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Jan. 1, 2009
The AT-HDRS is a HDMI over CAT5/5e/6 receiver unit designed to work with the AT-HD19SS, Atlona's new HD video distribution system.

High-def signal extender

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The AT-HDRS is a HDMI over CAT5/5e/6 receiver unit designed to work with the AT-HD19SS, Atlona's new HD video distribution system. This unit lets users deploy additional HD monitors as their AV system expands. The AT-HD19SS, when combined with the AT-HDRS, is designed to form a flexible, expandable solution by which high definition video and audio can be routed to multiple remote displays. These units take HD video at resolutions up to 1080p over a HDMI 1.2a connection, and then extend that signal over a single CAT5/5e/6 cable up to 200 feet. At each display end, the cable is connected to the AT-HDRS receiver units that feature an adjustable equalizer, which the company claims "ensures perfect signal quality with no degradation." TheAT-HD19SS and AT-HDRS HD video distribution system can be cascaded, allowing for an infinite number of display locations. These units are suitable for in-store video displays, digital signage, as well aseducation and worship facility installations. Expected MSRP is $149 each.

Data center UPS

APC's Symmetra PX 250/500kW Three-Phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system for the data center is designed for ultra-high efficiency, nearly silent operation and N+1 redundancy. This modular power solution is built for growth-oriented high density and higher power installations looking to maximize virtualization efforts in the data center. The APC Symmetra PX 250/500kW offers 25kW ultra-high efficiency double conversion online inverter power modules, extended life hot-swap batteries, a large touch-screen graphical user interface, and a side-mounted maintenance bypass panel with subfeed distribution. It also offers maximum data center configuration flexibility, allowing the unit to fit in the same row as IT equipment, or against a wall to save floor space. In the future, APC says the Symmetra PX 250/500kW will be capable of being paralleled up to2 MW. The system also features automated predictive diagnostic capabilities, increased overload capacity, and on-the-fly firmware upgrades, which are designed for highly redundant, efficient, and simplified UPS architecture.

HDTV network camera

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The AXIS Q1755 Network Camera is designed for securing areas where greater image detail is required, such as airports, passport controls, and casinos. It is built for HDTV 1080i or 720 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and supports both H.264 andMotion JPEG in full frame rate. With day and night functionality and progressive output, this camera is designed to provide exceptional quality images even of fast moving objects in all lighting conditions. It features 10x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom paired with autofocus. The AXIS Q1755 includes video intelligence, such as enhanced videomotion detection, audio detection, and detection of camera tampering (such as blocking or spray-painting). In addition, it incorporates a Gatekeeper functionality, which automatically zooms in when there is activity in the scene and then zooms out after a preset time interval. The camera offers an advanced suite of security and network management capabilities, including HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1X authentication, IPv4/IPv6 and Quality of Service.

Passive cooling exhaust duct

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Configurable heights and a collapsible design are now offered in the Vertical Exhaust Duct, a passive cooling solution used with the company's F-Series TeraFrame cabinet system. It isolates and guides hot exhaust air from the back of the cabinet to the drop ceiling plenum, creating a closed hot air return path to the cooling system. Airflow is not limited to fan capacity, and there are no additional power costs, fan replacements, or power redundancy requirements. With a 2-piece telescoping design, the Vertical Exhaust Duct meets varying ceiling height requirements; it is available in a short version, extending from 20 to 34 inches for low ceilings, and a tall version reaching 34 to 60 inches. A flexible gasket creates a seal around the opening in the drop ceiling, eliminating the need for ceiling grid alterations.

Cabling distribution system

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For high performance and flexible copper or fiber-optic cabling in server rooms and data centers, this modular distribution system is available in 1U and 3U heights, in stainless steel or with black lacquering, and equipped with distribution boxes to terminate the thin trunk cables. Copper distribution boxes provide RJ-45 ports at the front and a Telco adapter or LSAplus contacts at the rear. Fiber-optic boxes provide an MPO adapter as rear input and an internal fiber duct to the front side fiber-optic ports. This system lets you complete up to 48 pre-terminated fiber-optic or copper ports per height unit. The copper solution allows a 10 Gbit/sec data transfer a maximum distance of 60 meters, while the fiber solution lets you transfer up to10 Gbits/sec with a maximum permanent link length of 90meters. By using pre-connected, thin trunk cables, this distribution subsystem allows for simplified changes or extensions that can be performed without interruption of operations.

