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Aug. 1, 2003
Anti-static fabric keeps particles away; An installer's idea of rack security; High-stability raised flooring; MORE...

Anti-static fabric keeps particles away

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The NTT-AT line of optical-fiber connector and adapter cleaners, available in card and reel formats, are designed for on-site cleaning of standard small-form-factor and multifiber connector end faces. A stick format is also available for cleaning the interior of optical-fiber adapter sleeves. The reel cleaner features an elastic pad designed to clean the endface of 2.5-mm, 1.25-mm and multifiber connectors. The card cleaner offers the same results but with portability. Both ..cleaners use a pre-washed, static-reducing micro-fiber fabric, without the need for alcohol. The company has found that connectors installed in unconnected ports are significantly less likely to attract dust particles when cleaned with its proprietary anti-static fabric.

An installer's idea of rack security

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With its design based on installer feedback, the HDR-4 horizontal distribution rack offers new security flanges and additional electrical knockouts designed to provide greater security and enhanced cable management. The rack also includes an abundance of lacing points for hook-and-loop style tie wraps, and a beveled front door designed for tamper resistance and improved aesthetics. Patch panels can be housed in the upper two rack spaces, which pivot 90 degrees for easier wire connections and punch-downs. The lower set of spaces are designed to house switches, hubs and routers up to 18-inches deep, with both spaces designed for access to the rear of the equipment. An optional external-mount fan offers additional thermal management.

High-stability raised flooring

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The mechanical strength of the steel framework in the Iso Floor series, says its manufacturer, is superior to other raised flooring systems, allowing an unlimited number of panels to be removed without affecting stability. It does not need to be installed wall-to-wall to ensure strength and stability. The steel framework can be installed as soon as an equipment layout drawing is complete, which in turn allows underfloor wiring to take place—eliminating overhead installations that are typically required with other raised floor systems, after the equipment is in place. The Iso Floor's pedestal support does not have to be mounted 90 degrees from the subfloor to make the floor panels level, which the manufacturer says allows for easier adjustment to subfloor obstacles such as cable trays. The system is available with optional earthquake bracing frames.

Module built for accurate Cat 6 certification

For use with Fluke Networks' DSP-4300 and OMNIScanner 2 cable analyzers, the DSP-PM06 Personality Module is, according to the manufacturer, the industry's first test plug built to ensure Category 6 interoperability as well as compliance. The center-plug design removes the variability found in vendor-specific patch cords and test plugs so that installers can accurately certify an "open" cabling system. With DSP-PM06, says Fluke, network installers can test and certify that their connecting hardware and patch cords are Category 6 component-compliant, no matter which manufacturer's components they have chosen. It supports all UTP, FTP, and ScTP cabling systems.

Getting a handle on 3-mm fiber jackets

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Featuring an ergonomic design, the Model 45-349 cable stripper is designed to remove the jacket from both simplex and duplex 3-mm optical-fiber cable. According to the manufacturer, the tool eliminates the need to purchase separate strippers for each cable type. It features a precise knife with form-ground blades that cleanly penetrate outer ..jackets while the underlying Kevlar strength member and fiber remain undamaged.

Surge suppressors offer flexibility on the job

Sentrex PA (80 kA) and PB (160 kA) series surge suppressors are designed for protection at branch panels or at specific pieces of equipment. The plastic enclosures are designed to be easily drilled or punched for conduit or cable access, and can be tailored to specific end-user surge protection requirements. Options include remote diagnostic connection, EMI/RFI noise filter, and flush-mount cover. Units are NEMA-approved for outdoor and indoor applications.

'World's smallest' component video balun

Slightly wider than an RCA-style connector, the VideoEase Component Video Balun claims be the smallest of its kind. It lets you connect component video equipment (home theater, classroom and boardroom presentations, etc.) via copper twisted-pair instead of coax cable. One pair is required to convert one of the component video signals from coax to twisted-pair, and three pairs are required to convert the complete three-part component video signal to twisted pair—one 4-pair Category 5 cable replaces three coax cables. The balun supports component video for distances up to 1,000 feet. When used in pairs, it supports NTSC video for distances up to 2,200 feet. The product features one gold-plated RCA-style male connector for coax and one pair of screw terminals for connection to copper twisted-pair.

