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Dec. 1, 2008
HELIAX 2.0 is a complete cable and connector family for wireless networks designed for new radio frequency (RF) transmission line options.

Wireless connectivity

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HELIAX 2.0 is a complete cable and connector family for wireless networks designed for new radio frequency (RF) transmission line options. The solution consists of two cable lines, with one connector series that fits either. Both cable types are available as feeders in a wide range of diameters or as cable assemblies. A single, multi-faceted EZfit universalconnector is designed for HELIAX FXL Series aluminum cables and HELIAX AVA Series copper cables. Both cables are designed to limit intermodulation distortion (IMD), the unwanted noise that weakens a radio network's performance.

IP camera withcopper-fiber converter

This IP camera enclosure designed to integrate the Zarlink copper-to-fiber converter module is built for camera-side deployment. The Zarlink module adapts a standard single fiber-optic ST connector to an RJ-45 Ethernet output, simplifying installation and expansion of IP video systems by providing an extended point-to-point connection of up to 2,000 meters over single-stranded multimode optical fiber. About the size of a deck of cards, the Zarlink module is mounted within the D2 to completely protect it from extreme environmental factors or vandalism. It operates on standard 12 VDC or optional 24 VDC power, using less than 2 watts per module.

10-GbE copper assemblies

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GORE QSFP copper cable assemblies are designed for the high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise network and network storage markets. Ideally suited for InfiniBand, 10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 40-GbE applications, these assemblies are designed to improve signal reliability at speeds over the standard InfiniBand QDR data rate of 10 Gbits/sec/channel. Low dielectric materials used in the cable's construction are designed to improve bend radius over longer distances in small cross-sectional areas. The assemblies also feature a proprietary technology designed to yield the highest data rate and longest distance in the smallest cable available. The assemblies also provide very low latency, reduced jitter, and a maximum signal eye opening.

Plug-and-play copper

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ModLink is a custom pre-terminated high-density plug-and-play modular copper solution that is 100% factory-tested. It features the patented iPass connector, a low-profile slim line I/O designed specifically for high-density applications. The connector is made from die-cast zinc alloy and has a narrow latch-pull design that enables fast and positive connect or disconnect. The connector accommodates a 24-pair cable whose diameter is significantly less than that of multiple RJ-45 cables used in traditional systems, assisting with airflow and cooling in cable-dense applications. Each ModLink cassette supports 6 or 12 RJ-45 ports in a 2-row format, and slides in and out of the panels. The cassettes are designed to offer Gigabit Ethernet performance while reducing rack space.

In-ceiling enclosures

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A new line of PANZONE in-ceiling enclosures features an integrated cable slack manager for improved network reliability. The enclosures are available in active and passive versions to accommodate a wide range of equipment with secure and accessible network connections. They can be used as a mini-telecommunications room capable of accommodating network switches and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). These aluminum enclosures include a robust door design with gas-assist cylinders supporting a working load rating up to 50 pounds. A 2-tier mounting bracket accommodates 2U of network equipment up to 17.5 inches, and an additional 3U up to 13.5 inches deep. Airflow has been designed to improve heat dissipation of high wattage equipment, including Power over Ethernet (PoE)-enabled network switches and UPS.

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