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Feb. 1, 2004
Indoor/outdoor fiber cable; No meshing around; Simplify test results; MORE...

Indoor/outdoor fiber cable

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Designed for all indoor and outdoor LAN applications, the FREEDM One plenum-rated cables features a tight-buffered construction, making it suitable for building, ..aerial and duct installations. The fully waterblocked dry-core cable with 900-µm buffered fiber can be terminated with standard field-installable connectors, and doesn't require fan-out kits, building entrance transition splices or rigid metallic conduit for routing through plenum-rated spaces.

No meshing around

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CPD plastic mesh surrounds cabling in a 4×13/4-inch profile of protective flexible netting. For indoor installations, the mesh is designed to eliminate clutter and permit easy accessibility. For underground ..installation, the mesh provides a safeguard against excavating machinery and animals. The waterproof, corrosion-proof polypropylene material is non-conductive and crack-resistant.

Simplify test results

LinkWare Stats cable test analysis software works with LinkWare Cable Test Management Software to transform test data in graphical indicators of overall cable performance. The software provides statistical analysis and reporting beyond page-per-link reports, summarizing the entire cabling infrastructure so that a complete view of the performance can be determined. Daily results can be reviewed to make sure the installation is on track and that test margins are being met.

Splice enclosure aids field repair

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The Flexible splice Enclosure (P/N 20960M) is designed to protect optical-fiber splices and restore full cable strength during field repair. The 131/4-inch long 3/4-inch in diameter enclosure is made of a flexible interlocking stainless steel core surrounded by a braided stainless steel mesh with waterproof polyolefin covering. The length is designed to provide room to work with the fibers and simplify splicing. It holds up to four mechanical splices or 12 fusion splices.

Cable tray throws knockout punch

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The Redi-Rail cable tray design now includes an option called Redi-Rail Knockout—a straight section for those installations where you need to keep the system enclosed or exit hrough the side rail. The knockout is 1/2-inch to 1 1/2-inches located on 9-inch centers for 6- and 7-inch side rail systems.

Category 5e mobile patch box

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Designed for easy punch-down capability, the Category 5e mobile patch box provides a flexible solution for small installations or for communication needs "on the .. go." The device provides up to six lines, and once terminated, cables can be routed out of the patch box via the channel provided—firmly held at the exit to provide strain relief. Flip-over covers protect port openings from dust. The smooth matte finish is durable and easy to clean, and mounting can be done with screws or magnets.

In-line splicing kit

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The Hyreducer and Hysplice in-line reducing splice and butt splice kits are designed to provide better cable management solutions when splicing or reducing ..conductors with irreversible compression connectors. The kits provide an in-line reduction or splice of two conductors while keeping space requirements to a minimum. Both kits are packaged with a connector, length of heavy-duty heat-shrink tubing, and installation instructions. Heat-shrink tubing (in black or clear) meets Telcordia GR-347-CORE abrasion and cut test requirements. Inspection holes in the connectors let you know that the conductor has been fully inserted. All connectors are UL-listed.

Pocket test probe

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The TP 200 series of pocket-sized transmit probes are designed to provide stable LED or laser signals which, when used in .. conjunction with the companion receive probes (RP 400 series), provide continuity, loss or fiber identification measurements. The 2-kHz tone transmit-and-receive functions are built in. Multiple connector options are available.

Cutting edge

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The 24-V WST 650-A cordless reciprocating saw is designed for quick cutting of walls, PVC or even metal during cabling installation. Its battery anti-discharge system is designed to prevent a full drain of the tool's battery, maximizing your cuts and optimizing cutting efficiency. The saw is designed to .. minimize vibration while cutting through the toughest materials, and comes with a 3-amp-hour NiMH battery that provides up to 50 percent more run time than standard batteries.

DVI cable solution

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For interconnecting devices with Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors, DVI-D cables are UL-listed and internally ..wired for dual-link, designed to enable higher picture resolution requirements of HDTV and QXGA. Its maximum bandwidth capability of 2×165 MHz is designed to transport uncompressed video signals from a DVI-equipped source to a DVI-equipped display. The cable supports a 24-bit data rate, which the manufacturer says guarantees razor-sharp images. Two layers of 125% aluminum/Mylar protect against higher frequency RFI, while a copper-braided shield fights lower frequency EMI. The PVC jacket has a UL CL2 certification.

Long-running UPS system

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The SmartPro UPS series 5000 RT3UXR is adaptable for rack and tower use, and ..includes two 3U external battery packs designed to provide longer standard run-time than most uninterruptible power supplies. Additional battery packs can be daisy-chained for extended run-time. The UPS features 14 outlets and eight load banks, 5,000 VA/4,000 watt output capacity, full-time sine wave output and up to 90 minutes of half-load run-time.

Harsh environment connectivity system

The Hi-Impact System is designed to provide an end-to-end connectivity solution for harsh environments, particularly in the industrial environment. The system of connectors, plates, workboxes, delivery and cabinets include the Hi-Impact Jack that features the company's Xcelerator technology, delivering Category 5e component performance. The patch cord with SpeedGain technology is designed to deliver a high-performance connection with a mated protection level of IP67 to seal out unwanted elements. The mated connection has bayonet-style interface constructed from a polymer that is resistant to oils, chemicals, and cleaning agents.

Residential cabling connector

For residential installation, a new conduit connector attaches WireTracks wiring channels directly to standard 1-inch conduit. The connectors are designed to enable builders, professional cabling installers and do-it-yourselfers to run cabling from a central location directly into the WireTracks wiring channel while maintaining proper bend radius. Once inside the wiring channel, cabling can be routed anywhere within the building.

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