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More colorful ties

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Now available in a wider variety of colors to meet an increasing range of applications, HellermannTyton's line of cable ties ..offers clearer color-coding, easier identification, and aesthetics. Ties are manufactured in nylon 6/6 or specialty materials to meet a specific application. More than 20 colors are available, with custom orders welcome.

Training for ladder safety

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"Ladder Safety for Utility & Communications Workers" is a menu-driven DVD training tool that contains more than 30 minutes of ..instructional video, a detailed PowerPoint presentation, the Electrical & Utilities Safety Association (E&USA) ladder safety practice guide, and a ladder inspection checklist. Training topics include work area protection, stability, and walls, poles and stranded cable.

Scalable wireless transmission system

The Eclipse wireless network transmission system is designed to enable powerful wireless network node configurations in what the manufacturer claims is the smallest form factor available, supporting up to six independent radio traffic paths from a compact intelligent node unit. The system's node-based architecture is designed to significantly reduce the amount of equipment required to build a network. A high-speed TDM bus architecture enables traffic routing between traffic paths via software, without local cabling. Available in frequency bands from 5 to 38 GHz, the system features scalable capacity with selectable modulation, all under software control.

Ruggedized ribbon cable assemblies

Corning Cable Systems' ruggedized ribbon cable assemblies are designed for government or other facilities that require physical segregation of multiple classification networks. Available with 24, 36 or 48 fibers (choice of multimode, singlemode and hybrid) organized into 12-fiber ruggedized ribbons, the assemblies are designed to meet National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security requirements as a Protected Distribution System (PDS). The company says its devices offer space and cost savings over traditional PDS installations, and are designed to minimize deployment costs and complexity by reducing EMT (metal conduit) and encryption requirements while improving network performance.

Residential cabling solution

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The Home/Work residential cabling solution, designed for residential, small office/home office and multi-dwelling installations, includes distribution enclosures and snap-in voice/data/video modules that let multiple users share a single Internet connection and network peripherals. The system also supports telecommuting, distribution for multiple telephones and A/V, and building automation. Connections can be made from a pre-configured home network box. ..Modules can be mounted horizontally or vertically within the enclosure. Lockable hinged doors can be mounted on either side of the box. According to the company, the Home/Work system meets Category 5e and residential cabling standards.

Category 6 modular plug

The SS-39100 Series of Category 6 modular plugs are designed to meet industry standards for NEXT and return loss. The construction, according to the company, promotes optimum yields in system performance, and its patented contact design can accommodate typical 24-gauge cable or stranded cable. These eight-pin modular style plugs feature a load bar and strain relief design that firmly secures the cable and conductors in position before termination to ensure that the connector can be assembled to repeatedly meet critical Category 6 requirements. The plugs also feature visual indicators to show assemblers the locations for ending conductor twists, and precise cut locations for conductors.

High-capacity poke-thru device

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Billed as the largest capacity, all-communications poke-thru available, the Walker AMD8 Series accepts up to eight ports of connectivity in new construction and retrofits, eliminating the need to install a second poke-thru. It accepts a wide variety of industry standard and proprietary ..connectivity devices, and modules can be installed without removing the cover assembly. The poke-thru is UL listed and UL fire classified for tile, terrazzo, carpet, and wood-covered floors. Individual slide covers protect ports from water, dirt and debris.

Patch panel has LED port ID

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The Identi-Lite patch panel with LED port identification is designed to quickly identify the connection between the wall outlet and the patch port. The hand-held, battery-powered port locator energizes the LED at the port, with instant voice ..communication enabling correct labeling on both sides by one installer instead of two. The Port Locator can also locate an open wire. The patch panel meets UL and Category 6 industry standards, while the LED circuits promise stability in VoIP environments and will not interfere with data or test equipment.

Fiber link delivers high-res and stereo

Designed to transmit high-resolution RGB video and stereo audio over one singlemode or multimode optical-fiber core, the Pure Digital Fiberlink 7140 is an optical-fiber link priced to compete with copper-based solutions. The system, which requires no adjustments, equalization or deskewing, uses all-digital procession and transmission, operating at a single wavelength to deliver what the manufacturer claims is clear video and high-fidelity audio with no signal degradation over the entire transmission path.

High-powered hammer drill

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For installations requiring penetration through concrete, brick or masonry, the cordless TE 2-A 24-volt electropneumatic hammer drill is designed to provide greater performance, drilling capacity and a longer lifetime than comparable battery-powered drills. The tool can drill up half-inch holes in wood, 3/8th-inch holes in steel, and up to 5/8th-inch holes in concrete. It is available with a 3-amp hour NiMH or 2-amp hour NiCd battery. The C7/36 Smart Charger with active cooling and auto-refresh, which comes standard with the NiMH battery, provides fast charging time and adds up to 20 percent to battery life. A wide range of accessories, including a tool belt adapter and keyed/keyless chucks, are also available.

Fusion splicer with mode versatility

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The Ericsson Network Technologies (Sweden) FSU 15FA fusion splicer (distributed in the U.S. by 3SAE Technologies, Inc.) combines cold image alignment with warm image processing to splice fibers having different mode field diameters. The splicer's patent-pending process keeps ..track of the fiber's core before, during and after the splice. According to the company, its splicing time and heat-shrink protection process make the 15FA the fastest splicer of its kind. It includes software for standard and specialty fiber splicing, including singlemode, erbium and rare earth-doped fibers. The device has a menu-driven interface and fully automatic splice process with arc check designed to compensate for electrode wear, operating conditions and mode field matching (MFD) estimation processes.

Color-matched raceway system

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The Eclipse non-metallic workstation raceway is now available in Ortronics "Fog White"—the standard computer color that matches Ortronics' boxes and connectivity devices. The raceway is designed to seamlessly integrate a variety of high-performance devices for voice, data, audio and video. The workstation raceway, rated for 600 volts, is a single-compartment system designed to provide convenient activation for workstations, surveillance systems, fire alarms, and more. A co-extruded hinge facilitates easy laying in of cable. ..The Fog White raceway is a lightweight, adhesive-backed system available in standard eight- and 10-foot sections. All base sections and fittings feature built-in alignment guides to help avoid caps and uneven installations.

Tamper-resistant and weatherproof faceplates

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Part of the manufacturer's InfineStation product line, the Secure-IT faceplate has four ports and a sliding cover that protects mated and unmated workstation outlets from tampering. Staggered angled keystone openings are designed to provide proper cable bend radius. The base and cover contain label fields that comply with industry standards, as well as spaces for port/workstation outlet identification. The faceplates come in four color options for installation in classrooms, labs, and medical facilities where added security ..and protection are required. A gray-colored weatherproof version of Secure-IT has a NEMA 3R rating, and is designed for installations in kitchens, restaurants, kiosks, and pool areas.

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