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Sept. 1, 2003
Patching in black and white; Category 5e-plus multimedia cables; Raceway with in-line receptacles; MORE...

Patching in black and white

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For easier separation and identification of voice and data applications in a rack system, white Speedgain 53 patch panels provide network technicians with a quick visual alternative to locating ports—allowing for easier moves, adds and changes. Speedgain panels are designed to exceed Category 5e requirements, with component and channel performance to 190 MHz.

Category 5e-plus multimedia cables

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Cat-5e Plus cable assemblies are designed to provide up to 350 MHz of bandwidth to transmit high-speed data, voice and video signals. Meeting all Category 5e standards, the manufacturer says, the multimedia cables are built to significantly reduce impedance and structural return loss compared to typical 100 MHz cable. Cat-5e Plus features 24 AWG stranded cable and enhanced performance connectors with gold-plated contacts. Each cable is UL-rated and covered under a lifetime warranty.

Raceway with in-line receptacles

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The all-steel V2400 Series raceway is an intermediate size system with inline receptacles and data outlets designed for classrooms, laboratories, hotels and other locations requiring a low-profile raceway. The inline receptacles let you fit the raceway into tight spaces, such as under a classroom blackboard. Data outlets accommodate a wide range of manufacturers' modules, without using a box. A divided raceway version (V2400D), which manages power and data/communications cabling in a single raceway, requires a box for receptacles and communication jacks. It features "over the raceway" boxes that install over a continuous run of raceway base, which the manufacturer says will eliminate time-consuming cutting. FiberReady corner and T-fittings are UL-verified for a 2-inch cable bend radius.

Seismic flooring expands cabling space

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Type SAF seismic access flooring lets you bolt servers and other heavy devices directly to the raised floor panels, eliminating the need for long tie rods that encroach on valuable underfloor cabling space. Designed for telecom switching plants, data centers, and mission-critical facilities located in earthquake-prone areas, the flooring is available in models according to the four seismic zones, and in heights of 24, 30 and 36 inches. Cosmetic coverings are made of a high-pressure laminate or vinyl in various colors. Both are available in static conductive or dissipative types.

Cable for high-security installations

GUARDmark, a high-performance shielded cable series for government, military, corporate and educational applications, features a foiled twisted-pair design to increase signal isolation, working to prevent contaminant noise from entering the cabling system and disrupting network performance. The Category 6 cable, says its manufacturer, is the first of its kind to receive independently-tested verification to the ANSI TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 Category 6 standard. The Series also includes Category 5e and Category 5 versions.

Category 6 system has 'smart' jack

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The PowerCat 6 structured cabling system is designed to provide future-proofing against demanding bandwidth applications—according to the manufacturer, offering more than twice the bandwidth of a Category 5e solution. The system, backed by third-party verification and a 25-year warranty, features Category 6 patch panel, patch cords, and the proprietary DataGate Plus jack—an eight-pin modular connector designed with an automatic shutter that protects against dust and contaminants, and also tells you if a patch cord is not fully engaged (an improperly placed patch cord will pop out).

Filling the gap with fire-stopping bags

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To fill open areas around conduit, pip and cabling, the Stop Fire! bag is billed as a low-cost fire retardant that is quick to install. The mineral wool fire protective devices have been rated as a Class A building material using the ASTM 3-84-70 test (surface burning characteristics of building materials). According to the manufacturer, in the ASTM-E-119 test (fire endurance), the bag did not allow fire to pass through the opening for 64 minutes at 1750°F.

Master catalog on CD

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The 600-page 2003 Master Catalog from Belden Electronics Division is available in CD-ROM format. The disc is segmented into 16 major sections and features more than 3,000 wire and cabling products. Locate products by part number or by their construction. View and download the catalog in its entirety, by section, or by individual page. A technical information section offers cable construction details, color coding, packaging, and industry standards.