Hardened, bend-insensitive fiber

Draka Communications has developed advanced connectorized cables through the combination of the company's BendBright-XS bend-insensitive fiber cable and Megladon's Hardened Lens Connector (HLC) ScratchGuard connector technology. Available immediately in patch cord products, the solution is designed as a high performance, scratch-resistant, bend-insensitive fiber-optic cable assembly. Riser, plenum, and low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cables are available with ultra or angle polish hardened lens connectors.

Wall-mount boxes

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OWB-X outdoor wall boxes are designed for audio/visual, IT and control installations. Covers have "flip up" cable entry doors so that the main cover door can be locked once the cables are connected. Two box styles are available that will allow for either flush "in wall" or surface "on wall" mounting. The back box is currently available with four different connector mounting configurations. The internal connector mounting styles handle standard gang plates, the company's assortment of IPS inserts, and XLR-type connectors. A blank plate is supplied for custom fabricating. The enclosures are constructed in NEMA-4 style and with the integral door will meet the NEMA-3 and 3R ratings providing protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet and snow. Locking doors in brushed aluminum are standard, with other color and style options available upon request.

Visible fault locator

This handheld visible fault locator (GAO 811) is designed to find faults in fiber jumpers, patch panels, enclosures, connectors and couplers. The fault location is made visible from a macro bend point, break, problem coupler or connector, or a mechanical splice that is not well aligned. GAO 811 handheld laser source is able to remedy the limitation of the dead zone of an OTDR and detect fiber fault positions accurately. It is suitable for optical network installation and maintenance.

Panel-mount cable tie

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The 7x12-mm Fir Tree Push Mount Tie features a fir tree design that provides a single mounting solution for a wide range of cable and wire bundling applications, specifically mounting wire harnesses in oval and rectangular 7x12-mm panel holes and blind assembly holes. The fir tree base locks and secures the bundle onto the panel by latching onto the opposite side of the panel surface. The disc on top of the fir tree covers the insertion hole, reducing the ingress of dust, dirt, and water. The outside serrated tie, with 50-pound tensile strength, comes in two strap lengths to accommodate bundle sizes from 6.5 to 8.5 inches.

Rack cooling solution

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Hewlett Packard's HP 10K G2 Air Ductrack cooling solution is designed to eliminate existing hot spots and optimize air cooling in the data center, and minimize hot and cold air mixingtogether. This rack cooling solution suits racks using 5 to 14 kW power. The airduct is adjustable for different top ceiling plenum heights and has no fans or moving parts. It uses pressure from the computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit to extract air from the rack. The unit can be retrofitted to existing problem racks and can work with single or multiple racks.

FTTx visual fault locators

The pocket-sized FFL-050 fiber faultlocator and FFL-100 visual fault locators are designed for simplified trouble-shooting of fiber-optic cabling, especially for FTTx installations. The tools are designed to quickly locate such problems as sharp bends, breaks, badsplices, lack of continuity, and fiber damage. These fault locators emit a visible laser light into the fiber, and as the light escapes from the damaged points along the fiber in a continuous or flashing illumination, technicians can quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix a problem. The FFL-050 and FFL-100 VFL are equipped with a 2.5-mm interface, compatible with such connectors as SC, ST, and FC; a 1.25-mm adapter enables connection to LC and MU connectors. These VFLs can also be used to perform end-to-end continuity tests and fiber tracing and identification.

Unified camera solution

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Maestro is a two-module unified camera solution designed for simplified security installation and setup. The P800 master controller interfaces with encoders and I/O, and provides microsecond synchronization, power, and safety on Category 5e cables for up to eight or more cameras and light sources—all from a single power supply. The P800 handles all timing, triggering, synchronization, sorting, and reject activations. The C12 connecting module is a camera andlight controller, connected to the P800 with a 100-meter (maximum) Category5e cable. This module powers and triggers any camera while providing synchronized configurable high current pulses for LEDs or lasers. Maestro modules are compatible with all cameras, lightsources, I/O, and machine vision soft-ware libraries, and suited for single camera to multi-camera Web inspection systems.

WAP ceiling enclosures

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Two new plenum-rated ceiling enclosures are designed specifically for Aruba Networks' wireless enterprise deployments, and are designed to provide a secure, and aesthetic means to mount the access point. Model 1052-AN (pictured) is designed for Aruba Networks' AP-60, 70, 120 and 124 access points with detachable antennas. The 1052-AN door also has mounting locations for AP-ANT-13B antennas. Model 1055-AN is designed for the AP-65, 121, and 125 access points with non-detachable antennas. The 1055-AN features an impact resistant, RF transparent ABS dome through which the non-detachable antennas can transmit. Both models have locking doors and are UL-listed.

