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Lightweight, flexible raceway

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The FieldMate CR series cable raceway is lightweight and flexible, designed for easy configuration and installation where cabling density and tight quarters require a versatile solution. With stringers made of 16-gauge high-tensile tubular steel, and cross members made of 12-gauge steel with rolled edges, FieldMate can be assembled in a variety of configurations—including tees and junctions, using straight, corner or edge clamp assemblies to join sections while controlling bend radius. Support options include threaded suspension rods and wall mounting.

Punch-down tool has guiding light

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This 110 punch-down tool, designed to terminate 28-22 AWG solid or stranded wire on panels with 110-style IDC contacts, features a battery-operated, high-intensity light to illuminate panels in dark cabinets, work areas and closets. The cushioned handle has a foldout wire pick to separate twisted-pair cables, a hook to feed wires, and a multi-use spludger that can be used as a screwdriver or an IDC contact insertion tool. Batteries and blades are included.

Multi-use fiber connectors

Field-terminable optical-fiber connectors support campus and building backbones, horizontal cabling applications for LANs or SANs, device termination and data centers. ST series connectors feature a bayonet-type twist-lock for mounting; SC types feature a push-pull connection; small-form-factor LC connectors use a latch system similar to a typical telephone plug. Available for singlemode and multimode cabling, the connectors are designed for installation on 900-µm buffered fibers. According to the manufacturer, they have been built for high performance, ruggedness and flexibility, and are compliant with all applicable industry standards.

Cat 5e/coax combo comes home

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The CatLink Dual Zip is a 24/4-pair Category 5e cable coupled with a quad-shield RG-6 coaxial cable (tested to 2.4 GHz). Third-party tested to exceed Cat 5e standards, Dual Zip offers performance to 200 MHz. A premium version of the dual cable ..features a dual-shielded coax that consists of a foil and 60% braid, designed to exceed standard requirements for Grade 1 residential cabling. Cables are engineered for general purpose, riser or plenum installations, and available in 500-foot and 1,000-foot lengths.

Firestopping little plugger

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To seal single or bunched cables in firewalls or floors, the CP 658 firestop plug is a flexible intumescent material designed ..for cored or round holes. Reusable and repenetrable, the plug offers a dust- and fiber-free solution for meeting building and fire codes. It is also free of halogen, asbestos and solvent, making it suitable for buildings under construction or renovations.

Fiber connectors for high-end installations

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Based on proven LC ceramic ferrules, the PHD optical-fiber connector series is ..designed for backplanes, switches, cross-connects, flex circuits, and high-performance parallel processing systems. The multi-fiber series, built for high-end telecom applications, features the 1.25-mm LC ceramic ferrule used in commercial interconnects, providing ease of service and cleaning typically associated with single-fiber connectors.

Coax simplifies video installation

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XRJAX is a coax cable connector in a RJ-45 form factor, designed to eliminate having to untread a "F" connector or reach into ..a tight location for a BNC to disconnect the cable. Unplug as you would your phone jack. The connectors are manufactured as adapters, wall jacks, splitters and cable assemblies. XRJAX 6040 is a 75-Ω self-terminating coax wall plate connector that relieves RF noise feedback by automatically having a 75-Ω load on the jack when the connector is unplugged.

Connectivity that stays or moves

Clarity Jak-Paks, available for Category 6 or Category 5e connectivity, are designed to provide a compact, flexible, multi-user solution that can be permanently mounted or used in temporary environments. Constructed of a high-impact, thermoplastic, Jak-Packs are supplied with the manufacturer's modular/110 easy-lace connection for a compact, six-port termination.

Rack-mounting when space is tight

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Rack-it is a set of mounting brackets that lets you mount network equipment, patch panels and enclosures in areas where floor and wall space is at a premium. ..Universal hole spacing ensures compatibility with EIA-standard equipment and accommodates devices up to 5 RMS (rack-mount space). You can mount equipment of up to 75 pounds, vertically or horizontally.

Audio distribution via Category 5

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The AN-16/i Input Module, AN-16/o Output Module, and the A-16SB System Bridge work together to create a digital audio snake capable of digitally ..transferring high-quality, 24-bit audio over Category 5 cable. The manufacturer's proprietary A-Net Protocol is designed to ensure that there is less than one 1 ms of latency from analog input to analog output. This flexible, modular system lets you build unidirectional or bi-directional configurations to suit most audio distribution needs over a single Cat 5 cable. A maximum of 64 channels of audio is possible.

Home, small office structured cabling

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Home Network Science, a structured cabling system for residential, small office/home office (SOHO) and multi-dwelling installations, offers Category 5e and Category 6 performance for telephone, video and television distribution, whole-house audio, computer networking using DSL and cable modems, Internet networking, and customized multimedia wall plates. A UL-listed enclosure features strategically ..located knockouts and a grid-spacing design that eliminates the need for plastic push-lock pins that can slow installation. A color-coded label helps with punch-down of all modules with 110 blocks, while module covers feature an area for labeling. A computer keystone data module accepts up to eight Category 6 or Category 5e jacks or keystone modules, meaning that jacks can be terminated easily outside the enclosure. Hubs, switches and routers are also available.

Heavy-duty enclosure repels dust, water

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The Industrial REbox is an impact-resistant, wall-mount enclosure designed for harsh environments. It is manufactured with a dust-free and watertight gasket built into the ..door, and the company says it is UL508-listed and NEMA Type 4, 12 and 13-rated for dust and water penetration. The enclosure comes with a specially designed rear-mounting plate, and is available in heights of 36 and 48 inches.

Angled faceplates

Series II angled faceplates allow angled positioning of the manufacturer's Clarity 6 and Clarity 5e Series II modules, as well as other 1-unit flat Series II modules. Angled positioning is designed to provide a lower profile workstation solution, minimizing patch cord bend radius stress. The plates' design positions modules so that they occupy less space in a recessed wall box or pathway, thereby providing more space for cable management. Series II faceplates feature recessed label fields, slotted screw holes to adjust alignment, and high-impact thermoplastic construction.

Surge protector fends off lightning

Designed for harsh environment installations to protect against direct lightning strikes, the DS250VG protection module for single and three-phase AC power line applications employs a hybrid circuit that combines brute force energy-handling with what the manufacturer claims is the industry's tightest clamp voltage. The surge protector has been independently tested to withstand 15 impulses at 15kA 10/350-µs without degradation in clamp voltage—exceeding the NEMA LS-1 standard.

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