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Dec. 1, 2003
Automatic grounding for racks; Rooftop support system; Added safety when climbing; MORE...

Automatic grounding for racks

A patent-pending automatic grounding system is designed to eliminate the need to drill through the surface of an enclosure. Created to meet UL requirements for equipment grounding conductors, the grounding system that's built in to the company's new ladder rack means that no drilling, additional parts, neutralizing, or extra procedures are needed for approved grounding. The system features a specially designed grounding clip and standard butt splice. The clip system eliminates the need to drill and install braided cable.

Rooftop support system

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The C-Port Series rooftop supports are designed for a variety of applications, including cable tray, conduit and even ..underfloor installation. Made from recycled rubber and designed to support up to 2,500 pounds, the weighted and non-penetrative supports help to extend roof life, dampen vibration, and eliminate the need for supplemental rubber pads.

Added safety when climbing

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GlideLoc Safe-Climbing ladder systems are available for new structures as well as in retrofit kits for existing ladders. The system is designed to minimize safety hazards by allowing climbing without .. having to disconnect/reconnect the safety rail. A patented Comfort fall arrestor connects the body harness to the guide rail, while its shuttle glides smoothly along the rail for hands-free operation. In the event of a fall, the Comfort fall arrestor instantly locks onto the rail. The manufacturer claims that GlideLoc is the only system that lets installers lean forward or backward during descent or ascent.

Intelligent Cat 6 patching system

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The Real Time Patching System is an addition to the manufacturer's PowerCat 6 structured cabling system. It's comprised of intelligent patch panels, ..patch cords, cable, and physical layer management hardware and software. Featured is the DataGate Plus Jack, which is a Category 6 eight-pin modular connector that is ETL-listed for Category 6 component compliance. A patented spring-loaded shutter is designed to prevent incomplete mating and protect against dust and contaminants. The Real Time System, says the manufacturer, provides real-time cabling infrastructure information, monitors moves, adds and changes, and enables automated network mapping and work orders. The company says that scalability is unlimited, and that the system can be managed locally, remotely, or via Web connection. It is intended to support multimedia connectivity, and can be retrofitted to legacy systems as well as used for new installations.

Category 5e 50-pair backbone

Billed as the industry's first Category 5e 50-pair cable for use in riser- and plenum-rated installations, this media is constructed with two bonded 25-pair legs to ease cable pulling and deliver improved flexibility. An easy-tear web design allows for quick separation in the field. The manufacturer says the 50-pair cable is component-compliant to the power sum backbone requirements specified in TIA/EIA 568-B.2.

Industrial strength optical-fiber converter

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As a modular optical-fiber converter for DeviceNet bus systems, the PSI-MOS-DNET allows for complete isolation of DeviceNet networks by converting the electrical copper-based signals to glass or polymer fiber. In the industrial cabling setting, this conversion provides immunity to EMI, RFI, and transient surge, plus enables longer bus drops and creation of star and tree topologies in the network system. The device is DIN-rail mounted, and its 22.5-mm width makes especially suitable for control cabinet and industrial applications. Extension modules can be added for greater network configuration flexibility.

Data cables for vehicle installation

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The DataCELL 1939 SAE CAN-BUS data cable for industrial vehicle use is designed to exceed SAE J-1939/11 physical and functional specifications. The cable features a round, uniform diameter for easier stripping, pulling and routing in tight ..areas. It resists abrasion, vehicle fluids, moisture and harsh chemicals, and is rated 125°C for locations near hot vehicle components. Standard and extra-duty versions are available.

Handheld LAN troubleshooter

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Designed for cabling equipped with eight-pin modular connectors and wired to TIA 568A/B, USOC or ISDN specifications, the Wire Mapper Pro Model CA7028 is a handheld LAN cable tester and troubleshooter. The device indicates distance and location of common cabling ..faults, including split pairs, shorts, opens, reversed pairs, and crossed wires. Audible and visual warnings are given once a fault is detected, and a backlit LCD displays graphical and digital fault information and length. The Model CA7028 also tests transmission speed and produces a tone for cable tracing.

Singlemode fiber connectors

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Joining the manufacturer's multimode devices are the singlemode LightCrimp Plus optical-fiber connectors, designed for direct termination applications at patch panels and wall outlets. Featured is a fiber splice engine technology designed for precision alignment of cabled fiber to the factory-polished stubbed ferrule, which helps you obtain low insertion loss and low reflectance. ..The connectors are designed to exceed TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC insertion loss and return loss specifications.

Open access to LAN equipment

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The Heavy-Duty Open Frame Rack features open access on all sides for secure positioning of LAN and WAN equipment. Vertical channels in the uprights ..are designed to hide and simplify cable management, while moveable cable managers are designed to ease cable routing to either the front or back. Available in 7- or 8-foot models, the racks can be grouped with 2- and 4-post racks, permitting expansion of existing rack systems. Included are pre-drilled base holes and hardware for assembling the rack in either a 19- or 23-inch configuration.

Raceway designed for healthcare projects

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The Walker Wallduct raceway system is designed for the complex wire and cable management requirements of diagnostic imaging machines and similar healthcare The high-capacity raceway for wall or ceiling installation offers a cable lay-in feature and removable covers for convenient cable access. An aluminum version is designed for applications such as MRI scan rooms where no ferrous materials are allowed. Widths range from 6 to 30 inches and depths from 3 to 12 inches.

Multi-use tester

The TDR900 is built to measure power, telephony, CATV, and LAN cable lengths, as well as to find the distance to an open or short. It features a library of 39 standard cable types and can be used for any cable consisting of at least two insulated metallic elements—one of which can be the sheath or shield. Measurement range spans from 15 feet to 10,000 feet, with a minimum resolution of 20 inches.

Installer-designed label system

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Designed especially for industrial labeling, the PT-1400 and PT-1600 systems have been built with input from datacom and telecom professionals to quickly label equipment on-the-job-including network labeling in accordance with the ANSI/TIA/EIA 606-A standard. Features include an advanced cutter function designed to eliminate tape waste, built-in templates, bar codes and datacom/electrical symbols, and ..rotated text capability for repeated text for cable wrapping.

Gel-filled Cat 5e outside plant cable

Category 5e outside plant (OSP) UTP cable is designed for light-duty use. It is especially designed for aerial installations or for above- or below-grade conduit. Applications include residential or commercial drops, and for interconnecting satellite buildings or trailers. The gel-filled cable is designed to protect against water penetration, while the jacket is what the manufacturer calls "a stabilized high-performance material" that protects against UV damage. According to the company, the OSP cable meets ANSI/ICEA polyolefin outside cable specifications and is certified by ETL for Category 5e performance.

Home theater plate and video balun

The HTP-1 is a double-gang, in-wall plate designed to offer a simple solution to home theater installation. The plate provides connections for systems consisting of five satellite speakers, one passive subwoofer and two active subwoofers. It features gold-plated, five-way binding posts and uses 7/16 hex nuts. The MOD-VB video balun is a bi-directional composite video signal converter designed to eliminate ground loops and hum bars as well as the need for coax cable. The balun converts an unbalanced video signal (eight-pin modular connector) to run over Category 5 cable as a balanced signal and back to unbalanced.


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For coax installations, the PST Series high-performance, weather-resistant locking termination device lets you terminate, secure and disconnect a drop while offering long-life sealing for both the trap port and drop connector. The ..PST features nickel-plated, all-brass materials for environmental durability and crush resistance. It accommodates 0.5-inch port seals on both ends, and is available with 75-Ω termination.

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