Cable identifier, organizer

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PatchSee is a cable identifier system that is also designed to solve disorganized cable rack conditions. The design incorporates two plastic optical fibers built in to standard Category 5, 6 and 6A patch cords, along with LED light injection. Users can identify and secure both ends of a patch cord without tracing cables or disconnections. PatchSee also helps define various cable line functions by providing 16 color-coded, removable clips that snap on to the RJ-45 connectors. The clips negate the need for maintaining varied color patch cord lengths, reduce inventories, and eliminate the need for cable labels. Suited for data processing, networking, office automation, industrial control and telecom panels, these cable identifiers meet EIA/TIA standards and are compatible with computer cabling equipment and switches. A 25-year product use warranty accompanies each PatchSee patch cord. Key specifications include: Zero-halogen, PVC sheathed (UTP) types; 11 standard lengths, 2 to 16 ft. (0.6 to 4.9 m) plus a long-length direct cable 20.1 to 165 ft. (6.1 to 50 m); operations to 10-Gbits/sec bandwidth (Cat 6A). A free demonstration kit explores the light identifier function, as well as a sample operating"starter kit."

Shielded 6A system

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The PowerCat 6A shielded solution is designed to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet/ 10GBase-T/IEEE 802.3an while being backward compatible for 10Base-T, 100Base-T, and 1000Base-T. This end-to-end solution consists of straight and angled Category 6A shielded patch panels, cable, patch cords, and the new die-cast Datagate shielded 6A jack. The 24- and 48-port 6A shielded patch panels are supplied with rear cable management trays for cable strain relief and organization, and the angled panel provides enhanced port access, minimizing patch cord bend radius while eliminating the need for horizontal cable rack managers. The die-cast zinc alloy body housing of the Datagate jack protects against EMI and features a proprietary spring-loaded shutter that protects from dust and contaminants as well as ejects improperly seated patch cords. The Datagate shielded jack has been designed for high-speed data transmissions, with typical applications including data centers, storage area networks, server farms, and riser backbones.

Mini Ethernet converter

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The miConverter GX/T is a 1000Base-XFiber to 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet media converter and, according to the manufacturer, is the first miniature unmanaged media converter that supports Gigabit jumbo frames up to 10,240 bytes. As newer IP networks move towards using jumbo frames to reduce network overhead and to reduce CPU utilization, the miConverter GX/T is designed to provide top performance and affordability for what previously was exclusive to more expensive Ethernet equipment. The miConverter GX/T supports Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers for standard and CWDM wavelengths, as well as a variety of fixed fiber connectors. It is powered by any PC, laptop or other device with a high-powered (1.0, 1.1 and 2.0) USB port, and is also available with external U.S. and international AC power supplies. The international model features optional interchangeable connectors for compatibility with the different electrical outlets found around the world. The GX/T delivers plug-and-play installation with gigabit fiber auto-negotiation supporting connectivity found in many core fiber devices, and manual configuration to support legacy gigabit fiber devices.

Secured connector

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Secure Keyed LC Fiber Solutions are designed to help maintain the integrity and security of critical information networks by preventing inadvertent or unauthorized access to optical fiber network ports. The solutions are built to provide a simplified way to physically prevent unauthorized connections by blockingaccess to specific optical ports, whether at a workstation outlet or in a telecommunications room or data center. They are built around a core set of secure keyed duplex LC adapters and connectors, as well as a set of MPO 12-fiber adapters and connectors. The LC duplex and MPO adapters, along with their matching secure keyed connectors, have a proprietary built-in keying feature designed to prevent tampering and access to restricted networks. The keying feature cannot be reproduced inside a standard LC adapter or connector. These secure keyed components are especially suited for sites that have multiple co-located networks that need separate security access in areas such as office workstations, telecommunications wiring closets, and Internet service access facilities.

Fiber for extreme bends

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CasaLight Xtreme bend optimizedfiber is targeted at demanding FTTH applications. It is designed for horizontal cabling from the riser shaft to the first point of presence into the customer premises, where the pathway would encounter bending radii down to 7.5 mm. In the most demanding applications, CasaLight Xtreme allows for bending radii down to 5 mm, and has been designed to withstand 90° bends under tension as well as installation with staple guns when used in Prysmian specialty MDU cables. It maintains full compatibility with standard equipment, connectors, and fiber already installed in accordance with ITU Recommendation G.652.Hi.

