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Th 117531

Compact structured cabling panels

Th 117531
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The half-width Compact Series pre-configured structured cabling panels are housed in a durable plastic bracket, designed for economical telephone and video distribution in confined settings, such as MDUs and apartments. The Series includes the Telephone & 6-Way Video Panel, Telephone & 4-Way Video Panel, and Telephone Security & 6-Way Video Panel. Each are designed to snap into any Leviton Structured Media enclosure. Offering extra cable management space, the brackets are designed to help organize and distribute cables, and eliminate bending and twisting. A 45° angled splitter shelf is designed to provide more room for maneuvering during installation. Each panel handles up to four telephone lines to nine locations, plus multiple video output. The security-based panel comes with a 1 GHz video splitter and telephone security board that features an independent security interface, expansion eight-pin modular connection, and 110-type input connector for wiring lines in from the phone company.

Duct-ready fiber

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Cable-in-Duct is a manufacturing capability to produce and place jacketed optical-fiber cables inside a duct for shipment on a single reel. The company says installation time can be cut in half while providing extra protection for the fiber. Designed primarily for outside plant installations, Cable-in-Duct can also replace indoor cables previously installed in conduit, innerduct, trays, riser shafts, wiring closets, or plenum. A variety of duct types are available, depending upon the application.

Backup forever and ever

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The SmartPro 1500 RMXL2U is a line-interactive, rack-mount UPS system with 1,500 VA of battery backup, designed with unlimited runtime capabilities and advanced power management features. The 2U device houses such features as SNMP slot for remote network management, emergency power-off interface jack for remote shut-down, customized load management receptacles to preserve battery runtime, and DB9 and USB communication ports that work with bundled software to monitor and control multiple servers simultaneously. An internal microprocessor constantly monitors incoming voltage levels and corrects under- and overvoltages. An external battery connector lets you add battery packs during use for additional runtime.

Testing coax crimp force

Th 117534
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The portable MPT-100 Crimp Pull Test instrument is used to certify the crimping of coax connectors and center pins to short and long lengths of coaxial cable. The digital readout displaces the exact fail force point. Providing adequate crimp force on installed coax connectors guards against failures caused by excessive force applied to cable bundles during maintenance, repair, and seismic events. The system consists of a lightweight digital meter, ratchet-action tensile stress tester (up to 200 pounds force), and a protective case.

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