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Feb. 1, 2009
The M650 full-featured, compact QUAD OTDR has an integrated visual light source and optical power meter with large transflective touch screen display, suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation.

Two network testers

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The M650 full-featured, compact QUAD OTDR has an integrated visual light source and optical power meter with large transflective touch screen display, suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation. With short dead zone and intermediate range specifications, the M650 is designed for Tier 2 testing of premises networks. Combining two C840 certification testers, the C880 QUAD certification test kit (below) is designed for testing and troubleshooting both multimode and singlemode fiber links. Suited for Tier 1 testing and certification to TIA/ISO/EN/User cabling standards and applications, each tester includes a single-mode and multimode optical light source, an optical power meter, and an integrated visual light source—each of which can be used independently.

Small business cameras

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AXIS M10, a series of small “smart” network cameras, are designed for securing small businesses, boutiques, restaurants, hotels and residences. All three models (M1011, M1011-W, and M1031-W) are designed to provide excellent video quality at 30 frames per second in VGA resolution. The M1011-W and M1031-W, with a built-in antenna, offer the option of connecting over IEEE 802.11g and 802.11b wireless interfaces. The M1031-W additionally features a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for detecting movement, including in the dark, and a white LED light for illuminating the scene automatically or when requested by the user. Other features include 2-way audio support with an integrated microphone and speaker, allowing remote listening in on an area as well as communication with individuals directly or using uploaded or recorded audio clips. All cameras in the series provide multiple, individually configurable, high-resolution video streams in H.264, Motion JPEG, and MPEG-4 Part 2 at full frame rate. H.264 compression enables optimization of storage and bandwidth efficiency by significantly reducing the bit rate. Using progressive scan technology, the cameras provide VGA images of moving objects without motion blur.

Cabling for MDU

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ezINTERCONNECT optical fiber cables are designed for FTTH MDU applications. These ruggedized indoor cables, available in standard and heavy-duty designs, feature BendBright-XS bend-insensitive singlemode optical fiber, an all-glass fiber designed to exceed the ITU-T G.657.B standard's bending requirements while maintaining backward compatibility with existing single-mode fibers (ITU-T G.652.D). When used according to recommended prac-tices, the ezINTERCONNECT cables support a variety of installation methods, including stapling. The standard design is 2.9 mm in diameter, while the heavy-duty design is 4.8 mm in diameter and provides an added level of protection for more rigorous installation conditions, including small bend radii created by tight routing conditions. Both products are flame-rated and available with connectors.

HDMI connector

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This high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) connector is a feed-through female-to-female modular device. It has 99.99% oxygen-free copper conductors, 24k gold-plated connectors, and copper foil shield for EMI/RFI rejection. According to the company, the connector has been tested to exceed the HDMI v1.3 standard while supporting standard enhanced and high-definition video (up to 1080p). It features eight channels of pure digital video audio on a single cable.

Power cables team with low voltage

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SIMTRA power cables feature patented, ferrite-barrier technology that allows them to be distributed and installed in the same conduit or in parallel locations with low-voltage audio, video, or network cables. To eliminate the need for separate runs, the conductors in SMITRA power cables are surrounded by a patented ferrite compound that provides a barrier within the cable to attenuate surges and transients, virtually eliminating interference to the adjacent low-voltage cabling. Through patented technology, SIMTRA cables are designed to help eliminate transients and interference, making them suitable for all-in-one cabling installations involving data, audio, video, or speaker wire. They are also designed for installations where space or access for cable runs is limited. These UL-listed cables are available in TC or NM-B UL-rated versions for permanent installation in a variety of applications, and conform with several NEC guidelines. They are available with 3 to 6 THHN/THWN conductors at 16 AWG to 6 AWG in a UL-rated, flame retardant, orange PVC jacket. In addition to single-element versions, SIMTRA power cables are also available in Fusion-and HVAC-bundled versions for simplified installation of power and low-voltage cables in a single run or pull.

Bulk connector packaging

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GreenPack bulk connector packaging is designed as a contractor- and earth-friendly solution to speed large network infrastructure installations and reduce jobsite waste. GreenPack holds 24 connectors in individual, clear pockets. Connectors can be popped out one at a time. In addition, GreenPack offers an environmental alternative to individually packaged connectors; the cardboard and plastic packaging is 100% recyclable, while the connectors are lead-free and RoHS-compliant. GreenPack packaging is available in Category 5e, 5e+ (component-rated), and 6, with white, ivory, blue, orange, or black connectors.

