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April 1, 2009
AV360 modular AV system and CAT5e Extenders-connectivity solutions are designed to enable fast digital-signage installations at longer distances and higher resolutions.

Cat 5e video extender

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AV360 modular AV system and CAT5e Extenders-connectivity solutions are designed to enable fast digital-signage installations at longer distances and higher resolutions. Designed for use in conference rooms, higher education, and hotels, the digital-signage solutions can support video displays of up to 1080p at 100 meters and up to UXGA resolution at 300 meters. Using a smart modular system of cables and wall plates, AV360 provides a color-coded, plug-and-play connection for digital-signage and audiovisual solutions. Its pull cap is designed to rotate 360 degrees to enable simplified routing from any angle while also withstanding up to 90 pounds of pulling force.

Cable pulling tool

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The Pull Elbow is a removable, reusable tool for pulling cable around corners. The elbow's smooth inner radius allows cable to glide around corners while preserving minimum bend radius specifications. Users secure the cables within the tool during the pull by using cable ties, then cut the ties to release the cables for dressing. By keeping the cabling at ceiling level during the pull, says the company, users avoid the hazard of having cable laid out on the floor. The solution also protects the cable from damage and reduces kinks during the installation process. The Pull Elbow is designed for fast mounting and removal, and can be used to bring cables smoothly up to a building's rafters to begin the pull.

Pre-terminated Cat 6 assemblies

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HiPerlink pre-terminated Category 6 cable assemblies are designed to provide a simplified way of installing backbone cross-connect cabling, and are suited for large data center applications and for moves, adds, and changes (MACs). These assemblies provide the pipelines for data rooms, small offices, and temporary networks. The company says its HiPerlink solutions are factory-built, terminated, and tested to ensure results exceeding TIA standards. The plug-and-play cassettes are designed for flexibility, with no need to block out patch panel ports. Individual modular connectors are designed for quick replacements or changes. HiPerlink includes pre-configured options using Category 6e and 6A STP cables in five different configurations, and lengths of 25, 50, and 100 feet.

Handheld fiber inspector

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The HP3-60-series system combines fiber inspection and optical power measurement into a handheld device. Integrating these two fundamental optical tools into one, says the company, will result in a significant increase in workflow efficiency and decrease in total inspection and test time. The push-button HP3-60 system, derived from the company's HD3 series, is designed to provide high-quality image resolution. The power meter is designed for accurate field measurements of optical power and attenuation, while the inspect-test process procedure helps establish optimal workflow practices.

Adjustable speed fans

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Standard and custom fan trays for telecommunications applications are available in 3-, 6- and 9-fan trays, as well as custom configurations. The fan trays operate from 12 to 48 volts DC and 115 to 230 volts AC. Dual voltage VAC fans are also available. Each fan can be equipped to adjust its speed in direct relation to the ambient air temperature—between 55% and 100% of full speed— which the company says will maximize fan life, save energy, and minimize noise. Fan trays are constructed of heavy-duty steel with extruded aluminum side rails, feature EZ-mount clip nuts and fasteners, and are UL/cUL-recognized and TUV-certified. Standard AC fan trays come with an IEC320, C14-type connector on the back, as well as standard 115- or 230-volt AC power cords, while the DC fan trays use standard screw terminals for power termination. Standard fan trays measure 19 inches long by 19 inches wide by 1.75 inches high (1U configuration), and short fan trays measure 14 x 19 x 1.75. An ultra-short 3-fan tray for racks and enclosures is also available.

Data center PDU

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FLX Series Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are designed for data centers and server rooms, and feature more than 2,000 possible configurations. The options are designed to support power needs for most combinations of connected equipment: Metered or unmetered; 120- or 208-volt single-phase, or 208-volt 3-phase input voltage 20, 30, or 50 amps; circuit breaker overload protection (20A units also available without circuit breakers); multiple NEMA and IEC plug and receptacle styles; 3 to 15-foot cord lengths. In addition, Smart Meter Technology is designed to add sophisticated power monitoring, such as: display amps, volts, or watts; auto scroll on 3-phase units displaying readings for each load bank and total +/- 2% amp and watt accuracy (+/- 1% voltage accuracy); gravity sensor that detects PDU orientation and auto-inverts display; blue LEDs designed to increase visibility and minimize current needed for display.

Category 6A RJ-45

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According to the manufacturer, the Z-MAX end-to-end network cabling solution has been designed from the ground up to “shatter the previously accepted limitations of the RJ-45 interface.” This Category 6A twisted pair copper family is available in UTP and shielded configurations, and the company claims both varieties are designed to provide leading Category 6A margins and fastest termination times. Z-MAX cords feature a proprietary RJ-45 Smart-Plug design, which integrates a tuned printed circuit board (PCB) into each plug. The PCB-based Smart Plug's enhanced signal tuning, claims the company, is perfectly matched to the Z-MAX outlet. The Z-MAX Smart Plug's Zero-Cross termination process is designed to eliminate split pair and pair-cross conditions leading to inconsistent or degraded transmission performance common in traditional, non-PCB RJ-45 plugs. The Zero-Cross termination technology carries into the Z-MAX outlet, which features a patent-pending linear termination module designed to eliminate split and crossed pairs. The linear Z-MAX termination module allows conductors to be laced quickly into position without pair crosses, maintaining and protecting cable pair geometry while removing a significant source of noise and interference present in other RJ-45 outlets.

10-GbE cabling solution

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Superior Essex and Leviton Network Solutions' NextLAN 10GC AXi is the companies' second generation copper cabling system for 10-Gigabit Ethernet transmission. The companies say it is the first UTP cabling system to guarantee 4 dB performance margin for power sum alien crosstalk, via a round cable design with a 0.30-inch outside diameter. The system is also designed to eliminate the need for alien crosstalk field testing. A proprietary isolation wrap blocks noise and is designed for exceptional alien crosstalk isolation (AXi). The non-conductive isolation wrap contains discontinuous sections of metalized material supported by a continuous polymeric film, designed to achieve electrical performance similar to a shielded Category 6A cable but without the need for bonding or grounding. The Superior Essex cable complies with TIA 568-B.2-10 and UL 444 requirements and meets National Electrical Code requirements for cable products that do not require grounding/bonding. The 10GC AXi system includes Leviton's CAT6A connectivity. The eXtreme 10G connector features a patented metalized Cone of Silence to reduce alien crosstalk, while the eXtreme CAT6A 110-Style patch panel incorporates a triple-stage compensation design and flexible circuit technology. The companies say the system's electrical performance enables it to exceed industry requirements in permanent link lengths as short as 10 feet.

Fiber-optic coupler/splitter

These Polarization Maintaining (PM) coupler/splitters are designed for a wide variety of applications and industries, used to either combine two or more signals into one, or split one signal into multiple paths. They are available in 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 1x8, 2x2, and 2x4 configurations, with all industry-standard fiber-optic connectors (typically, FC and FC /APC). Wavelengths supported include: 1550, 1310, 1060, 980/960, 780, and 633 nm. Custom wavelengths, connectors, and configurations are available.

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