ..and colors, and accommodate the manufacturer's Xcelerator jacks and snap-fit connectors. Housings can be mounted with screws or adhesive tape. The 4- and 6-port boxes come with adjustable furniture latches to provide an additional mounting option to ANSI/TIA/EIA-standard furniture openings. The 4-, 6- and 12-port sizes have fiber storage posts that can store 1 meter of fiber cable with proper bend radius.

Fiber jumpers and pigtails

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As part of the manufacturer's 10G-ip cabling solution, XGLO fiber jumpers and ..pigtails are designed for next-generation backbone and fiber-to-the-desk installation. Fiber meets 802.3 10-Gigabit Ethernet requirements, and the connector polish meets Telcordia and ISO/IEC specifications for end face geometry. These jumpers and pigtails are available in multimode and singlemode, simplex and duplex, and SC, LC or hybrid versions.

Compression connectors for high-end A/V

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Field-configurable Compression RCA and F-Connectors for high-end audio/video ..applications work with RG6 Quad cable. They feature a radial crimp that compresses uniformly around the body of the connector, creating a more robust connection with the cable resulting in what the manufacturer claims is superior electrical performance over traditional connections. RCA connectors feature five color-coded connector bands (red, black, yellow, green, and blue) for application identification. Compression connectors are covered by a two-year limited product warranty and a 20-year performance guarantee.

Flexible fiber cabinets

The NEMA-12 rated TICE Series wall-mount cabinets are designed to provide for increased protection from contaminants and to accommodate up to 144 fibers. The dual-hinged design is to ensure separation of owner/client network segments and maximize wall space for splicing and interconnection. Also, the company's MDC Series wall- or rack-mount cabinets accommodate up to 216 fibers and are designed to provide flexibility for configuring the enclosures for single or dual-access applications. Both product series can also accommodate optical components. The cabinets are available with pre-terminated Telcordia-certified GF-326 connectors and cable assemblies.

Hot-swappable DC-AC inverter

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The LCE-H series DC-AC inverter is a 1.5 kVA DC-AC sinewave device that is scaleable up to 36 kVA in complete cabinet systems. It accepts 24, 48 and 210-400 V DC inputs, and offers what the manufacturer says is true hot bus plug-in. These low-profile, rack-mount units provide full power within a wide temperature range (-20° C to +55° C) and support N+1 redundancy. The LCE inverter is designed to deliver fully isolated and precision-regulated output capable of powering any load with a power factor from lead to zero lag, making it suitable for driving non-linear loads such as computers, computer-based systems, and data storage equipment. With UL, TUV and CE marking, the LCE-H inverter can be used for central office, wireless basestation, and customer premise equipment applications.

Ladder that blends into the woodwork

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The PivotLoc foldable ladder system is designed to secure easily and discretely to a structure when not in use, preventing unauthorized access. When open, the ladder ..locks into place; when closed, PivotLoc is designed to fold easily and lock into a compact unit. Constructed of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum, the PivotLoc system is designed and engineered to comply with global safety regulations.

Connecting minus the soldering

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EZ Series compression connectors do not require soldering, and are available in BNC, RCA and F designs (including BNC ..for RGBHV mini-coax cable). Available in nickel or gold finish, the connectors feature a radial design that the manufacturer says reduces impedance problems and can withstand 80 pounds of pull force.

Small form-factor adapter plates

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LC Quick-Pack adapter plates are designed for use with the manufacturer's Rack-mount Interconnect Center (RIC3) and Wall-mount Interconnect Center (SWIC3). Plates feature a patent-pending integrated latch designed to provide single-finger latching to access fiber even in crowded enclosures. They are available with 12, 16 or 24 adapter ports per plate.

Fold-down patch panel

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Built for small network installations or a crowded telecom closet, Nextspeed Category 6 fold-down patch panels contain a C6 48-port patch panel hinged to a two-unit Nextframe cable management ..panel. It's designed to let the cable management panel act as a support benchduring termination and to provide easy access to the rear of the panel. You can attach the panels directly to a relay rack or cabinet. A wall-mount version is also available.

Smooth-cutting saw

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When cutting through building material for cabling installation, the WSR 900-PE reciprocating saw offers you a smart power system that combines efficient gearing and a load management sensor that continually monitor blade speed when under no load. According to the manufacturer, no more stalling ..while in the middle of a cut. Designed for virtually any material, from metal to PVC, the company says the WSR 900-PE yields up to 20 percent less vibration than comparable saws, allowing for smoother cutting and less fatigue. A large D-handle with multifunction grip lets you change hand position easily.

