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Power Commander IQ Series network-controlled power distribution units (PDUs) are built to provide secure remote power source management so that each individual outlet can be remotely turned on and off.

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'Smart' PDU

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Power Commander IQ Series network-controlled power distribution units (PDUs) are built to provide secure remote power source management so that each individual outlet can be remotely turned on and off. IT administrators can also send control commands via e-mail. These PDUs monitor aggregate current and temperature via TCP/IP networks or local direct connection, and report information via e-mail or the network. Security features include user name and password authentication (64-bit encryption). An auto-ping feature constantly monitors the IP address and executes a power reboot whenever the system is down. Power Commander units are in 0U, 1U and 2U configurations that mount to all major manufacturers' racks.

Vertical finger duct panel

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These flat-mount vertical finger duct panels bolt directly to the front of the company's Cable Management Rack, allowing for greater flexibility in managing cables outside the rails of the rack. It is especially designed to route and manage large quantities of patch cords and bulk cables, and come withy slide-on covers to provide a neat and organized appearance. According to the company, cables can easily flow through the channel ducts, while its durable material provides a solid support backbone required for rigorous cable installations. Panels are also designed with rear feed-through holes for simplified cable routing.

Live fiber test kit

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The LFI 110 live fiber identifier helps technicians identify available fibers in the F2 portion of the FTTx network without disrupting existing subscribers. Designed to couple with company's contractor series RP 400 Optical Power Meter, the LFI 110 turns the optical power meter into a live fiber identifier to enable detection of active channels or 2 kHz tones on any singlemode network. It also serves as a tone detector when used with the company's TP 210 1310 nm laser source. This entry-level "Tone and Trace" test kit includes the TP 210, RP 450, and LFI 110.

Overhead management

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This overhead cable management system is designed to simplify power and data cable management outside of a cabinet. It features roof-mount cable managers, which are installed without tools through the use of two snap rings and pre-existing cable passes on the cabinet roof. A 0.97-inch-hole patterns allows for the use of a wide variety of cable management accessories, such as cable ties, claws, and Velcro-type fasteners for strain relief and cable organization. Designed to conceal cables while integrating grounding capabilities to each partition and to the cabinet, the system is available in widths of 23.62, 27.58, and 31.5 inches. Optional ladder racks are also available.

Dry-cloth fiber cleaner

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The dry-cloth Smart Cleaner is designed for cleaning single-fiber connections, and has been tested to be effective for removing such contaminants as dust, lint, skin oil, hand lotion, IPA residue, distilled water residue, and vegetable oil. The opened dust cap lid acts as an adapter for cleaning unmated connectors. With the dust cap removed, the cleaning tip can be inserted into an adapter to clean the tip of a backplane connector. With a gentle pushing motion, the connector is engaged and cleaner initiated, rotating 180° for a full sweep. Its extendable tip reaches recessed connectors and between jumpers of a high-density patch panel. Smart Cleaner is disposable after more than 500 uses.

Infrared camera lens

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Six new infrared (IR) lenses have been added to the company's line of varifocal lenses for video surveillance systems. These IR lenses are used with day/night cameras to provide sharp, focused images. Lenses provide an adjustable angle of view, from very wide to normal, and are designed for use on 1/3-inch-format CCTV cameras (may also be used on ¼-inch format cameras). All IR lenses are equipped with CS-type mounts.

Mini cable assembly

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With cabinet-to-cabinet links available in custom lengths out to 4 meters, Mini Serial Attached (miniSAS) cables assemblies provide signal integrity and protect against data loss. RoHS-compliant assemblies conform to the SFF 8086, 8087, and 8088 standards, as well as the current SAS 1.1 specification. These standards support the latest disk drives and provide aggregation and cabling of SAS signals into high-speed, 4-lane architecture. A die-cast shell is included with an EMI gasket for sealing against the box panel to prevent radiated emissions.

