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Flexible cable tray system

Featuring lightweight, smooth plastic construction, the JezTray cable tray system is designed to offer the capacity and strength of heavier trays but at less expense. Each length is secured with snap-in connectors and fishplate base joints to provide a secure, smooth transition from one section to the next. JezTray is designed to hold the same capacity of cables as typical steel-based trays, yet can be easily cut to length by using a craft knife. All fittings are manufactured with gusseted corners to ensure safe passage of cables negotiating 90-degree bends. JezTray is available in a variety of sidewall and width combinations, can be screened against EMI, and can be fitted with a protective lid.

High-density duct

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A high-density wiring duct allows closer and finer cable spacing with its 2:1 finger ratio (slots to fingers). The manufacturer says the design also makes terminal block ..wiring easier and faster. Made from PVC and available in white or gray, the duct is available in 6-foot lengths and a variety of widths. A non-slip cover prevents movement from vibration.

Vertical, tilt-out wall-mount rack

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The Tilt Out Rack (TOR) series of vertical wall-mount racks feature a 105-degree tilt-out service position for use with smaller structured cabling components. The racks can be installed flush in the wall our surface-mounted. The lockable, front tilt-out can be removed from the backbox for off-site integration of datacom equipment. For applications buildings with fire code and noise reduction requirements, the TOR Series allows 3/8-inch outward adjustment for installation in double-thick sheetrock walls. The 18-gauge steel back panel includes an electrical knockout, as well as bridge lance provisions to facilitate cable management.

Compact enclosure for structured cabling

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Offering a centralized distribution point for basic telephone and video cabling in multi-dwelling units (MDU), the Compact Structured Media enclosure ..features a space-saving profile of 14.5 × 8 × 3.7 inches. It can accommodate up to three telephone expansion boards and one passive splitter. The modular unit with multiple knockouts is designed for easy surface-mount or flush-mount installation. Snap-in telephone distribution brackets allow for expansion boards, while an angled video splitter shelf enables mounting of a splitter for delivering CATV or antennal signals to multiple sites throughout the MDU. Several configurations are available.

Fixed-cord PDU

Fixed-cord extension bars and power distribution units (PDUs) are designed to aid in managing cable clutter in the back of the rack, thereby resulting in improved air flow throughout the enclosure. The PDUs are made for 1U fixed-rail servers, and output cords are fixed to the extension bar so that there is one less possible point of accidental disconnection. Each output cord is 13 inches long, with seven cords per extension bar. The devices are available in two configurations: with modular PDU cord and extension bar sticks, or extension bar sticks only. For redundant applications, two PDU sticks can be placed side-by-side so that independent power sources can reach the same server.

Five-foot ladder rack runway

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Designed for installation flexibility, these five-foot ladder rack runway sections, when used together with an optical butt splice kit, offer an alternative to 10-foot sections. The modular solution features straight sections, radius bends, turns, brackets, hangers and mount assemblies to accommodate most installation requirements.

Installer-inspired firestop board

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Based on feedback from electrical and cabling professionals, the CP 675T firestop board is designed to temporarily or permanently seal openings or penetrations in fire-rated walls. It can be used alone for low re-penetration applications, or with the company's FS 657 firestop blocks for high-penetration applications and large openings. The firestop board is free of fiber and solvents, can be surface-mounted for low re-penetration applications, and can be cut and installed without power tools.

Coax for patch cord and portable video

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VHD2000M is a flexible coax cable designed to meet the demands for high-definition (HD) video patching. This RG59-type HD video coax is certified to a 3 GHz bandwidth for 1.485 Gbit/sec HDTV transmission. The company says the cable is ideal for patch cord and portable video patching applications in HDTV, standard SDI, and high-resolution analog video formats. The cable features a precision stranded center conductor, a double-braided shield, and a matte ..PVC jacket designed for flexibility without compromising electrical performance. The insulating dielectric is the company's proprietary crush-resistant, gas-injected polyethylene compound designed to reduce attenuation and extend operating bandwidth.