Vertical Cable Manager

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Vertical Cable Rack Manager is used in conjunction with the company's 19-inch open bay rack, and is designed for data centers, server rooms, and other high-density installations. The unit is designed to support bundled patch cords, moving them from panels to the frame and maintaining bend radii at all times. Cable routing is flexible, and rapid re-routing can be achieved via Quick Fit cable spools. Quick-snap finger grooves allow flexible equipment management and expansion from 1U to whatever size is required for the job.Vertical Cable Rack Manager is available in 8- and 12-inch versions, and has been designed for single-handed operation. The door has left- or right-hand opening, while quick-lock spools and horizontal cable retainers allow for simplified installation and removal.

Rack-mount enclosure

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OPTICOM FRME-U series fiber rack-mount enclosures are designed to provide a flexible system for managing fiber terminations, connections, and patching in all types of telecommunications room and work area applications. The enclosures combine simplified installation and high patch field density with cable management features designed to ensure end-to-end signal integrity. FRME-U enclosures are available in 1U and 2U versions, and are compatible with all OPTICOM Fiber Adapter Panel (FAP)- based field termination or field splicing installations.

MDU connectivity

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To complement the launch of CasaLight Xtreme fiber and the Verticasa MDU cabling system in North America, Prysmian has introduced a range of connectivity accessories designed for North American MDU applications. Collectively, these MDU connectivity accessories will be promoted under the new CasaLink system brand name. The CasaLink system includes MDU distribution cabinets, riser boxes, horizontal distribution and passive optical splitter boxes, customer termination boxes, and pre-terminated customer drop cables. Initial products include the new “Multi Operator MDU Distribution Box” (MMDB), which offers the ability to cross-connect the internal MDU cabling system to multiple external network providers. Building owners can construct and own the internal cabling infrastructure with a crossconnect point in the basement of the building, which is modular and designed for simplified modification or expansion. This feature not gives residential customers the opportunity to connect to different FTTH providers while eliminating the need for any changes to the interna fiber infrastructure. CasaLink also includes a range of connectivity solutions for cable management in the riser, horizontal distribution and customer premise termination.

Transparent SC adapter

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This transparent adapter design offers providers and installers a way to locate half-latched or unlatched connectors. The clear adapters let you spot the problem area by sight or by creating a laser light path with a LED. Once the break in the connection is found, workers can quickly reconnect unlatched connectors, restoring connections in a timely manner. These transparent adapters, which are compliant with Telcordia, ANSI, TIA/EIA, NTT and JIS, also feature high-precision alignment, low insertion and return loss, and flange options.

Data center PDUs

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Power Commander Plus Power Distribution Units are designed to provide high-density power distribution for data center equipment racks, cabinets, and enclosures. Units include: Single-phase, 50 Amp, 120-volt output; 3-phase, 60 Amp, 120-volt output; 3-phase, 60 Amp, 208-volt utput. Three-phase units are available with NEMA or IEC receptacles on the output, meaning there is no need to change power cables when servers are changed from 120 to 208 volts (or vice versa). Each unit has three UL489-listed circuit breakers for overload protection, and available with a black or white cover designed to help identify primary and secondary power in a redundant power scheme. The power cord exits the front face of the unit for maximum flexibility when installing in data racks. A “hook” mounting bracket allows the technician to hang the PDU on one mounting screw and then install the other mounting screw. Blue LEDs indicate power status for each circuit.

Compact UPS units

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These Tower UPS units (T750 G2, T1000 G3, and T1500 G3) are designed for small-to-medium businesses, remote offices, and retail environments needing power protection in a compact tower design. The units protect equipment and critical data against damage due to inconsistent and fluctuating power. These line-interactive UPSs have power ratings of 750 VA, 1000 VA and 1400 VA respectively. Features include: Increased power rating for longer backup time; line-interactive design with buck and boost voltage regulation; intuitive front panel display for quick visual; Enhanced Battery Management (EBM) to increase battery life; prioritized shut-down of attached devices during utility power failure; hot-swappable battery for better maintenance; Network Transient Protection for telecom transient power issues; Serial and USB ports for data exchange with the host computer.

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