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B&B Electronics' PoE and PoE+ media converters power remote, high-bandwidth devices that require Gigabit speed but lack a nearby power outlet.


From the April, 2014 Issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine

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B&B Electronics' PoE and PoE+ media converters power remote, high-bandwidth devices that require Gigabit speed but lack a nearby power outlet. Such high-bandwidth devices include IP surveillance cameras, plant equipment, Voice over IP phones and RFID readers, the company says. B&B offers two product lines in this area--the Giga-MiniMc, which is a standalone converter with an external power supply, and the GigaMcBasic, which is a 1U standalone chassis with an internal power supply.

"Previously limited to 100 Mbits/sec, the enhanced media converters were developed to meet demand for PoE and PoE+ functionality in a Gigabit form," the company explains, "where remote devices require power and the ability to transmit large amounts of data. Such devices are typically deployed for security, kiosks, in offices and other power-challenged environments."

B&B Electronics

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OmniConverter PoE media converters from Omnitron Systems extend distances to remote Power over Ethernet devices by providing 10/100 or 10/100/1000 copper-to-fiber conversion with PoE. Classified as power sourcing equipment (PSE), OmniConverters provide PoE (15.4W) and PoE+ (30W) power using standard unshielded twisted-pair cables that carry the Ethernet data.

OmniConverters are multiport media converters that support one or two fiber ports with mixed-fiber connectors or Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers for a variety of fiber types in standard and coarse wave-division multiplexing (CWDM) wavelengths. The dual-fiber-port models enable redundant links, daisy chains and ring topologies. They also support one or two RJ45/PoE ports to power up to two devices per converter.

Designed for indoor or outdoor deployments, they are available in wide-temperature (-40 deg. C to +60 deg. C) and extended-temperature (-40 deg. C to +75 deg. C) ranges. OmniConverters are made in the USA

Omnitron Systems,

Industrial Gigabit converters for extreme temps1404cimproductfocus Photo 1

The LGC5300 series Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converters from Black Box is the company's most-rugged and versatile converters, it says, with models available with PoE and PoE+ capability, as well as multimode, singlemode, SC and SFP ports. The converters can be customized to any interface, the company adds.

They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures of -40 deg. C to +65/75 deg. C and can be safely used to power remote PoE/PoE+ devices like pan/tilt/zoom cameras, wireless access points, building automation equipment and other powered devices. Black Box says they are particularly useful for powering devices in hard-to-reach locations like ceilings, closets and factory floors.

Their ability to convert 10/100/1000Base-T UTP to 1000Base-X fiber enables them to extend networks over fiber. Multimode models support distances of 550 meters; singlemode models support distance of 12 kilometers. The converters can be table-, wall- or DIN-rail-mounted and are powered via a DC terminal block.

Black Box,

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Meridian Technologies recently introduced its environmentally hardened (NEMA TS-2) 2-channel GigE media converter (SX-2RE-SFP). These converters are designed to transmit two independent channels of 10/100/1000 Ethernet over either singlemode or multimode fiber using optical SFP modules. The units support autonegotiation and auto-MDI/MDI-X for easy plug-and-play operation, Meridian says.

Using SFP modules enables users to reach distances up to 60 kilometers over singlemode fiber, as well as coarse wave-division multiplexing (CWDM) wavelengths as part of a more-complex fiber-transport system, the company explains. Extended range on laser-optimized multimode fiber is also achievable.

Front-panel LEDs indicate each channel's link speed, data activity, laser current and optical signal status. These cards can be either rack-mounted in any of Meridian's standard 3RU chassis, or shelf-mounted using a shelf-mount chassis.

