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April 1, 2003
One-hand crimping solution; Fixed on precision polishing; Wall-mount cable management; MORE...

One-hand crimping solution

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The Patriot PAT644-18V crimping tool offers a dieless latch head, versatile head rotation, and audible and visual crimping indicators. Designed as a one-hand crimping solution, the tool includes patent-pending pump, transmission and piston component designs, including a indicator light and audible "pop-off." The hydraulic crimper's 360° head rotation, says the manufacturer, lets you work in virtually any tight area. A dieless latch head tool eliminates the need to purchase and maintain dies. The PAT644-18V has a crimping force of 11 tons, with an 18-V battery to eliminate voltage depression.

Fixed on precision polishing

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Designed for optical-fiber installers, the Model 45-342 is a long-life plastic polishing fixture for use with ST, SC, and FC connectors with 2.5-mm ferrules. To assure the ferrule is kept perpendicular to the polishing surface, the manufacturer says the polishing fixture's center hole diameter has been precision-made for extremely high tolerance. Its grooved face is designed to enhance polishing efficiency and produce optical connector performance.

Wall-mount cable management

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The FW SMART line of optical-fiber distribution wall-mount panels is designed to provide improved cable management and flexibility. A patch cord slack manager, for example, allows for slack storage within the unit and also protects the fiber's bend radius as it exits the panel. Removable doors and non-angled connectors enhance fast and easy jumper routing while reducing the risk of damage to the cable when cleaning or patching fibers. The product is shipped for a standard configuration of incoming optical fiber and splicing in the ..left unit, with patch, slack management and fiber exit within the right unit. For flexible configuration in the field, the FW SMART line is equipped with what the manufacturer claims is double the industry standard of entrance and exit points, while an E-Z Insert mechanism provides a removable bulkhead and splice tray for custom configuration.

Flexible fabric innerduct

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Designed to maximize duct space and cut installation time, CableGuide is a textile fabric innerduct that takes on the shape of the cable in the conduit to conform to the available space. The manufacturer says the fabric eliminates the problem of unused space that typically occurs with rigid innerduct products. CableGuide can be installed in occupied or unoccupied duct space, letting you install numerous cables at one time, or individual cables as ..needed. Protective properties include resistance to fluids and abrasive contaminants. Temperature range is from –70°C to 125°C.

Schedule productivity for one or many

Visual Group Planner scheduling system helps you coordinate staff, increase scheduling communication, and boost productivity. According to the manufacturer, you can view multiple schedules simultaneously; view schedules by time, position, or location; identify staff availability; schedule appointments, jobs, and service calls within seconds; enter unlimited information per person daily; track detailed schedules; and print, publish and e-mail schedules. Multi-user versions give selected workers simultaneous, real-time access (read-write or read-only) to scheduling information via your network.

Chopping time off the old block

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In use in Australia for the past seven years, the Terminator terminal block system features 3- and 10-position modules in feed-through and disconnect versions. No cable stripping or unscrewing is required. Connections are made by inserting the cable directly into the contact. Unlike other IDC terminal blocks, the manufacturer says the Terminator features contact at a 45° angle to the cable, reducing cable stress and creating a more reliable connection. The module housing supports the cable at four different points, protecting the termination even in applications involving vibration.

Fiber network fallback switch

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QuickSwitch Model 4181 is designed to automatically detect a faulty line in an optical-fiber network and to switch to a backup or secondary network. As a fallback switch, the 4181 monitors its environments for signal detect (SD) to determine its switch position. If the primary link is lost, the unit sends an alarm; when the fiber link is restored, an acknowledgement is sent. As an A/B switch, the device can be switched from its front panel pushbutton, or communicating remotely via a remote control supervisory port located on the rear panel.

Fiber cleaning system

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The QbE cleaning system is a precision wipe method for cleaning optical-fiber cable endfaces, eliminating separate cleaning mechanisms or refills. Designed to rid fiber ends of contaminants or environmental particles that can increase reflectance and transmission loss, the QbE device is designed to effectively clean endface connectors without linting. It can be used dry or with cleaning solvents, and fits easily inside a toolkit.

Cabinets that can't be rattled

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Two seismic cabinets are designed to protect mission-critical LAN/WAN and voice/data equipment located where the risks of seismic activity or heavy vibration could cause equipment failure or poor performance. Each of the 7-foot cabinets can house 19-inch equipment, with one also able to house 23-inch equipment. Each one is designed to safeguard at least 1,000 pounds of installed equipment and 100 pounds of top cable weight through highest risk seismic activity (Zone 4), based on NEBS-Telcordia GR-63-COPE standard vibration testing. Cabinets feature flush-mount, hinged, front and rear doors with 3-point keylock handles; lockable/removable side panels; smoked-gray acrylic window in the front door; top panel with two capped cable entry ports; ..and a vented heavy-gauge steel base that can be bolted to the floor with seismic-rated fasteners.

Cat 5e angled patch panels

Available in a modular, component-rated Category 5e version, or an empty, field-configurable panel, the angled patch panel design lets cables flow directly into vertical cable managers, eliminating front horizontal wire management and freeing up vertical rack space. Pre-configured panels designed for Gigabit Ethernet and ATM feature 110-style punchdowns. Rear designation labels are reversible, with color-coded wiring diagrams. The field-configurable panels accommodate QuickPort-style connectors or fiber adapters, letting you bring fiber, copper, audio, or video to the rack.

Residential cabling distribution centers

Twenty-eight-inch and 18-inch tall residential structured cabling distribution units feature a gloss white finish, and locking door that can open from either left or right. Designed to fit between standard 16-inch studs, the units feature adjustable side-mounting fingers that allow for slight differences in stud spacing. Large cable entrance holes on top and bottom are protected by nylon bushings. Each distribution center offers customization for telephony, data, audio, TV, and modulated video installation.

Scrub water-friendly poke-thru device

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Beginning in June, new standards under Underwriters Laboratories UL514A will require that power components of poke-thru devices meet a carpet test for scrub water exclusion. The Walker RC4 device is designed to meet this forthcoming standard, as well as meet a more stringent tile floor requirement. A proprietary Top Guard protection uses gaskets in conjunction with integral slide covers to prevent water from entering the electrical compartment. Although not required by the UL standard, this protection has been ..extended to communications, where the presence of water or moisture can damage connectors. In addition, the gaskets are designed to keep out dust and debris that can degrade performance. The RC4 features two dual-circuit, 20-A duplex receptacles with separate neutral and ground wires, and supports four multimedia data/communication connectors.

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