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July 1, 2003
Solvent, cleaning tips go after connector impurities; Body-building boosts singlemode connector; More fiber connections in less space; MORE...

Solvent, cleaning tips go after connector impurities

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The FCC2 fiber connector cleaner is a non-flammable, environmentally safe, residue-free solvent designed to clean fiber connector end faces. The company says it dries faster than alcohol, and the high-purity cleaning fluid is double-filtered to .2 µm. It dissolves light oils, salts, grime, and uncured epoxies. The company's cleaning tips, meanwhile, use a molded, sintered polymer cleaning tip rather than a fabric or foam-covered stick. Tips are designed to trap contamination and wick-cleaning solvents from bulkhead connectors.

Body-building boosts singlemode connector

Singlemode LC connector plug kits are available in simplex and duplex for 900-µm buffered cable and 1.6 to 2.0-mm, 2.4-mm, and 3.0-mm jacketed optical-fiber cable. The company says it has improved the original design of the LC connector by increasing the body strength to improve side load characteristics—adding a knurled crimp body for better cable retention and a widened thumb latch for easier unplugging. Duplexing is accomplished with a field-installable clip designed to allow polarization corrections and to turn simplex assemblies into duplex.

More fiber connections in less space

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Within the same profile as its 6-Pak, the Fiber 12-Pak SC is designed for crowded data centers and communications closets. It offers 12 SC ports (six duplex), is available in singlemode and multimode options, and is color-coded per EIA/TIA requirements. Compatible with all of the manufacturer's products that accept Fiber Pak/Adapter Plates, the unit offers fiber density that can be doubled in 19-inch enclosures, termination drawers, interconnect and/or splicing units, and wall-mount boxes.

Patch cord management gets smarter

The iPatch Fiber Shelves extend the Systimax iPatch's real-time patch cord monitoring and control capabilities to the fiber portion of enterprise networks, and come with 12 duplex SC couplers (24 fibers). Each coupler has sensors to detect patch cord insertion, and a button and LED to support one-touch patch cord tracking. Meanwhile, the iPatch System Manager Version 3.0 allows for transmission of physical-layer connectivity map and alarm data to network management applications. Receive alarms from the iPatch system, query System Manager, view CAD floor plans of network equipment, and obtain physical-layer circuit traces.

A leaner package for fiber-to-the-home

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Designed for fiber-to-the-home installations, the ADSS drop cable features a unitube design within a smaller cable package for lower fiber counts. The ..manufacturer says the reduced fiber count and round cable technology makes its cable an inexpensive alternative to traditional large-diameter cables that often hold more fibers than needed and require more expensive splice enclosures. The cable is available in two versions that can hold up to six and 12 fibers each. It supports self-supporting, lashed and conduit applications.

A rack that fits under your desk

For remote business sites or installations with limited floor space, the HP Rack S10614 measures just 14U (24.5 inches), and can be placed underneath a desk. The tamper-resistant enclosure can ship with computing equipment pre-installed. An optional Console Management Controller monitors for events such as fire, high humidity and unauthorized entry. Like larger-style racks, the S10614 features 65% open perforated doors, provides top and bottom cable routing, and allows zero U-mounting of options such as power distribution units and keyboard-video-mouse switches.

Portable printer for on-the-job productivity

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The Spirit2100 portable printing system is designed for decreasing labor on label creation and installation while in the field. A roll of die-cut labels prints continuously at 1.5-inches per second—approximately four times faster than tape printers. You can configure a variety of text sizes, graphics, bar codes and serial numbers. Materials include self-laminating vinyl for wire and cable, white and metalized polyester for component marking, and tamper-evident materials for calibration and security labeling. Spirit comes ..with a hard shell case, rechargeable battery and charger, and CD-ROM tutorial.

Lightweight basket cable tray

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Featuring a lightweight, open-basket design, the FieldMate wire basket cable tray is designed to manage unexpected detours by offering flexibility for negotiating corners or following dips and rises. For most installations, says the manufacturer, one person can make all adjustments on-site with a bolt cutter, socket wrench and pliers. (A QuickSplice connector kit minimizes the need for nuts and bolts during connection of sections.) FieldMate is shipped in 10-foot lengths with widths up to 24 inches and depths of two, three and four inches. Hanging options include light-duty clips, trapeze/center rod hangers, wall brackets, and floor supports.

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