Two strippers in one

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The Clauss Model No. DFS-3 is a duplex fiber stripper for stripping both the jacket and buffer coatings from duplex or simplex optical-fiber cabling. It features two jacket-stripping notches for 2.0-mm mini zip cord, two for 3.0-mm zip cord, and two for the buffer coating. Blades are high-grade carbon steel, and the tool has been given more comfortable grips on ergonomic handles.

Cutting through walls cleanly and without a mess

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Rather than the traditional time-consuming and inaccurate method of using a keyhole saw or rotary bit to cut a hole for cabling, the Python Perfect Cutter integrates a template system (each one designed to cut holes specifically for electrical, lighting, or voice/data) with a router and powerful vacuum. Invented by an electrician, the high-speed router is designed to cut a clean, accurate hole in as little as 20 percent of the time required with traditional cutting methods. The vacuum adheres Python Perfect Cutter and the template to drywall, plaster, tile, prefab and other typical building surfaces, and removes dust and debris as the hole is cut.

Kit for speeding fiber termination

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The Siemon Company's newest fiber termination products are designed to provide quick connector termination, less scrap, and improved insertion loss and return loss performance. A 400× microscope has been added so that installers can inspect terminations to a higher standard to achieve optimum performance. The FTERM-L2 fiber termination kit includes the microscope, crimp tool with three-position die for LC, SC, and ST fiber, a Miller stripper for 900-µm buffer removal, and a double-sided sapphire blade-cleaving tool. The FTERM-LC upgrade kit has been enhanced with a 1.25-mm LC adapter for the microscope, a heat-shrink torch, and LC puck for polishing. The FT-CKIT-L2 LightSpeed Consumables kit provides all the disposable items needed to perform up to 200 terminations.

Field-terminable MT-RJ connector

Xpress-Lock is a field-terminable MT-RJ connector that maximizes field efficiency with minimum termination time (typically, less than twominutes) and flexibility (it can be reterminated up to 10 times). Designed according to the TIA/EIA-604-12 FOCIS standard, Xpress-Lock is available in 62.5-µm (OM1), 50-µm (OM2), and enhanced, laser-optimized 50-µm(OM3) performance types. The connector provides positive confirmation of properly seated fibers, color-coded boots, a shuttered adapter, and a strain-relief mechanism to protect the terminated connector's integrity.

Home cabling without a retrofit

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WireTracks LLC is a new company introducing a line of wiring channel products for adding low-voltage cabling to existing homes or businesses invisibly. WireTracks wiring channels are installed in plane with drywall and a wiring channel cover. After attaching standard baseboard molding to the wiring channel cover, they become an integrated unit. When additional cabling is needed, simply remove the cover, install, and replace the cover.

Rack-mounted patch cord manager

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The PatchLink horizontal cable manager includes a dual-hinged cover that opens upward or downward, providing access to the cable pathway without having to completely remove the cover. Flexible fingers and increased finger spacing organize patch cords for MACs. Bend-radius control protects the cords from kinks and snags as they go to and from the vertical pathway. The manager can be mounted in EIA racks and cabinets.

Media converter has three temperature-rating options

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The Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic converter supports distances up to 100 kilometers and is available with a single-fiber option. Model TC3300 is 802.3z/AB 1000Base-T SX- and LX- compliant. It converts or connects 10/100/1,000Base-TX devices to singlemode (1300/1550 nm) or multimode (850 nm) optics. It is available in three temperature versions: -10 ° C to 50 ° C; -20 ° C to 70 ° C; and -40 ° C to 85 ° C.

Cabinet houses remote equipment for LAN, WAN access

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The welded steel Type 1 networking PC cabinet can house remote PCs used for LAN or WAN access. It features smooth corners, a flush-mounted safety glass window, flush doors, and a black finish. The unit is divided into three lockable sections for controlled access.

Self-sealing optical-fiber connector fights corrosion

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The FC-DRY HP uses corrosion- and chemical-resistant 300 Series stainless steel for the connector and coupler body, while the coupler ferrules and alignment sleeves are precision-machined zirconia. The keyed index connection incorporated in the FC ensures reproducible termini alignment. The connector's design protects the termination from wet environments and particulate that can interfere with transmission.