MDU drop cables

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RealFlex fiber-optic cables for multi-dwelling-unit (MDU) installations feature a bend radius as small as 7.5 mm without changing attenuation characteristics, allowing for curves and tight corners encountered in many FTTx deployments. The cables also provide what the company claims is "improved insertion loss performance" for 90° bend requirements.

Mini video fiber transmitter

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The FBT11-m is a mini fiber-optic video transmitter for use over multimode fiber. It converts a single baseband video channel to an optical signal and transmits it up to 2.5 km to a fiber-optic receiver where it is converted back to baseband video for monitoring. According to the company, the design is a new approach over typical single-channel fiber-optic video transmitters that have been in use for 20 years.

Industrial cabling

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These flame-retardant LSZH industrial cables have been tested to meet mechanical and environmental conditions in industrial applications. The halogen-free cables are designed to greatly reduce the possibility of emitted reactive gases due to fire, extreme temperatures, and exposure to chemicals. UL- and CSA-rated for industrial cable tray use, the low-smoke/zero-halogen optical cables are available in such designs as interlocking armored, riser-rated corrugated armored, double-jacketed cold-temperature, and single-jacket.

Flat cable system

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The Ecobus flat-cable safety system is designed for flexible energy supply to IT cabinets, and is built to be integrated into all cable conduit systems. Energy can be supplied to or tapped from the flat cable at any point, without the cable being interrupted. Changes can be made while the cable is live. By replacing many single cables with the Ecobus system, the company claims, cabling costs for new installations and extensions can be reduced by up to 80%.

Pre-terminated wiring block

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CAT 5e 66 Wiring Blocks are pre-terminated to provide a clear demarcation point between the telephone company and customer-owned equipment. Supporting voice and Category 5e data applications, the blocks are designed for quick installation of cables, telephone and PBX systems, and low-voltage telecommunications equipment. Designed for wall installations, the factory-tested wiring block is pre-mounted on an 89D bracket, and includes a hinged orange cover to protect terminations from dust and dirt. The blocks are available with one pre-terminated 25-pair female telco connector, or two pre-terminated 50-pair female telco connectors.

Industrial mesh software

Extreme Mesh software, designed for wireless mesh technology in harsh industrial environments, is available for the company's range of 900-MHz wireless modules with power outputs of up to 1 watt. The solution lets users build meshes with inter-node distances in excess of one mile, providing redundancy and reliability for such applications as pipeline monitoring. When used in conjunction with an industrial wireless module, Extreme Mesh is designed to offer static mesh operation, frequency hopping, extended temperature range, and simplified set-up and installation.

Injection-molded splice tray

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Available in 12-fiber mini and 24-fiber high-density versions, these injection-molded plastic fiber splice trays are designed to protect and manage heat shrink-style spliced fibers. Each tray accommodates 250- or 900-µm singlemode or multimode fibers, with wide fibers that reduce congestion. Ratchet action clamps with foam rubber padding are designed to secure incoming and outgoing fibers without crimping, while multiple tie-down holes provide attachment points for incoming fiber. The trays are compatible with the company's LightSpace CPC/CPS Wall Mount Series and Opt-X Series fiber enclosures, and all of the company's network interface device enclosures.

Trunk system

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Cableline Prima 60 is a molded PVC trunking system for cable management. The 150 x 60-mm, 3-compartment system is designed for use with power and Category 5e, 6, shielded, and 10-Gigabit structured cabling. It features adjustable bends and a multi-configurable tee, enabling the trunking to adapt to nearly all internal or external angles between adjoining walls. Pre-punched fixing holes and compartment knockouts are designed for simplified installation. All corners, tees, angles, and covers incorporate screw-fit fixings and discrete recessed screw holes.

Wall-mount, indoor/outdoor WAP

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The Model 1022 locking wall-mount wireless access point enclosure is large enough to accommodate the Cisco 1250 Series 802.11n WAP. It includes knockouts for up to six antennas, designed for an aesthetic installation. This steel enclosure for challenging indoor applications features a powder-coated finish. The Model 1024 is a NEMA4 indoor/outdoor enclosure, and also accommodates the Cisco 1250 while offering six antenna knockouts. By using the company's 34-BMANT24 and 34-BMANT5 waterproof antennas, a NEMA4 rating for weather resistance can be achieved. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum and has a durable powder-coat finish.