Space-saving cabling assemblies

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Triad Differential Pair (TDP) cable assemblies are designed to save board space and achieve bandwidths up to 5.0 Gbits/sec. The company's TDP connector system is a shielded, dual-row, 1.27-mm centerline pitch product with a cable-to-board interface designed to offer high speed and controlled impedance. Using a "triad" design of differential signal and ground lines, the system can achieve bandwidths beyond 5.0 Gbits/sec with 5,000-cycle durability. Cable assemblies are available in 18, 28, 38, 48, and 72 circuits, and have two optional jackscrews (4/40 and M3) ..designed to ensure reliable mating retention. Up to 24 multiple configuration pairs are available, with standard lengths of 3.28-feet and 9.84-feet.

Water-cooled server rack

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Designed to meet requirements of high-performance computer centers, the Miracel CoolTherm is a water-cooled server rack with up to 20 kW cooling power. The system does not divert any heat loads to the surrounding environment; instead, the entire energy is routed via the building infrastructure's cold water system. ..Computer units in the server rack are supplied with cooled air from the heat exchanger.

Tester tackles certification time

DTX CableAnalyzers feature 12-second Category 6 autotest time—said to be three times faster than comparable devices—plus 900 MHz of testing bandwidth, 12-hour battery life, and comprehensive troubleshooting diagnostics. When a link fails, DTX pinpoints the location of the failure and suggests corrective action. Optional multimode and singlemode fiber test modules can be left on the unit during copper testing, saving time for set-up and swapping adapters. The fiber autotest provides standards-compliant certification by testing two fibers, each at two wavelengths, measuring length, and determining pass-fail status in about 12 seconds. Fiber modules also feature an integrated visual fault locator for troubleshooting simple link problems.

Low-voltage add-on bracket

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Designed to fit a standard two-gang faceplate, this low-voltage add-on bracket features molded-in rings for cable attachment. An open back design ..allows for appropriate cable bend radius, and accommodates deep low-voltage devices (such as volume controls). To install, simply remove the back of the double-sided tape, clip the bracket in place, and press to secure it against the electrical box.

Wall-mountable interconnect system

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Part of the company's LANscape Solutions line, the Wall-Mountable Interconnect Center (WIC) for terminating optical-fiber cables is designed for building entrance rooms, telecom rooms, or inside programmable logic controller cabinets typically found in manufacturing facilities. The WIC accepts the company's CCH connector panels, pigtail modules, or Plug & Play Systems connector modules, as well as two or four standard connector panels or modules each accommodating either 12 or 24 fibers. ..Units feature built-in splice tray mounting, and offer an optional cover for jumper protection, and a cable strain-relief kit.

Secure cabling system

The FiberExpress Secure/Keyed LC system is designed for physical segregation of network segments in secure fiber cabling infrastructures, and is especially suited for government and military installations. The system includes: Manager connector modules, which can be used in 19-inch and 23-inch FiberExpress Manager shelves to provide up to 1,920 terminated fibers per rack; Adapter strips, for use with patch panels for consolidation points or telecom room applications; Adapter modules, to be used with the company's mounting hardware for work area, consolidation point or telecom room use; Patch cords, offered in 62.5/125-µm and 50/125-µm multimode and laser-optimized 50/125-µm versions.

The sound of home networking

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The Spec-Grade Sound family of audio components for the cabled home is designed to save installers time by eliminating the need for matching speakers, zones and volume controls to a system amplifier when installing multi-room audio systems. An integrated System Matching Module with AutoSurge technology ensures that all impedance matching is performed at the central wiring point where speaker and amplifier output cabling converge—either in a structured cabling enclosure or at a designated wall plate location. Operating in the background and remaining completely inaudible, the AutoSurge circuit activates to protect the high-end audio speakers from potentially damaging power peaks, and automatically resets after the proper voltage is restored.

Surveillance camera, recording system

The QuickCapture A2D camera system, featuring the SpiderCam high-resolution video camera, is suited for security and surveillance installations. SpiderCam, designed specifically for extreme applications, provides what the manufacturer claims is a quality image (480+ line) down to 0.1 lux lighting. QuickCaptureA2D is a portable, analog/digital tapeless video recorder. It features integrated media conversion capability that lets you record analog video without further capturing or rendering. It can also play back captured video content on analog monitors.

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