Letter to the Editor

Missed connections

Apr 1st, 2004

Missed connections

In your January issue, you published an excellent article on Industrial Ethernet. While the article was interesting and insightful, there was some incorrect given in the caption below the photograph on page 36. I provided the photograph, showing "ruggedized" RJ-45 connectors on the left in contrast to Lumberg's M12 connectors on the right. The caption says both sets of connectors are Lumberg's.

The photograph I provided was intended to show readers the size advantage of the M12 compared to the larger "ruggedized" RJ-45 connectors. While we are partners in the ODVA with other companies that are also our competitors, and who are proponents of the RJ-45 technology for Industrial Ethernet on the factory floor, we at Lumberg are not. Lumberg advocates the use of RJ-45 in the office environment or in the relative safety of an enclosure cabinet, and believes that the M12 technology is the best solution for Industrial Ethernet being used on the open factory floor.

Thank you for clarifying this for your readers.

Raoul Benoit
Public relations specialist
Lumberg Inc.

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