Ethernet media converter

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FlexPoint GX/T is a stand-alone 1000Base-X fiber-to-10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet media converter, designed to support Gigabit jumbo frames of up to 10,000 bytes. It also supports 100Base-FX and 1000Base-X small-form-pluggable transceivers, providing deployment flexibility for adding interoperability to Fast Ethernet fiber equipment. Suitable for enterprise, utility, municipal, education, and military applications, the converter supports Port Loop-Back, IEEE-defined Far-End-Fault and Link Fault bit as remote fault indicators. It generates signals when it detects a link fault, and reports detection of these signals by displaying the status via LED.

Narrow slot hinged duct

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The Narrow Slot Hinged Cover Wiring Duct is designed to route and protect electrical wire or data communications cabling in high-density control panels. This standards-compliant solution (NFPA79-2002l IEC-60332-1) features narrow slots designed to provide optimal alignment with high-density wire termination points for improved wire management and aesthetics. According to the company, the hinged cover design can speed wiring changes by up to 20%. Cover retention flanges prevent cover slip or loss when exposed to vibration.

Industrial WAP

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The RAD-SYS-NEMA4X-900 is a radio-ready enclosure designed to simplify installation of industrial wireless radio modems and small RTU devices. It includes a 24-volt DC power supply, UPS system, surge protection, and an antenna adapter. Built for secure remote data collection, the enclosure features a pre-wired power rail that has space for either a Trusted Wireless or GSM/GPRS radio modem and other components. This fiberglass enclosure can be mounted in harsh indoor or outdoor environments. A dual-latching lockable lid prevents unauthorized access.

Multi-purpose, terminal closures for FTTx, OSP

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Coyote MPC (multi-purpose closure) for MDU deployments provides a flexible means of addressing various applications that exist in residential and commercial FTTx installations. It accepts a grommet system and standard fittings, with eight cable entrance ports available around the closure exterior. The interior can be configured to address slack storage, splicing, crossconnects, hardened adapter applications, or a combination of all. Built for interior or exterior user, the MPC is available in pre-terminated configurations.

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Coyote Terminal Closure is designed to be adapted as your network grows, and is available in single- or dual-chamber configurations. Externally mounted OptiTap-style hardened adapters allow for future installation of hardened drops without closure re-entry. To support closures deeper in the network, additional drop capacity can be achieved through cable entry ports in the closure base. A flexible grommet system allows for use of adapters and interchange covers.

SVGA cable

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2EZ SVGA coaxial cable is designed for fast SVGA/XGA audio/video installation, with no need for soldering connectors in the field. The cable can be routed through walls, conduits, and ceilings, and is equipped with a CMP jacket for plenum installations. A rugged XLR is designed to provide improved strain relief at 360° and to resist damage with a 50-pound force. The cable is built to withstand heaving through ¾-inch conduit, and is SVGA-rated at 200 feet, XGA- rated at 150 feet, and XSGA-rated at 100 feet resolution. High resolutions are available at 50 feet. Cables can be factory-equipped with a pulling grip/eye.

Speaker-ready kit

The EZ-Cap pre-wire installation kit is designed for simplified access to the wiring for residential speaker components. After wallboard is installed, installers place a flush-mount cap over the chosen pre-wired outlet hole. The cap provides future access to the wire for simplified installation of the speaker component. It is small and can be painted to blend into the wall or ceiling.

