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ETL-verified CAT6a cabling solutions are designed to enable 10-Gbit/sec connectivity in the data center and throughout a structured cabling system.

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End-to-end Category 6A components

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ETL-verified CAT6a cabling solutions are designed to enable 10-Gbit/sec connectivity in the data center and throughout a structured cabling system. These CAT6a end-to-end solutions pass all TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 requirements in both "channel" and "permanent link" configurations, including alien crosstalk, return loss, insertion loss, propagation delay, and delay skew. Solution components include: Patch cables (F2CP003) in lengths of 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 20, and 25 ft.;Bulk cables (F2CP004-1000) in 1,000 ft.reels: Stranded CM (F2CP004-1000) and Solid CMR (F2CP005-1000); Cable colors: Aqua, black, and gray; Keystones (F2CP006-H); Patch Panels (F4P600). Performance tested to exceed 500 MHz, CAT6a copper patch cables feature molded connectors with snagless guards designed to protect connector tabs from damage, while copper patch cables feature gold-plated connector contacts designed for maximum conductivity for high-speed data transmissions.

Raised floor sealer

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The KoldLok Mini Raised Floor Grommet is designed to seal smaller cable holes, reduce bypass airflow and increase energy efficiency. Featuring brush closures that surround and protect cables, the KoldLok Mini Raised Floor is designed to effectively seal cable holes as small as 4 x 6 inches to reduce bypass airflow around cables in access floor environments. By decreasing bypass airflow, the KoldLok Mini can significantly impact the cooling effectiveness of the data center by preventing cold supply air from mixing with hot exhaust air via unsealed cable holes. The patent-pending KoldLok Mini meets smaller cable hole standards specified in new data center builds, and is designed to provide flexibility for data centers with multiple cable openings. It is made with fire-rated resin and filaments that meet UL94 V0 standards. Two styles are available: one that can dissipate static charges through treated brush filaments, and one that employs standard untreated brush filaments.

Media distribution system

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This media distribution system is designed for voice, video, and data for commercial or residential deployments. Combining space savings, service flexibility, and aesthetics, this media distribution system consolidates all incoming communication cabling into one centralized location to simplify installations and ease troubleshooting. Offering high densitycapacity designed to maximize enclosure space and minimize the size of in-wall installations, the media distribution system can support a greaternumber of connections in a smaller enclosure when compared to similar products. The modular system provides flexibility for mixing and matchingtriple play services as needs arise.

Integrated systemfor data centers

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VersaPOD data center solution integrates bayed data center cabinets with high density zero U vertical patching and cable management. It is available with a variety of integrated zero U vertical patch panels (VPP) for support of copper and fiber patching. The VPPs supply up to up to 288 patching ports in the front and/or rear vertical space between two bayed cabinets without consuming horizontal mounting space. By freeing horizontal cabinet space, greater active equipment density may be realized, reducing the number of cabinets required by up to 20%. By using space adjacent to the vertical mounting rails, the VPPs can provide patching proximity to active equipment, minimizing patch cord runs and slack congestion. Each VPP can slide forward from its mounting position for simplified access to the rear. A 6U VPP option mounts up to twelve 1 RMS or four 3 RMS horizontal patch panels or fiber enclosures. Vertical 4-inch cable management fingers can be mounted alongside each VPP to facilitate routing of copper patch cords or fiber jumpersbetween patching fields as well as in cabinet-to-cabinet connections. Recessed corner posts provide cabling access acrossthe entire front and rear of multiple bayed units. Perforated front and rear doorsprovide more than 70% airflow.

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