Fiber Cleavers

March 1, 2017
Collection of products for the cable markets.
Siemon’s LightBow High Precision Cleaver now available separate from kit

Included in Siemon’s LightBow Fiber Termination Kit is a high-precision fiber cleaver that provides consistent, precise and high-quality cleaves. The cleaver’s innovative oil dampening system allows the blade to cleave at a uniform speed, eliminating user variance. While other, lower-quality cleaves are only good for up to about 10,000 cleaves, Siemon’s high-precision cleaver features a long-lasting blade that allows for 48,000 cleaves. The cleaver can now also be purchased separately from the kit. In addition to the cleaver, the Siemon LightBow Fiber Termination System kit also features a patent-pending termination tool and prepolished mechanical splice connectors that significantly reduce termination time, prevent fiber endface contamination, eliminate air gaps, enable easy verification of terminations via the connectors’ built-in VFL window, and offer the ability to reterminate connectors.


1-step optical fiber cleaver blends ease, sophistication

The FC-8R is Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s newest 1-step optical fiber cleaver. With automatic blade rotation and a digital cleave counter, it is billed as “the ideal tool for use in fusion splicing, field termination, or any application that requires precision in a confined space.” The FC-8R has a simple cleaving operation that can be performed in the palm of the hand, allowing the user to take the cleaver to fiber in limited-slack or cramped applications. A built-in extra-large fiber scrap collector handles scrap fibers resulting from the cleaving process. With each cleave, the blade is automatically rotated to a new scoring position on the cleaver blade. The automatic blade rotation feature ensures that the user receives the maximum number of precision cleaves from each cleaver blade.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave,

Angled fiber cleaver reduces backreflection

Oxford Fiber recently introduced its Ox-FAC-08 precision angled fiber cleaver. The company says the cleaver’s 8-degree end angle is “highly repeatable and gives reduced backreflection, e.g. for fiber-attachment to preterminated connectors or mechanical splices.” Designed for use in outside plant and lab and production applications, the Ox-FAC-08 uses a 10-position diamond blade for longer life. The cleaver is rugged with a stapler action for easy use. Fiber clamping is onto rubberized surfaces, giving a high-strength cleave. The cleaver is designed to interface with customer-supplied fiber organizers, or is offered with an integrated fiber holder. Cleave lengths as short as 0.3 in/8 mm are possible. The cleaver’s dimensions are 3x 2x 3 in, with a unit weight of 0.4lbs/200g.

Oxford Fiber,

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