Analog video no-polish

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Designed for analog video applications, the No Polish SC/APC connector is pre-assembled to enable fast on-site installations of 250- and 900-µm connections. With a factory-polished ferrule assembly and mechanical splice technology, this SC/APC-compatible connector features a keyed, angle cleave mechanical splice that minimizes the connection gap and maximizes optical reflection performance. This results in a back reflection of <-60 db across temperature extremes. A bell-shaped boot attached to the body of the connector is designed to keep the fiber from kinking. Connectors are available in 50-µm, 50-µm laser optimized, and 62.5-µm multimode, and SC/UPC and SC/APC for singlemode.

Dry cloth fiber cleaner

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IBM dry cloth cleaners for mated and unmated fiber-optic connectors are designed for single connectors residing in the bulkhead adapter or loose on a cable assembly. The cleaners are made for both ultra- and angled-polished ferrules, are molded with an anti-static material, and use a specially woven cleaning fiber that carefully lifts and removes contaminants without damaging the ferrule's endface. The SC-type cleaner is a universal 2.5-mm dry cloth designed to remove contaminants from SC, FC, and ST connectors. The LC type is a universal 1.25-mm cleaner for LC, LC secure keyed, and MU connectors. These disposable cleaners provide up to 500 cleanings per unit and clean a surface area of 800-µm.

IP dome camera

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The Nextiva S2800e IP surveillance camera combines Verint Systems encoding technology with the Vicon Industries SurveyorVFT camera dome. This high-performance IP pan/tilt/zoom camera is designed for exceptional imagery, lower network bandwidth utilization, and full integration with a video management portfolio. The dome is available with optical zoom levels of up to 35x and is offered with a range of camera types, housings, and mounting options to meet most installation requirements. Users can view images at high resolution while storing them at lower resolution, helping to enhance image clarity and lower use of bandwidth and storage resources.

Ethernet extender

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The DDW-221 and 222 Ethernet extenders provide integrated serial port and redundant ring support, and are suitable for installations involving traffic management, airports, railway signaling, and critical process control. A redundant protocol can be used either on the SHDSL interface or on the built-in Ethernet switch. The units feature the company's proprietary FRNT (Fast Recovery of Network Topology) technology, which quickly reconfigures a network in the event of link or hardware failure.

High-definition extender

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For new home installations, the HDMI Cat5e Extender Set provides an alternative to HDMI wires by using two Category 5e or 6 cables (up to 115/165 feet respectively) away from the signal source. The system auto-adjusts feedback, equalization, and amplification. HDCP-compliant, it meets IEEE-568-B requirements, and supports a 1080p display with signaling rates up to 2.2 Gbits.

Optical test kit

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The OTS-600 Series of optical sources, meters, testers, and kits with data storage capabilities are designed for simplified LAN certification. Units have data storage for 10,000 results, a USB data transfer interface, and a video inspection probe port. In addition to a 657-nm visual fault locator designed for simplified troubleshooting, the series includes a large color LCD screen, soft-key menus, and a step-by-step testing method wizard. During testing, results are shown in tabular format for simplified viewing. The built-in video inspection probe allows for inspection of a fiber-optic connector's end face quality.

Cable support system

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J-Pro cable support system with blue and red J-hooks provide a means to segregate and identify cable bundles for specific applications, such as data, security, fire alarm, or other applications that require a designated pathway. As an alternative to metal H-hooks, J-Pro prevents cables from coming in contact with metal, and provides bend radius control to help ensure performance.

Category 5e, 6 patch cords

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Unilan Category 5e and 6 patch cords feature gray FR/PVC sheaths and molded RF-45 plugs with strain relief boots on both ends. They are designed to meet all IEC and TIA/EIA standard specifications, and are flameretardant according to IEC 60 332-1. Standard lengths from 1 to 10 meter are available.

Locking RJ-45

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The RJ45 Plug Lock-In is designed to secure connections to reduce network downtime, data security breaches, and hardware theft. The device protects connections until it is removed via a special tool. Lock-In works with most patch cords, faceplates, patch panels, IP cameras, and other IP devices, and is also compatible with VoIP phones to ensure E911 continuity.

