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WLAN analysis tools

The Pro-Pack bundle from Berkeley Varitronics Systems includes the manufacturer's Yellowjacket 802.11b receiver with protective cases, Bird's Eye indoor mapping coverage software, and accessories, including the DF antenna. The package also includes the iPAQ PocketPC 3835, a one-year software upgrade plan, and a BVS hardware warranty and calibration plan.

Media-converter modules

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The iConverter product family now includes a 10Base-2-to-10Base-T converter, a four-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, and a redundant Ethernet fiber and UTP ..converter. The manufacturer says the new modules enhance flexibility to integrate legacy and advanced technologies into a single managed network. The products are in-band or out-of-band SNMP-managed through the manufacturer's NetOutlook standalone network management software, or through standard SNMP software.

Physical-layer management upgrade

Version 3.0 of PatchView features a full Web-based management solution for a network's physical layer, an enhanced interface, improved converged-network capabilities, multi-language support, and advanced visualization capabilities. Users can accomplish network troubleshooting and control from remote locations via standard Web browsers, and can access information regarding the real-time location and attributes of IP phones and their connectivity. The system provides visualization capability using CAD, allowing all physical network assets, together with their locations, to be traced and monitored visually.

Flexible coaxial cable

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The SM Series cable is a highly flexible product that, according to the manufacturer, lets designers bypass the step of fabricating three-dimensional, semi-rigid drawings. The manufacturer says ..applications such as military guidance systems, commercial antennas, commercial communications systems, and other systems employing densely spaced RF interconnections are appropriate points of use for the SM Series. The outer shield construction consists of a braided layer over a served foil. Operating temperature range is –65 to 125° Celsius. The cable is available in two sizes; prices range from $1.03 to $2.36/foot depending on quantity.

Wireless gateway

The SMC8012WG EZ Connect Wireless Cable Modem Gateway combines the functions of a cable modem, a four-port switch, and an 802.11b wireless access point in a single wall-mountable package. It has four 10/100Base-TX ports that facilitate connectivity at the modem, and an 802.11b access point that facilitates wireless connectivity. A firewall monitors and analyzes all information entering the LAN, disallowing unauthorized information and safeguarding against DoS attacks. Its MSRP is $229.

Four-post frame rack

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The DataCom four-post frame rack is designed to provide the mounting security of a cabinet with the accessibility and affordability of an open-frame rack. It has ..a load rating of 2,500 pounds and is available in three heights: six, seven, and eight feet. The rack is constructed of extruded aluminum and is adjustable for depths between 450 mm and 1,050 mm in 25-mm increments. The rack can be ganged with two-post or additional four-post racks.

Silicone-free syringes

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These 3-cc syringes use Leur Lock ends so they can be used with any desired ..dispensing tips. The syringes can be supplied individually, or with 18-, 20-, or 23-gauge dispensing needles. They are suitable for electronic and optical-fiber use.

1394b-based cable assemblies

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The IEEE 1394b cable is capable of S3200 (3.2 Gbits/sec) data rates over each of two different channels, including DC power per the IEEE 1394b-2002 standard. The interface was designed to provide at least 1,000 mating cycles, and features a three-stage sequential mating system: cable ground; power and signals for ESD, and The assembly is available in beta and keyed versions; beta versions connect to other beta devices, and bilingual versions connect to legacy devices.

Hook-and-loop tie wraps

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The Nelco SofTie Hook-and-Loop tie wrap is a six-inch strap that is available in a variety of colors and will not damage cable, wire, or optical-fiber insulation. It is packaged on spools for easy application, the manufacturer says, with each strap containing a wide head for a tight grip and a pull-through hole that permits tight cinching without overtensioning. The wraps have 34 pounds/1/2-inch width tensile strength. A roll of 50 six-inch straps lists for $9.95.

Category 5e outdoor cable

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This four-pair Category 5e cable is suitable for use in direct-buried, duct, or aerial outdoor applications. The cable's construction features a black UV- and abrasion-resistant polyolefin jacket, and a gel-filled cable core that the manufacturer says is impervious to water penetration. The water-blocking gel is non-conductive and its dielectric properties allow optimum transmission performance. The manufacturer cites telecommunications services to satellite locations, such as portable classrooms and trailers, as ideal applications.

Flexible cable for factory automation

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Flexlife-10 is a highly flexible cable that the manufacturer guarantees will perform to 10 million cycles of continuous flexing, bending, and twisting motion. It is used for power and signals to factory automation equipment. According to the manufacturer, thermoplastic elastomer and polyurethane cable jackets, as well Teflon flex facilitator and finely stranded custom alloy conductors, let the cable generate less heat as the cable flexes, providing longer service life. The cable is available in oil-, water-, and abrasion-resistant PUR and TPE jacket design, with up to 19 conductors.

Adapter housing

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The UBJ224-RIA is a new housing for BNC "within series" jack adapters. The housing allows ample access to the adapter in a flush-mount package, ..which permits an improved, clean appearance, and prevents the jack port from creating a dangerous protrusion. The recess socket housing is black plastic. The product is priced at $4.06 for a quantity of 1,000.

Physical layer switch

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The IntellaPatch 64 physical layer switch remotely automates network connectivity tasks, such as lab setup and configuration. The switch is a solution for system integrators and test engineers who need to manage configurations between various servers, storage systems, peripherals, and operating systems. The system eliminates manual patching and repatching, and provides non-blocking, any-to-any connections. IntellaPatch 64 supports 1- and 2-Gbit/sec Fibre Channel, 100/1,000 Ethernet, and SONET OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 for networks running ATM, IP, and Frame Relay.

25-pair Category 5e cable

The 25-pair cable can be used with existing 50-pin RJ-21 connectors, and delivers Category 5e performance when used in a zone-cabling architecture. According to the manufacturer, this performance provides increased flexibility, whether the cabling plant employs a traditional consolidation point or a multi-user telecommunications outlet assembly.

Security-monitoring console

The Quiet-Cool series security surveillance and monitoring console provides thermal and cable management, equipment access, and sound-isolation capabilities. Filtered air intakes and baffled fan exhausts coupled with air-sealing cable entries and gasketed doors ensure the equipment within the console remains cool, the manufacturer says. Acoustic-dampening material on the inside of the side panels, gasketing on all doors, quiet-running fans, and baffled fan exhausts and air intakes provide sound-isolation capabilities. The console is constructed of 14-gauge steel.

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And the Winner is Cat 6A!