High-density connector

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Billed as an alternative to traditional 29504-based optical-fiber interconnects, the high-density PHD 38999 bulkhead ..connector system is designed for high performance and cost-effectiveness in harsh installations. Available in shell sizes 9 through 25, the connector can accommodate as many as 72 optical pathways. It offers increased density over standard interconnects, featuring the performance and reliability of an LC ceramic ferrule. A removable terminus assembly and front face components are designed for easy field cleaning and inspection. Singlemode, tuned singlemode, multimode, and a mix of configurations are available.

Field-mount VF-45 plug

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The field-mountable version of the VF-45 plug facilitates the use of consolidation-point (CP) designs and emergency link ..restoration. The plug also enables field-made, custom-length cable assemblies. The CP design lets you reconfigure networks, especially in open-office and modular-furniture environments where moves are frequent. This plug is designed for the CP environment. It accommodates 50- and 62.5-µm multimode applications in both the original non-keyed version (pictured) and the new keyed version. Keyed versions are available in six colors—black, blue, green, orange, red, yellow—and six keying locations.

Flexible tray goes under floor

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The Flextray RF System goes underneath a raised floor, and because it is self-supporting, requires no cutting or tools for installation. The system is installed with two vertical supports that fit around the floor support but do not attach to it. Horizontal support bars snap into the vertical supports and trays can be laid and locked into place. Bends, tees, and intersections require a 2x2 flat grid, which locks nto the supports. The system accommodates stanchions that are round or square, centered or offset, with or without stringers.

10- and 12-pin connectors for factory environs

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The 10- and 12-pin eurofast connectors combine multiple connectors into one, providing power and signals to factory ..automation equipment in the automotive, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, and semiconductor industries. The connectors are available with PVC, PUR, PVC-with-foil-shield, or PVC-with-braided-shield constructions. The cordsets come with nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, or nylon coupling nuts with male or female connectors, and are available in custom horizontal support lengths, as pigtails, or as extension cords.

Snap-in, self-terminating wallplate connectors

The RJAX 6040 75-ohm self-terminating wallplate connector promises reduced signal loss compared to unterminated coaxial cable installations, and prevention of emissions feedback. The presence of pulled but unterminated coaxial cables can result in significant RF ingress and signal-reflection degradation. The RJAX self-terminating wallplate correctly terminates the 75-ohm cable, delivering high signal and video quality.

Watertight connector also withstands impact

The Variosub RJ-45/IP67 connector has been developed to withstand adverse conditions associated with use directly on machinery and in industrial installations, and to protect the RJ-45 contact insert. It meets IAONA requirements for heavy-duty use. The housing is made from an impact- and temperature-resistant UV-stable polyamide. It resists chemicals, oils, and greases, and is built to withstand impact and vibration. No tools are required to mount the plug housing to the mounting frame.

Portable field station is real mobile office

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The Model 119 portable field station is a moveable, multi-use unit that incorporates a desk, shelving, and storage cabinet. It is ..designed for reviewing drawings on the jobsite, and for secure storage of drawings, tools, and equipment. The 9-cubic-foot storage area underneath the desktop includes a welded-in-place shelf. Storage accessories include a 9-hook, 16-3/4-x-12-inch steel-construction accessory pegboard, and a built-in, 19-inch accessory shelf. Total storage capacity is 115.2 cubic feet.

Switch blade is also a media converter

The 10/100/1,000 Ethernet blade supports Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet over copper simultaneously, providing a scalable solution. The blade can be used with the manufacturer's Intellipatch 64 and Intellipatch 144 switches, which remotely automate network connectivity tasks. The blade can also convert an incoming copper link to a fiber link, and vice versa. The maker says the blade's media-conversion capabilities allow extension of Category 5 connections and converting from copper to optical servers and routers.

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