Fiber cassette enclosures

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Opticom QuickNet rack-mount fiber cassette enclosures (FCE-U Series) are designed to provide a flexible and modular system for managing fiber terminations, connections, and patching in data center and SAN installations. These enclosures are available in 1, 2, and 4U versions, accommodate up to 96 fibers per rack space, and provide patch field access via a slide-out, tilt-down drawer. FCE-U enclosures are compatible with all pre-terminated, field-terminated, and splicing applications using QuickNet cassettes and fiber adapter panels.

No-solder coax

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The 2EZ SVGA cable is built to eliminate the need for soldering connectors in the field. This coax cable can be routed through walls, conduits, and ceilings using normal installation procedures, without concern over connector damage. It is equipped with a CMP jacket for installs involving plenum environments, and features an XLR designed to provide improved strain relief at 360° to resist damage with a 50-pound pull force (compared to the original EZ-Pull din connecter, which was capable of a 15-pound pull force). The 2EZ is also is built to withstand heaving through 3/4-inch conduit that includes sweep 90° bends, and is rated at SVGA at 200 ft., XGA at 150 ft., and XSGA at 100 ft. resolution. High resolutions are available at 50 ft. The 2EZ cables can be ordered to length, and equipped with an optional pulling grip/pulling eye as well as a connector type that can be equipped with optional wall plates.

Angled fiber splices

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For restoration or permanent splice applications, two new Fibrlok products in the Angle Fiber Splice AS Series are designed for on-site installation of 250- and 900-µm fiber for analog video applications. Specifically designed for cable television or fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, the Fibrlok II Angle Fiber Splice 2529-AS can splice any combination of 250- and 900-µm fibers. TheFibrlok 250µm Angle Fiber Splice 2540-AS can splice 250-µm fiber with a smallerform factor. Both provide low optical reflections across temperature extremes. These angle fiber splices have metallic splice elements that have been optimized to lock keyed, angle cleave fibers in permanent alignment. The resulting angle cleave splice directs reflections out the fiber side. Each angle fiber splice has a green end cap to identify it as the angle splice version after installation. The Fibrlok angle splice is tested for premise and fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) applications for indoor and outdoor locations. Splices are RoHS compliant.

Fiber termination kits

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These fiber-optic field termination kits are designed to eliminate the need for curing ovens, speeding up termination time on the job, and reducing overall downtime of networks. The kits are suitable for both singlemode and multimode terminations. The basic kit includes adhesives and primers, a fiber scraps bin, polishing pads, pre-saturated IPA wipes, lint-free wipes, syringes and needles, cleave tool, and polishing puck. The other two models contain the tools of the basic kit plus options such as lightmeters and microscopes.

Round floor boxfor raised floors

The FloorSource CRFB Series Floor Box is a round raised floor box designed for ease of installation and flexible configuration for power, data, and audio/visual applications. The box fits into a standard raised floor air diffuser opening, providing access to recessed devices. In addition to raised floor applications, this UL-listed floor box is also approved for use inelevated platforms and stages in lecture halls, houses of worship, theaters, and concert halls. CRFB Series Floor Boxes have multiple trade size knockouts to feed four separate compartments that accommodate power, communication, and audio-visual services. Removable dividers allow boxes to be field-configured or reconfigured to accommodate single services or multiple combinations in one unit.

Shallow-depth UPS

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Three SmartPro Shallow-Depth Rackmount UPS systems are designed to meet the needs of network/telecom wiring closets requiring a shallower mounting depth, higher load capacity, and longer runtime than can be provided by standard-sized rackmount UPS systems. These systems feature a mounting depth as small as 17.75 inches, a higher output capacity compared to standard-sized rack-mount UPS systems, plus the ability to safely connect a higher wattage equipment load to a single UPS system. SMART3000CRMXL features a 3000 VA /2880 watt capacity, a 4U height and a 17.75 inch depth. SMART2200CRMXL features a 2200 VA/1900 watt capacity, a 4U height and a 17.75 inch depth. SMART1500CRMXL features a 1500 VA/1440 watt capacity, a 2U height and a 19.5 inch depth.

High-impact camera dome

The Roughneck line of impact-resistant camera domes now includes analog and IP models. Designed for use in potentially harsh conditions, such as correctional facilities, warehouses, and loading docks, these models feature digital noise reduction, allowing them to perform in light levels as low as 0.3 lux. A heater is available in the IP model to allow for operation outdoors and in all weather conditions. Cameras feature a 3.3 to 12-mm varifocal auto iris lens, and may be positioned both horizontally and vertically. The camera's mounting base screws directly to walls and ceilings. The dome may also be hung in a pendant configuration or in-ceiling using accessory kits. Both models may be used within a ViconNet digital video management system. MSRP for the analog model is $594; $1164 for the IP model with heater.

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