Security cables

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Access Control Security cables are available in two versions. ACC-1 consists of 22-gauge/2c stranded bare copper, 22-gauge/4c stranded bare copper, 22- gauge/6c stranded shielded bare copper, and 18-gauge/4c stranded bare copper. ACC-2 consists of 2-pair 350 MHz Category 5e cable and 16- gauge/2c stranded bare copper cable.

Core-alignment splicer

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The OptiSplice M90e fusion splicer, says the company, is designed to offer the industry's fastest total splice cycle time (splicing and heat-shrink) for a core-alignment device, and uses automatic fusion time to optimize each splice. Proprietary LID-SYSTEM active core alignment accuracy, combined with a power-through splice loss measurement method, is designed to eliminate the need to evaluate splices with an OTDR. This splicer also includes a secondary method for core alignment, based on 3-D cameras; the technology allows for 13-second singlemode core alignment on 250- or 900-µm coated fibers, bend-insensitive fibers, or fibers with live traffic. The M90e can automatically choose the best alignment method for each application.

Hand cleave tool for FTTH

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Fujikura Europe Ltd.'s CT-02 hand cleave tool for FTTH installation features a new fiber guide with millimeter scale that allows accurate cleaving of multimode and singlemode fiber for all typical bare fiber lengths. The cleaver is designed for terminating FTTH connectors, mechanical splicing, and fusion splicing.

Pull tension estimator

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PF8 Pull Force Estimator lets you estimate in advance the pulling force required for cable-pulling jobs. Information can be used to help determine needed capacities for the cable puller, pulling rope, and other accessories. An Excel-based PF8 calculator estimates the required force to install the cable based upon such job factors as pulling length, cable weight/foot, cable jacket type, conduit/duct size and type, and pulling direction (horizontal/up/down).

Thermal transfer printer

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The TTM430 thermal transfer printer features high-tech printing sensors designed to create accurate starts and stops, resulting in faster print speeds and less label waste. It prints to a variety of materials, including all of the company's thermal transfer labels, as well as ShrinkTrak heat shrinkable markers. It also offers an optional ability to cut per label or to pre-selected quantities. Ethernet and wireless network-ready, the TTM430 can be located away from the host computer. In addition, a status monitor will alert users (including via e-mail) if the printer is out of ribbon or at the end of labels. This printer has a 300 dpi printhead and prints at a speed up to 7.87" per second.

Enhanced CCTV testing

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SecuriTEST PRO offers the multi-function CCTV testing platform of the original SecuriTEST introduced last year, along with new IRE video-level and sync testing, sound level assessment through an integrated speaker and on-screen display, and additional support for more pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera protocols. SecuriTEST PRO combine seven testers in one, allowing CCTV technicians to test video and sound, control PTZ cameras, analyze 20+ PTZ protocols, program PTZ and static cameras, wire-map UTP cables, generate video test patterns, and test electrical signals via built-in digital multimeter.

Fiber rack enclosure

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The Opt-X Ultra high-density fiber rack enclosure for enterprise and data center installations comes in 1, 2, and 4U versions. Accessibility and management features include: removable sliding tray designed to simplify field terminations and splicing; transparent, removable front and rear doors and chassis covers; bulkheads that accepts Plug-n-Play MTP modules or splice trays and adapter plates; stackable, adjustable fiber management rings; patch cord bend radius guides. Options include splice trays, locking doors, 23-inch rack-mounting ears, and a cable strain relief bracket.

Cables increase fiber counts

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PowerGuide TTH Loose Tube Cable, designed for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and short-span aerial applications, is now available in fiber counts up to 30 (with six fibers per buffer tube), while the cable's small outer diameter remains unchanged. The all-dielectric TTH cable can span up to 346 feet (105 meters) depending on loading and installation conditions. In addition, PowerGuide ShortSpan Loose Tube Cable's maximum fiber count has been increased to 144. Available in custom configurations, this cable design is now able to span up to 1,150 feet (345 meters). For distribution networks and duct installations, the PowerGuide ShortSpan Cable features a small, round profile that can help reduce wind and ice loading.

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