Meridian Technologies

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The 065-1196SFPDR 10/100/1000BaseT/TX-to-100/1000Base SFP Switching Media Converter from Signamax Connectivity Systems "provides a flexible, intelligent solution for connections between legacy 10Base-T and 100Base-TX networks and either 1000Base Gigabit Ethernet fiber or 100Base fiber networks," the company explains. The built-in 10/100/1000 switch enables the fiber connection to operate at 1000 Mbits/sec connected to either a 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, or 1000Base-T network, while the fiber-optic connection remains completely 1000Base-SX/LX or 100Base-FX/BX standard-compliant.

Signamax further explains that characteristics of the 065-1196SFPDR Media Converter include extreme low latency; extremely high MTBF (mean time between failure); the ability to force the RJ45 port to 100Base or 10Base full- or half-duplex modes; autonegotiation on the 1000Base fiber port or forced full-duplex mode; and the enabling or disabling of link fault signaling, which provides a means of propagating a link drop on either media converter port to the other port, thereby enabling a connected managed switch to see the link drop and respond to it.

Signamax Connectivity Systems

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Cablesys offers a variety of media converters and distance extenders that "break the 100-meter limitation on a typical Ethernet network," the company explains. Offering links between switch-to-switch or switch-to-PC terminals using fiber-optic cabling, the converters eliminate the need for 802.3 repeaters.

In addition to products converting 1000Base-T to LC-, SC or ST-connected fiber links, Cablesys also offers a chassis that holds up to 16 media converters. The chassis mounts to a 19-inch distribution rack or cabinet.


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S.I. Tech's HDMI-to-Fiber Bit Driver Model 2830 is designed for High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) applications in venues such as hospitals, large complexes, training rooms, sporting events and others where high-quality, high-definition, one-way communication is required. The Models 2830-T and 2830-R each use one multimode fiber with an SC connector. Units can be used for up to 500 feet using Om4 fiber and high-speed HDMI.

S.I. Tech's complete Kit #30 includes a 2830 Transmitter, 2830 Receiver, HDMI cable, power supplies and 30 meters of SC-connected fiber-optic cable for plug-and-play operation. The kit requires no field adjustments and, according to S.I. Tech, can be used wherever high-definition television/video signal is required.

The HDMI 2830 Transmitter is disabled when the fiber is removed to ensure safety of operation. Model 2830-T and 2830-R are lightweight units that can be easily installed, S.I. Tech says.

S.I. Tech,

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The MC-1500 series TEC Optix triple-speed media converters from Lynn Electronics comply with the IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard and support media connections such as 10/100/1000Base-T to 1000Base-SX/LX, the company says. "The MC-1500 TEC Optic triple-speed series fiber media converter transforms 1000Base-T media to 1000Base-SX/LX media, and vice versa," Lynn Electronics explains. "The 1000Base-T port supports full-duplex Gigabit connection at wire speed with an RJ 45 connector. The fiber Gigabit connection supports short-wave (SX) or long-wave (LX) laser optics with multimode or singlemode, with LC and SC fiber connectors. This converter will give your copper Gigabit connection the ability to interface with a fiber connection over a distance of up to 120 kilometers on LX."

The 10/100/1000 product converts the electrical signal of a 10/100/1000 Ethernet signal from copper to fiber; the solution offers a low-cost integration option for network managers who want to migrate from 10/100 networks to Gigabit Ethernet, the company says. "Gigabit-only switches can now be connected to 10/100 networks without the need to upgrade the 10/100 side, which allows network managers to add new equipment as required."

Lynn Electronics

10G converter meets Energy Efficient EthernetPg36

Transition Networks' ION x4120-1048 is designed for data centers and other high-speed connections over fiber. It links new 10G switches that support the 10GBase-T IEEE 802.3an standard. The ION x4120-1048 is available in both standalone and chassis-card form factors. The standalone unit offers in-band remote management when linked to a managed chassis card, and provides end-to-end link visibility when coupled with Transparent Link Pass Through, Loopback, DMI and the Automatic Link Restoration network troubleshooting features.

The ION x4120-1048 meets IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet by detecting UTP cable length and reducing power consumption accordingly.

Transition Networks

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