Connectivity for industrial networks

The etherMate connectivity system includes threaded housings to provide protection against moisture build-up, dust, corrosion, EMI/RFI, vibration and shock. It is designed to operate on 10Base-T or 100Base-T specifications. The complementary etherMate cordsets use 4-pair twisted-pair cable conforming to TIA/EIA-568 standards, and IEC-approved M12 molded connectors with 360° shielding.

Coax cables are small and flexible

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The Micro-Coaxial (MCX) cables are flexible and geared toward ultrasound medical assemblies, laptop computers, high-end workstations, automated test equipment, and other medical and security applications. They are available in 36-48 AWG range, and most feature a PFA insulation and PET jacket to allow easy stripping.

802.11a analysis system

The Yellowjacket 802.11a analysis system uses a custom receiver and custom software, and interfaces with an iPAQ 3800, 3900, or 5400 series. The tool is accurate to within 1 dB. This 5-GHz-calibrated receiver measures all 12 OFDM network channels operating on the 802.11a standard, letting the user determine access point, packet error rate, SSID and RSSI signal levels of all access points and NICs on or off any 802.11a hotspot.

Software simplifies cabinet configuration

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The Access Cabinet Configurator software package lets designer and user construct a cabinet to specification by using a building-block approach to select components. Once built, the virtual cabinet can be rendered into an interactive 3-D model. You can save a snapshot of the model as an image file.

Contractor-grade chalk reel

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The SuperPro 150 chalk reel has the capacity to create a heavy-duty chalk line up to 150 feet long. The reel holds 24 ounces of chalk for long, uninterrupted use. A screw-off chalk reservoir allows easy refills. The reel also features an ergonomic design for easy use and storage, and is constructed of ABS plastic with a nickel-steel handle.

Locator helps find underground cables

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The Verifier Digital Locator is a pipe and cable locator that includes an adjustable 3-watt transmitter that can be powered up for longer locates. Reducing power helps for congested locates. Multiple coils provide accurate locates and improved depth calculations, the manufacturer says. Depth calculation and current measurement index are displayed together on an LCD. The unit has two active frequencies: 9.5 and 38 kHz.

Home-networking structured cabling system

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This complete line of structured wiring products is designed to offer contractors and builders a range of home-networking solutions. It includes network enclosures and hubs for PC networking, telephone, music distribution, and video. The system's modules are interchangeable with other manufacturers' products.

High-temperature, singlemode connectors

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The 8308 SC and 8208 FC Ultra High Temperature Hot Melt Fiber Optic Connectors are designed for use in central office, headend, premises, and outside-plant environments, and have been tested to 212 °F (100 °C). The 8308 and 8208 are designed to meet all environmental tests required by Telcordia GR-326-CORE issue 3 singlemode specs, and exceed the TIA/EIA-568B.3 standard.

Jig for lacing cable

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Cablelace promises a faster, more professional way to lace cable during an installation. According to the manufacturer, installers can lace up to 49 cables with the effort it takes to lace 10. The product has a quick-release system and is made of aircraft-quality materials.

Van shelving designed for easy assembly

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This Weatherguard van-shelving system is designed for Sprinter vans, cubevans, step vans, and trailers. The system, according to the manufacturer, is easy to assemble and accommodates a wide selection of shelf accessories, including modular drawer units, cabinets, and bulkheads. Available heights are 433/4 in. and 591/2 in.; available depths are 14, 18, and 24 in. Each configuration is available in lengths of 421/4 in., 511/4 in., or 691/4 in. All models feature three shelves and 12 dividers.

Coax for mil/aero and test markets

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The LA series cable is a low-loss, double-shielded cable that provides low attenuation, phase stability, and mechanical performance. It is designed specifically for applications up to 18 GHz. The product line uses silver-plated inner and outer conductors and microporous dielectric PTFE material for low attenuation. The cable features a solid or stranded FEP or optional polyurethane jacket.

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