Modular, pre-terminated optical-fiber system

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Momentum modular pre-terminated optical-fiber systems combine advanced ribbon backbone cabling technology with high-performance optical cassettes. The manufacturer claims these features enable simplified structured cabling design, ..reduced installation time and enhanced performance for mission-critical applications. Based on the company's proprietary 12-fiber connector technology and polishing processes, Momentum features interoperable components designed for fast deployment, and its geometric end-face analyses during factory termination are designed to eliminate field connector installation and ensure what the manufacturer says is unsurpassed optical performance. Momentum is available with 62.5/125-µm and standard 50/125-µm fiber for legacy and low-speed applications, as well as laser-enhanced 50/125-µm and singlemode fiber for extended distance applications.

High-capacity poke-thru

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The RC9AM2TC Series poke-thru is designed to provide nearly twice the capacity of 1.25-inch devices. The manufacturer claims that it is the only high-capacity furniture feed unit that meets all UL scrub water requirements for tile and carpet applications. The device can accept up to 36 UTP cables, or when feeding power only can accept up to 18 12-AWG ..cables. An optional cover for the stem assembly allows wires and cables to be fed in multiple directions.

Optical multitester

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Featuring a variety of options to meet most optical-testing needs, the LANscape ..Model 500 Optical Multitester features OTDR, connector inspection, chromatic and polarization mode dispersion, optical spectral analysis and Gigabit Ethernet system testing. The Model 500 can be equipped with a light source and power meter for complete end-to-end loss testing, while a visual fault locator (VFL) option lets you locate breaks at patch panels and indentify specific optical fibers within a cable. The Windows-based device contains a hard drive, USB ports, CD-ROM and CD-R drives, and touch-screen display.

VLAN fiber converters

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Four new modules to the iConverter managed media converter line include advanced fiber-to-fiber, Gigabit Ethernet-to-Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet-to-Fast Ethernet, Fast Ethernet-to-Fast Ethernet, and advanced 10/100 UTP-to-fiber. All are designed to support 803.1Q VLAN tagging and 802.1p Quality of Service (QoS) priority. The UTP-to-fiber converter also features bandwidth control. VLAN tagging enables network segmentation for load balancing and security, QoS ..lets you prioritize data streams based on real-time criticality, while bandwidth control enables allocation of bandwidth to customers or departments based on need.

Safety for tie-back applications

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Designed for tie-back use, the Titan-by-Miller T-BAK lanyard with pack-type shock absorber is engineered to withstand forces that can occur during tie-back use. T-BAK combines the features of a lanyard ..and an anchorage connector in one, and is constructed of a special polyester webbing that provides 9,800-pound tensile strength. Available in 6-foot single- or twin-leg web styles, T-BAK includes shock absorber packs that keep fall arrest forces at or below 900 pounds.

More ways to halt power surge

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Additions to the manufacturer's Protect It! surge suppressor series include two 10-outlet models (such as the TLP1008TEL, pictured), with five outlets designed for ..transformers; a seven-outlet model that can lay on its side and provide cord management for four regular plugs and three transformers; six- and four-outlet models; and a slim under-monitor model for use at the desktop. Protect It! surge suppressors offer varying combinations of telephone/modem/fax line protection, coaxial surge protection, right-angle plugs, LEDs, transformer outlets, and built-in child safety covers.

Versatile OSP enclosures

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A new family of outside plant (OSP) enclosures accommodate up to 216 fibers ..within a single- or dual-access cabinet, and can be mounted on wall, pole or pedestal. The NEMA-4-rated enclosures are made of lightweight, heavy-gauge aluminum with welded construction for enduring harsh OSP environments. Pre-terminated, Telcordia-certified GR-326 connectors and cable assemblies are available.

Multimedia wallplates

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With midway dimensions of 4.875 inches high by 3.125 inches wide, these flexible nylon wallplates are designed to be large enough to cover common ..installation flaws, such as irregular drywall cuts in residential installations. Available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6-port configurations, with color choices of ivory, white, almond and brown, the wallplates accommodate the manufacturer's QuickPort modules for Category 6, 5e and 5 copper, as well as optical-fiber and audio/video connectors.

Mini-patch panels

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Twelve-port mini-patch panels are available for the manufacturer's Clarity line of components, offering hinged or bracket mounting. The devices are component-compliant to EIA/TIA performance requirements for Category 6 and Category 5e. Jacks are grouped in six-port modules and are center-tuned to Clarity patch cords. An easy-lace 110 termination designed to minimize installation time, while supplied rear cable management supports best cabling practices.

Multimode wireless connectivity

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The SMC2870W wireless multimode device is designed to provide fast connectivity and communication without drivers. It can be configured to serve as a wireless ..access point, provide network access to other wireless devices, serve as a repeater to extend the range of a 2.4-GHz network using either a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configuration, or serve as a wireless adapter to connect Ethernet-capable devices into a wireless network.

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